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Our Rebirth

Renaissance England


a part of Our Rebirth, by Felilla.


Felilla holds sovereignty over Renaissance England, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Renaissance England is a part of Our Rebirth.

12 Characters Here

Jeannette de Thou [11] "Have you ever heard the stories?"
Rebecca Adams [8] "If appearances were honest, knowledge would be read on one's skin."
Daniel Blythe [7] "Let yourself laugh. It's better than silence and easier than weeping."
Nyna Selova [7] "Things cannot grow without a little rain"
Samuel Jensen [6] "I talk. Just not to those I dislike."
Dalibor Marian Vel'moc [5] "Be not Simply Good, be Good for Something"
Frances Melbourne [2] "I was given everything I wanted, only to have what I needed stripped away from me."
Landon Kinsley [2] Minor W.I.P.
Cecily Evercott [2] "Fate has an odd way of working everything out, don't you think?"
Alice may [1] "Some call me Alice; some call me death; the others call me a devil."

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Nyna watched the man's face as he seemed to be somewhere between consciousness and oblivion. The girl didn't know really what to make of what he was. The leather wings were large and graceful. Secretly she had a small urge to touch them, to see if they felt as they looked. The blonde woman nodded at her words. "I am glad someone showed up to help me, I am not strong enough on my own." the woman smiled at Nyna, a gesture that she returned before looking back down at the trap.
"I wouldn't be strong enough on my own neither. These traps are made to be strong for the beast of the forest. Unfortunate that didn't look onto where he was stepping" Nyna replied, gaining hold of the trap and pulling along with the blonde woman. Nyna was glad the woman set the trap away from them. Knowing herself Nyna would have probably ended up snapping her on it upon trying to move it.

Nyna began examining the deep gash made by the trap. There would be no need for amputation, like she initially was beginning to wonder. When the man...or thing...woke up she guessed he would be glad to find both legs. Seeing the tied piece of clothing above the wound Nyna smiled. The girl had done something to help for the moment. It was quick thinking.
"Mademoiselle? Tell me if you need me to do anything," the blonde woman said, folding her hands. Nyna looked to her and smile gently.
"I'm not worthy of that form of title. Call me Nyna ma'm" Nyna said before looking down and thinking on what she would need. By the end of the day the man would have no remnants of his shirt left. Nyna grabbed the material and struggled to rip a large portion that would be used as a rag.

"If you are still willing to help, I do need this drenched in water so I can clean the wound. I don't have the right materials on me to apply a remedy to the wound. We may need to find a way to transport him back to my home where I have my things" Nyna gently put, looking at the woman with her chestnut colored eyes. Blood did not frighten the woman in the slightest. She looked at the amount that seemed to be non ending. The bleeding would need to be stopped soon in order for the man to survive. It looked as it would need to be sewn together, as the skin was too far apart to heal naturally.