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Genève Gemma Marie

"I would do things for the people I love that others could hardly begin to Imagine."

0 · 692 views · located in The Kingdom of Belmera

a character in “Our Sacrifice”, as played by Night-Wish


I was once told to stay honest and true. I was four and I remember that those were the last words my Mother said to me, and I plan to do just what she said: Be honest and true.


Name: Genève Gemma Marie
Gemma: This is what her parents called her, now it is strictly used by her two best friends
Queen Genève The Kind: A name she is known as more in her Kingdom than anywhere else but it can often be heard being whispered in other courts


Occupation: Queen of Serapast
Genève is a beautiful Lady. She has dazzling blue eyes which are her most striking feature, with pale skin and long brown hair that is naturally wavy. She appears very fragile and delicate and some may even say she looks like a china doll.
Genève is a Sweet and kind girl, she looks out for others the best she can, but has been pushed by numerous people to be crueler and colder and has often been told that a Queen cannot rule and be kind at the same time, though Genève thinks differently. Known as a Merciful Queen by many though everyone knows that if any harm come to the ones she loves her mercy will not be yours. She believes strongly in love as well which she has also been told can get her into trouble.
~Tiger Lilies
~Music (Specifically the flute)
~Summer days
~Being treated as child
~Being underestimated
~Unkind, cruel, and Selfish people who only care for themselves
~Lack of sympathy for those suffering
~Some types of meats.

~Losing everyone/everything she cares about
~Not being good enough
~Miscarrying a child

Genève was the only born child to the King and Queen of Serapast. When she was just a few months she was betrothed to the Prince of Belmera. She grew up with two girls who became her closest friends and eventually her Ladies.
At the age of four Genève's parents were assassinated and killed, she was crowned as quickly as possible before her and her ladies were rushed into hiding while a reagent watched and controlled the Kingdom. In hiding Genève was taught how to read and right, she was also taught how to ride, along with Manners, how to behave, how to be a good wife for her future husband, and how to be a Queen. When she was fifteen control of the Kingdom was given back to her, she would send messages and the reagent would make sure he message was delivered and orders or laws were followed. When Genève was sixteen a request was sent by the King and Queen of Belmera stating that she was to arrive at Belmera within a week. Heavily guarded Genève and both her ladies made their way to the Kingdom it was time for Genève to meet her future husband for the first time
Theme song:
Calls Me Home Shannon Labrie

So begins...

Genève Gemma Marie's Story