Our Mistakes

Our Mistakes


There has to be more to life than we are given. It's full of turning and changing, when we least expect it.

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We are built in pairs. At least, that's what I believe. There really isn't such thing called "alone" unless we chose to be. We are often called reckless, careless, immature, etc. But they really don't understand the lives we go through. The twists and turns that we must adapt to in order to 'fit in.' They treat us as kids, but expects us to act like an adult. It's probably the most confusing time in anyone's life. Yet, they all act like they never went through it and try to understand all the emotions and random thoughts that goes through our heads. All the lies that affects us, all the truths that they hide from us in order to keep our 'innocence.' But I believe that our innocence is lost the moment we are born. The moment that we first interact with another human being. We lose the innocence we never really had.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we make our mistakes every day. Every choice we take, is only under mistake. But taking those mistakes and living with them and seeing it through to the end, is the true strength we all carry.

Main Idea:
We're young adults living in a small town in England. You are free to choose what your character is like. Characters will interact the way you chose them to. They all don't know each other to begin with and won't unless they meet at one point or another. You can choose to respond and meet a character, or just ignore them and go on. Being dedicated to this roleplay isn't necessary because if one user stops responding, we can just assume the character moved or whatnot and the story still continues.
The setting is in a small town, so there's a handful of restaurants, one public library, one university, a high school, etc. So it's pretty close together and it's not unlikely to meet each other or even be neighbors.
I would love it if all the characters vary. Like we have a rich family, an orphan, one whom is misunderstood, etc. A trail mix of characters who lives in this town.

- You should know the basic rules of Roleplay Gateway
- This Role-play may contain some PG-13 materials.
(ex: Drugs, smoking, cursing, etc. - Only to the extent of the Site's rules.)

- I don't like one-liners. At least a paragraph of 6 good sentences.
- Try to use proper grammar and punctuation.
- Have an Icon for your character or it will not be accepted.
- Use Real, good quality pictures.
- Fill the Form.
- Have Fun.
** If you wish to leave the roleplay and would kindly inform us, you can say your character is moving or other reasons.

Character Form
* Feel free to add more
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Age: [16-19]
Date of Birth:
Current Life: [A summary of their life currently; Job, family, etc]

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