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Cecily Evercott

"Fate has an odd way of working everything out, don't you think?"

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a character in “Our Rebirth”, as played by Felilla


"Evil is not something we are born as; it is rather something we become."

Full Name: Cecily Euphemia Evercott
Nicknames and Aliases: Cece {close acquaintances and family only}; Euphie {Father only} Lady Cecily/ Lady Evercott {members of the court}
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Ethnicity/Race: English//Irish
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Race: Borne Witch

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm

Weight: 55 kg or 121 pounds

Scars: The only noticeable scar is one on her leg from a horse riding accident

Oddities: On her back, shoulders, and legs, she has natural markings that appear like white tattoos. They take the form of rose vines and ivy.

{Fake; Humorous; Spontaneous; Lively}
Because Cecily is a lady of the court, she acts polite, quiet, and reserved. Most people see her as the perfect lady, never speaking out and always doing as she's told. However, to those that actually know her well, she is a completely different person. Cecily is very humorous, always putting a smile on other people's face. She is also benevolent and giving, no matter her status. However, Cecily can also be very outspoken and rash. She is seen by people close to her as outgoing and spontaneous. She can also occasionally be very arrogant of her own abilities. Cecily is constantly thinking, coming up with amazing ideas that would most likely be frowned upon if she voiced them. Much to her father's dismay, Cecily is also very flirtatious, though she takes none of it seriously.

However, Cecily is also very lonely. Because she can tell no one of her true identity, she feels very alone in the world. Her father tries to keep her from marrying and she tries to hide herself away in her room. Constant days spent by herself in her quarters has led many people to think that she is frail and in poor health, despite her probably being one of the healthiest people in court. Cecily's feelings can be very unpredictable, making her magic very unstable at times. That's the reason she usually wears a mask of either perfect lady or amazing friend. She hopes to find someone that she can truly open up to.
~Reading>Cecily is constantly reading, though she rarely does it in the presence of others
~Witchcraft> As a Witch, it is only natural for Cecily to do Witchcraft; she practices constantly
~Piano>Cecily has been playing the piano since she was a young girl and still plays it
~Horse Riding>Cecily loves riding and she has since she was very young
~Swordsmanship>Because her father craved a son he could not have, he taught Cecily swordplay
~Languages>Cecily decided when she was seven, she would learn more languages than her mother, who knew seventeen different languages. Cecily is currently fluent in fifteen and is learning four
~Archery>Along with teaching her swordplay, Cecily's father taught her archery

~Cecily will sometimes mumble in Latin when she's frustrated
~She will flex her fingers when she sense something bad is going to happen
~Cecily will often stare at her hands when she is being scolded

  • Books
  • Horses
  • Swordplay
  • Being a Witch
  • Teasing
  • Art
  • Archery
  • Animals
  • Foreign Food
  • Mystery
  • Foreigners
  • Learning New Things
  • Being Alone
  • Hate
  • Nightmares
  • Chauvinists
  • Arithmetic
  • Blood
  • Violence
  • Her Hair Color
  • Corsets
  • Ridiculous Dresses
  • Lying About Who She Is
  • Parties

Cecily Euphemia Evercott was born to Mary and James Evercott on July 14, 1554. Cecily's mother was also a Borne Witch with a heart of gold, but she died of tuberculosis when Cecily was only five. Cecily's father was aware of his daughter's heritage and taught her how to blend in with the rest of the world. Because he desired a son, he also taught Cecily to do many activities that would usually be frowned upon for a woman. However, Cecily had to teach herself Witchcraft. When Cecily was eleven, her father remarried a woman named Eleanor. Originally, Cecily and Eleanor did not get along very well, but after about three months, the two discovered how much they had in common and became good friends.

On Cecily's twelfth birthday, her paternal grandmother decided that it was time Cecily learn how to act as a lady. She took her to live in the Court. When Cecily arrived, she was already well versed in Witchcraft and the flow of magic, so she decided that it would be entertaining to spy on other members of the court by scrying. She was surprised to discover so many other people with secrets like hers, but kept it to herself. Even to this day, the not quite human people of the court have no idea she knows what they are. She sometimes entertains the idea of dropping a hint, but normally backs out before she can.

In her time at the court, she has found it very difficult to keep her secret. Sometimes, she thinks about running away to live alone in the country, dying an old maid. However, as her father's only child, she knows that she is his only heir, as well as her grandparents' only heir. She feels some sort of obligation to everyone in her life to stay, but she also chooses to stay. Secretly, she has been helping the other less than humans keep their secrets by using Witchcraft to make people think it was nothing more than a trick of the light or some sign from God. She knows that one day, she'll fall in love and hopes that that man will take her as she is Witch and all.

Face Claim: Sophie Turner

So begins...

Cecily Evercott's Story

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#, as written by Felilla

It is year 1572 where we begin our story. The Queen's Court had recently moved to Windsor for the summer, seeing as it was one of the Queen's favorite places. For the time, everyone seemed to still be settling into the palace, but most people in the Court were used to traveling. However, this is not a story about the simple people of the Court. No, this story is about the members of it that are slightly less than human.

The summer heat was getting to everyone in the Court. It was almost like the sun was trying to kiss the earth, something that should never happen. In a particular room, one single girl by the name of Cecily Euphemia Evercott reclined in a chair as her skittish maidservant hurried around, cleaning the small quarters. To be honest, Cecily did not mind having a small bedchamber. It was the price she paid for having a room to herself. She was growing quite weary of the new maidservant though, a "present" from Her Majesty, brought from France. The young woman did not speak one word of English, but that was not a problem for Cecily, who was well known for her linguistic abilities. The only thing that truly bothered Cecily was the maid's much too cautious behavior. It made the Lady of the Court wonder what could be wrong with the poor girl. She was barely older than Cecily herself. When she looked up from her book, the maid was staring at her.

Startled, the girl looked down and started sweeping furiously. "Etes-vous tout à fait bien, ma fille?*" Cecily questioned, standing up.

The maid dropped her broom, her eyes wide as she faced Cecily. "Je suis désolé, Madame. Je ne voulais pas vous inquiéter!" she exclaimed quickly, picking up her broom. She looked at Cecily again, "Vous parlez français."

Cecily let out a small laugh, "Oui."

It was like the maid had suddenly changed. She became very excited as she brought the broom close to her. "Voulez-vous me enseigner l'anglais?"

"Oui, nous allons commencer simple. Quel est votre nom?" Cecily questioned the young girl.

"Alexis," she replied in a thick French accent.

Cecily shook her head, "Non. My name is..."

Alexis bit her lip as Cecily repeated herself two more times. "M-my name i-is... Alexis?"

The Lady nodded her head, clapping her hands. Alexis grinned at Cecily, bobbing a curtsey. Suddenly, a knock came at the door. Instead of having the English impaired Alexis answer it, Cecily moved past her. She unbolted the door, easing it open. The person she saw came as a bit of a shock to the nineteen year old girl. "What a pleasant surprise."

Etes-vous tout à fait bien, ma fille?- Are you quite alright, girl?
Je suis désolé, Madame. Je ne voulais pas vous inquiéter!- I am so sorry, Lady. I did not mean to worry you!
Vous parlez français- You speak French.
Oui- Yes.
Voulez-vous me enseigner l'anglais?- Will you teach me English?
Oui, nous allons commencer simple. Quel est votre nom?- Yes, let's start out simple. What's your name?
Non.- No

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#, as written by Felilla

Frances was drunk. She knew it, her maidservant knew, it was possible even her neighbor knew it. The enticing smell of wine drifted around the room, as she rested in her favorite chair. She too another sip of her fifth glass of wine, tasting the sweetness of it before swallowing. Nothing could disturb her in this moment of pure drunken bliss.

Everyone knew that the Duchess Frances Melbourne was an drunk. It wasn't like anyone could blame her truthfully, losing her brother, then her parents, and the man she loved? That would drive even the most pure person to walk the Earth to sin. She let out a small sigh, her eyes wandering around the room. The cool summer wind blew in from the open window, giving Frances a moment of serenity. She figured it must have been beautiful outside, but she was too drunk to do much of anything but sit there, staring at the window's lace curtains.

A sharp pain suddenly ripped through her skull and she lurched forward, crying out in pain. Her wine glass slipped from her fingers and shattered on impact with the floor. Flashes of something passed through her head. She couldn't see the person's face, but she felt their fear. Finally, the person faced her and Frances found it to be someone she knew. There was a glint of silver before Frances let in heavy gulps of breath as her maidservant ran into the room, "Lady?"

Frances waved her hand frantically at the spilled glass, choking on her words. She pressed her palms to her eyes and felt a new glass being pressed into her hand. She raised it to her lips before taking a generous gulp. She looked at her maid, who nodded and walked out of the room. Frances forced herself to sit up and relax. The fear still lingered though, a fear that Frances had never experienced. She wondered what could cause that kind of fear.


Cecily let her grandmother into her bedchambers. The woman looked around at the small space with disdain. Her eyes looked over at the new maidservant. She shook her head, disregarding the girl. This was one of things about her grandmother that infuriated Cecily. She had no respect for those of the lower classes. Georgia Teach turned to her granddaughter, blue eyes sparkling with what could only be excitement. It was rare for Lady Teach to be excited. "Is something wrong, Grandmother? Has something happened?"

Her grandmother gripped Cecily's small hands. Unlike most women in the court, her hands were actually callused. She spent many ours riding horses and it wasn't unusual for her to go out to find herbs for... reasons... Some of these herbs happened to be buried relatively deeply in the ground. She normally covered her hands with gloves. It not befitting for a young woman of her status to have such thick skin. According to her grandmother, a lady's skin should be fragile, like the finest china. "There is to be a ball in two days time," Georgia said with excitement.

Ah, so that was what had the woman so worked up. Slowly, Cecily eased her hands out of the older woman's hands, "You know how much I dislike being in public, Grandmother. Too many eyes fall on me..."

Georgia sighed, taking a seat on Cecily's bed. She brushed her graying hair out of her face. Cecily's own hands found comfort in smoothing out her long auburn hair. After a moment, Georgia looked up at her granddaughter. "Don't you ever want to marry, Cece, dear?"

What sort of question was that? "Of course I do, Grandmother. I am just waiting for the right man to come along."

"How do you expect to find him when you're always locked up in your room?"

Cecily had no idea how to respond to a question like that. She silently waited for her grandmother to continue, staring her hands. Georgia was right, of course. Some people probably speculated Cecily was nothing more than a ghost. Leaving her room in the daily hours to do anything other than ride Zeus or Freya was a rare occurrence. And when she did ride her horses, she left the castle grounds as quickly as she could. Cecily preferred to do everything away from prying and curious eyes. That meant her other hobbies as well. Georgia suddenly stood, startling Cecily a bit. "It's a masquerade, so do not worry, Cece. No one will know it is you under the mask. And if you are so reluctant, she has invited the servants as well. The Queen wants this to be a ball for all to enjoy. I understand that you are afraid you mat not make a good impression." Far from it... "You will be fine, darling. Please, come."

After a few long moments of silence, Cecily sighed, "As you wish, Grandmother. Only this once. I do not have anything to wear to a masquerade though."

Georgia smiled, "Leave that to me."

Without another word, the old woman swept out of the room, her dress swishing behind her. Cecily let out a small sigh of relief, sitting on the edge of her bed. A masque? With servants as well as courtiers? This would prove to be an interesting night indeed...