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Meti Arist

A former mercenary, in search of strength became half wolf

0 · 190 views · located in Earth

a character in “Our Lord Protectors”, as played by Theartistartist


Physical Description Meti owes his great size to the extensive weapons training.
Being 6.5ft and 230 pounds
Appearance a large man wearing a cloak and many different weapons

Hair: a short buzzcut (black)
Build: muscular an 8 out of 10 if expressed in numbers

Skin Tone:lightly tanned see avatar

Height:6.5 ft

Weight:230 pounds
Voice: although he doesn't talk a lot it is told that he has a low and harsh voice

Handed:he is right handed although being nearly ambidextrous because of his training with multiple weapons wielded in both hands.

Body Markings:he has a tattoo of a turtle on his right forearm representing independence , travel and endurance

Scar Tissue: because of the many skirmishes he fought in as a mercenary he is covered in scars all over his body, a scar from a cut from his wrist to his shoulder is the most exposed and he is recognized by this scar
Unique Body Features:none

Meti Arist

Nickname Meti is called Wrath by enemies and allies alike this he owes to his fierce fighting style and fear inspiring presence on the fields of battle.



Visual Age35 he looks older than he actually is because of his many travels and exhausting lifestyle

Factual Age26


Sexual Orientation heterosexual

Mage Ranking none

ClassWeapons expert : he is skilled in the use of at least 30 different weapons although he only carries 5 different weapons on his body he is
Known to use the weapons of soldiers, enemy or ally, fallen or standing.

Specialization extreme endurance and strength

he is a stoic and calm man. On the battlefield he seems to go on a frenzy.

Moral Alignment as a true mercenary his alignment lies with whichever path leads him to his ultimate (still unknown) goal the fastest

Quirks his mercenary colleagues noticed that he felt quite uncomfortable when being approached in a friendly manner,
He is often caught staring at his tattoo and scars

Fears he is afraid of powerful magic as he as a non magic user has little defense against it

Goal his goals are still unknown. As he is trying to become stronger quickly it would seem that that is the base of his goal.

Likes he likes good food

Dislikes magic and close relations

Strengths extraordinary strength and proficiency with weaponry

Weaknesses he has no practical means to defend himself in a fight with a Mage.

a 5 foot tall Zweihänder( two handed sword)called penance(signature weapon)
twin long swords , a dagger sheated on his leg, a 10 foot long iron chain wrapped around his waist,
Throwing knives(10), an iron spiked gauntlet, a short spear .

He wields penance with excellent skill all other weapons are wielded on a good level.
Abilities & Skill & Combat Rating

[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Clothing/Armorhe wears light armour because the combined weight of all his weapons is slowing him down considerably already.
His outfit consists of brown leather boots black leather pants, and a dark gray sleeveless linen shirt

Combat Prowess he is very proficient in close combat because of his strength and versatility. His great size and lack of magic abilities make him vulnerable to quick and magical foes.

Swordplay, knife throwing, dual wielding, chainfighting,unarmed combat and minor ranged weapon proficiency.


Skills weapon repairs.

Weapon Zweihänder
Weapon Name:Penance
Weapon Type: two handed sword
Material: dark steel
Length: 6ft
Weight:100 pounds
Weapon Description/Info: a huge sword crafted for slashing an stabbing

Equipment flint and tinder, rucksack



Group Affiliationnone


Marital Statusunmarried

Mother juud (deceased)
Father Nathaniel (accomplished mercenary)
Meti grew up without a mother his father was a mercenary and he travelled with him for as long as he could remember. He and his father used to travel around countries unknown from battlefield to battlefield his father fighting and Meti cooking and assisting the healers. In his free time Meti trained with his father or one of his fellow mercenaries.until one day,when a large army passed their encampment and forced them to either join their cause or suffer defeat. Unaware of the sheer vastness of the army partially hidden in the woods declined their offer and we're ultimately defeated and excecuted. One of the luitenants of the army decided to let Meti live and use him as his slave for 5 long years after which the man promised to release him. After 5 years had past Meti was released as promised and set out into the world to work as a mercenary and increase his fighting prowess for reasons known to only him and the man that kept him in captivity for 5 years. After training for 7 years he was just about to start his quest he was approached by a local scientist who told him that he knew of his secret objective and he offered him a way to increase his strength in a swift way. Meti desperate to become stronger accepted his offer while still being suspicious about the sudden appearance of the scientist he went to a hidden research center. The next thing he remembers is waking up in a big forest clearing surrounded by horribly murdered and disfigured soldiers, his mouth tasted like blood and he felt much stronger, he didn't expect this kind of power but he liked it and was dedicated to use it to achieve his goals. He turns towards the smell of humans in the distance , and so his story began.
A mercenary camp and later a luitenants side tent

[u]Social Rank

Occupation slave then mercenary

Blood Pact none

Bio/History see relatives section

Body Markings:
Scar Tissue:











So begins...

Meti Arist's Story


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#, as written by tigerz


"Alpha, Delta, Omega. You are on call today. I repeat you are on call."

Alex made no hesitation getting out of bed. It was very uncommon for Alex to ever really get any sleep so she had no real reason for staying in bed. As soon as Alex's bare feet hit the cold floor, she began her daily routine. She searched through the few amount of clothes she had before deciding on an outfit and left it out on her bed as she grabbed her wide toothed comb and ran it through her dark hair. Alex preferred using a comb over a brush because it damaged her hair less and made it have less static. Once she finished brushing, her dark brown hair fell into curls at the end.

Alex brushed her teeth and washed her face in the near by bathroom before returning to her room to change. She din't really mind the lab or the rooms they were given. They were much better than the apartment she lived in with her family in Russia. Alex shook her head trying to forget her past before she threw on the outfit for today. It consisted of Memphis May Fire tee shirt with the sleeves cut off, a red flannel shirt a size too big, and loose fitting jeans with holes on the knees that had to be held up with a belt. Alex then went to a small box that she kept under bed and opened it. Inside were various Swiss army knives, a small leatherman multi-tool, and parts for different contraptions she was working on. Alex couldn't decide on which knife to bring and decided to grab the biggest one she owned, the Victorinox SwissChamp as well as the remaining parts in her box. She stuffed them all in her deep pockets before leaving her room for the progress meeting.

"Good morning, Iska."

Alex stopped in her tracks and clenched her fists. As she was doing so, the lights began to flicker viciously. "I told you never to call me that, Orgia."There was a slight Russian accent in her voice, much better than the thick one she had at the beginning of their training. Alex hated being called by her first. She never really explained entirely why, just that it reminded her of her horrible past. Alex could hear Orgia try to speak but most of it came out as static noise. Alex took a deep breath as the lights returned to their normal state and Orgia gave her an apology. Alex knew this would be one of the flaws brought up during today's meeting. Alex knew all of her glitches and flaws already. She always made a mental note of them after her training exercises.

Alex was not surprised to find she was one of the first to arrive with two other scientists. She sat at her respective seat at the large table in the center and sprawled the parts for her new contraption all over her desk area before grabbing her Swiss army knife. For ten minutes Alex sat their intensively creating a small cart with a simple motor on it. All the motor needed to start was a small shock. Alex placed her finger close to the motor and sent a small electrical shock to it. Just as she had wanted, it started and the cart began riding along the table.

Alex looked around the room to find that more team members and leaders were arriving and was surprised to see that Damien Rodgers had arrived early. She was so used to him coming in late after the meetings had started. "Hello, Damien." She nodded at him before returning her gaze to the cart for a couple more minutes. Eventually Alex grew bored and decided to watch the door way to see who else would walk through.