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Hugh Wyndham

"There comes a point where optimism becomes so blinding that one slides into unconscious obliviousness." ((WIP))

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a character in “Our Rebirth”, originally authored by Scarlet Loup, as played by RolePlayGateway



"There comes a point where optimism becomes so blinding that one slides into unconscious obliviousness."

|| Full Name ||
Hugh Wyndham
|| Nicknames and Aliases ||
He is most commonly referred to as "Your Grace" or "Duke Wyndham" by those who fall below him in rank or Hugh by his friends.
Gender ||
|| Age ||
|| Human Ethnicity ||
White European
|| Sexual Orientation ||
Bisexual; he's more oriented toward women though because of the time period
|| Race ||

|| Status ||


Hair Color: His hair is a dark brown that shows slight auburn highlights in the warmer months of the year.
Eye Color: His eyes are a bright, steely blue.
Height: Hugh stands at an even six feet.
Weight: He weighs roughly one hundred forty pounds.

Scars: Hugh sports scars both from war and his outings as a wolf. His arms and legs are littered with various cuts, so it would be quite difficult to describe them all. His most noticeable scars are three long scratches across his back from right shoulder to left hip. He also has a small scar above the left side of his lip.
Oddities: He bears many scars and scrapes from time as a werewolf. Hugh also tries to shave normally, but his facial hair grows in rapidly from curse. His hair is also extremely unkempt because it grows tangled from running through the woods around England.


|| Personality ||

Optimistic || Ignorant || Excitable || Hopeless Romantic

Hunting || Wrestling || Chatting || Swimming
Rubs the scar above his lip when he thinks || Runs his tongue over his canines || Commonly uses "dog-like" expressions (puppy face, excited grin) || Walks with a slight bounce or lightness in his step
  • Drinking
  • Being Around People
  • Running or Being Active
  • Swimming
  • Plays with Action or Excitement
  • Cold Weather
  • Wet or Muddy Conditions
  • Animal Abuse
  • Extreme Heat
  • Lazy or Aimless Conversation
  • Small Spaces
  • Silence


|| History ||

Hugh comes from old blood. Old werewolf blood, to be precise. The Wyndhams would tell you that they were, in fact, the first family of werewolves in the world.. This, of course, is not true. Their werewolfism does, however, date back to the Anglo-Saxons and other Germanic tribes. They were already highly ranked when the first Saxons took control, but it was not until Hugh's great-great grandfather rescued the crown prince in combat that the Wyndhams were granted a dukedom. Because of this, Hugh never had to ask for anything. The Wyndhams made sure to keep those visiting their estate within their respective rooms during full moons. His father, Randolf Wyndham, was not around much when Hugh was a child, for he was usually in the court.

He would never go to live with another family as a ward, for Hugh's family did not trust sending the boy away before he had truly gotten a grip on his abilities. Hugh wandered his family's estate and the surrounding forest with his companions, made up of local children plagued by werewolfism. The careless days of his childhood slowly melted into hard studying and learning how to take on his father's position as a duke. Still, he would explore the woods either in wolf form or atop the back of a trusted horse. However, he was never alone. Hugh never did like being alone. When he was fourteen, Hugh became aware of the fact that werewolfism was not a normal thing. His parents had never really exposed him to others during the full moon, for he was always hidden away or taken out in the woods until he became human again.

Upset by this and confused, he ran away from his home and responsibilities. Hugh knew, however, that this would do him no good. He returned home and forced himself to accept his fate, for what good would it do to fight the inevitable? He began to conquer his curse and slowly embraced it, for it put him at an advantage over many of his peers. Over the years, as his father died and left him the estate, he has worked himself into a blissful state where he simply convinces himself that the werewolfism he lives with is a blessing. Sure, he alienates himself quite often from others to avoid feeling out of place, but it could always be worse. Since taking his father's place, Hugh has begun to travel with Queen Elizabeth's court.


Face Claim: Richard Madden

So begins...

Hugh Wyndham's Story

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#, as written by Felilla

It is year 1572 where we begin our story. The Queen's Court had recently moved to Windsor for the summer, seeing as it was one of the Queen's favorite places. For the time, everyone seemed to still be settling into the palace, but most people in the Court were used to traveling. However, this is not a story about the simple people of the Court. No, this story is about the members of it that are slightly less than human.

The summer heat was getting to everyone in the Court. It was almost like the sun was trying to kiss the earth, something that should never happen. In a particular room, one single girl by the name of Cecily Euphemia Evercott reclined in a chair as her skittish maidservant hurried around, cleaning the small quarters. To be honest, Cecily did not mind having a small bedchamber. It was the price she paid for having a room to herself. She was growing quite weary of the new maidservant though, a "present" from Her Majesty, brought from France. The young woman did not speak one word of English, but that was not a problem for Cecily, who was well known for her linguistic abilities. The only thing that truly bothered Cecily was the maid's much too cautious behavior. It made the Lady of the Court wonder what could be wrong with the poor girl. She was barely older than Cecily herself. When she looked up from her book, the maid was staring at her.

Startled, the girl looked down and started sweeping furiously. "Etes-vous tout Γ  fait bien, ma fille?*" Cecily questioned, standing up.

The maid dropped her broom, her eyes wide as she faced Cecily. "Je suis désolé, Madame. Je ne voulais pas vous inquiéter!" she exclaimed quickly, picking up her broom. She looked at Cecily again, "Vous parlez français."

Cecily let out a small laugh, "Oui."

It was like the maid had suddenly changed. She became very excited as she brought the broom close to her. "Voulez-vous me enseigner l'anglais?"

"Oui, nous allons commencer simple. Quel est votre nom?" Cecily questioned the young girl.

"Alexis," she replied in a thick French accent.

Cecily shook her head, "Non. My name is..."

Alexis bit her lip as Cecily repeated herself two more times. "M-my name i-is... Alexis?"

The Lady nodded her head, clapping her hands. Alexis grinned at Cecily, bobbing a curtsey. Suddenly, a knock came at the door. Instead of having the English impaired Alexis answer it, Cecily moved past her. She unbolted the door, easing it open. The person she saw came as a bit of a shock to the nineteen year old girl. "What a pleasant surprise."

Etes-vous tout Γ  fait bien, ma fille?- Are you quite alright, girl?
Je suis dΓ©solΓ©, Madame. Je ne voulais pas vous inquiΓ©ter!- I am so sorry, Lady. I did not mean to worry you!
Vous parlez français- You speak French.
Oui- Yes.
Voulez-vous me enseigner l'anglais?- Will you teach me English?
Oui, nous allons commencer simple. Quel est votre nom?- Yes, let's start out simple. What's your name?
Non.- No