Our Second Selves

Our Second Selves


One-on-One Roleplay between Annaky and Beta Type Jakuri.

711 readers have visited Our Second Selves since Jakuri-chan created it.

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NOTICE: The original version of this, ‘The Alter Egos’ was entirely the brainchild of Annaky, not Beta Type Jakuri.

Also, this is a closed roleplay, a one-on-one.


Some people have another personality, if you like. It really comes in handy when you can't be shy, or reckless or hot-headed. Maybe you need to be optimistic, or organised or calm. It comes around without you even trying, and it may not exactly help in the situation, but it could. It really could. A bullied child could finally stand up for themselves. A jobless person could finally get a job in that restaurant round the corner. That assassin could finally turn his life around.

And here's where the story starts.

Four people are living their lives normally, as they do every day. They all live in the same apartment block. They all have another personality. They realise later on that this isn't a coincidence. Then, all of a sudden, four of the other apartments are filled. The new tenants are strange, familiar. Then, after a bit of working out and building friendships, the original tenants work it out. They are their other personalities. Their Alter Egos.


It's been like this for millenniums. The originals had another personality, and when they died, that personality was born in to a person. A person with the original's personality. It's like living with another person inside. Today, the Gods decided to have a little fun.

So the first four live in an apartment block. They have all talked to each other and some of them are friends with each other. Then, four of the seven empty apartments are filled. The Alter Ego doesn't have to look like the original. They can even be another gender. The Alter Egos know all this, but have been banned from telling anyone.

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Character Portrait: Nikolas

Die twice, Ryu!

Character Portrait: Ryu

I'll raid your fridge if you lie...


Character Portrait: Nikolas

Die twice, Ryu!

Character Portrait: Ryu

I'll raid your fridge if you lie...

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Character Portrait: Nikolas

Die twice, Ryu!

Character Portrait: Ryu

I'll raid your fridge if you lie...

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Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Jakuri: *is laughing at Niko-tan and Ryu*

Kiki: . . . .a couple? SERIOUSLY!? *points at Eva* The Otaku freak and I do NOT seem like a couple; in any way shape or form!!

Eva: *sighs and grabs onto the back of Niko-tan's shirt and drags him away from Ryu* Enough of your silly squabbling, Jakuri looks okay to me, she's laughing so hard that she's gone and made herself cry over there.

Kiki: *is giving Ryu a death glare for egging the story on about her and Eva seeming like a couple*

Jakuri: *slowly ceases laughing while wiping her face off* You know, it's funny that it would be suggested they seem more like a couple in the midst of breaking up rather than sisters. Kiki and Eva were actually born as sisters in one lifetime, a couple hundred years ago.

Eva & Kiki: What?!

Jakuri: Yeah, that was something I was keeping under wraps for a little while, but now seems a good a time as any to let the cat out of the bag. *squeaks as Kiseki suddenly leaps onto her head and she falls backward*

Kiki: . . . .I was related to the Otaku and her freaky ninja cat?!

Eva: Well . . . I didn't see that coming.

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Niko-tan: You and Eva don't fit as sisters, but rather as a couple on the verge of breaking up.

Ryu: Due to difference issues.

Niko-tan: And they both feel the other doesn't understand them.

Naky: Don't you think you're going a bit far with this story? And I think we may be mentally damaging Jakuri here.

Ryu & Nikolas: It wasn't me. Don't copy what I'm saying! *squabble-squabble*

Naky: Yep, I'm not even including their pointless arguments in our conversation now.

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Jakuri: You know . . . when those two bicker it's like watching a tennis match. Back and forth, back and forth. . . . *sways as she continues saying 'back and forth'*

Kiki: *sighs and facepalms* What am I doing here?

Eva: Well Kiku, you're here with the rest of us because you're as involved with all of this like this. *starts humming Mozaik Role to herself*

Kiki: They are like brothers, certainly squabble like them . . . unless Niko-tan would prefer me comparing the two of them to an old married couple. They certainly qualify for either category.

Jakuri: . . . . . . . *scoots away from Kiki because she has a bad feeling regarding what was just said*

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Naky: He hasn't smoked for centuries!

Ryu: *near death* You make me sound like a dino. . .

Niko-tan: You might as well be. You're big, and vicious when you want food.

Ryu: But-

Naky: No buts! It's true!

Niko-tan: Since when are we like brothers? We're more like arch-enemies, apart from the fact that one side believed the other side likes him!

Ryu: . . . . . . . Poor Jakuri. I think she's freaked out by everything that just happened.

Niko-tan: You mean when you tried to touch my p-

Naky: *sings, or rather yells, Rolling Girl SO LOUD that Niko-tan and Ryu's conversation, argument and re-pulverization of Ryu is blacked out*

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Jakuri: o_o *is sitting where she was taken, trying to figure out what just happened*

Eva: . . . . . -///- Okay, going to just pretend nothing happened here.

Kiki: Ugh, you two are just . . . geez. A yandere and a tsundere who are more or less like brothers, what a bad combo. And since when did Ryu smoke?

Jakuri: Uhhh, okay then . . . just, okay.

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Ryu: I'm not a yandere for pocky!

Niko-tan: *crushes a pack of pocky in a mock-Kiki way*

Ryu: *dark aura forms around him and he launches for Niko-tan*

Naky: *grabs Kiki, Eva and Jakuri and hides* This may get dirty, and explosive. Trust me, Niko-tan is gonna get pulverised.

Niko-tan: I'm sorry, what?

Naky: What the heck? How did you beat him? The scouter said his power level was-

Niko-tan: Don't. *Niko-tan points to Ryu, pulverised* He tried to touch my privates.

Ryu: It. . . was an. . . accident. . .

SIDENOTE: It actually was.

Naky: And about Ryu's character picture, yes, he does smoke when he's really freaked out or extremely happy.

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Jakuri: *shudders in horror* >.< Ryu, seriously! Your dancing is just disturbing, and I think Kiku is immune because she's his alter, and they were childhood friends . . . probably saw all sorts of his weird antics back then.

Eva: . . . .yes, remembering worse. You'll find out what I know soon enough. -.- And this time, as in, this time. No guarantee for future occurrences. *pokes Niko-tan's forehead* And no Kiku, there was NOT a pact made. It was just the result of the guy you've gotten attached to getting drunk and random while mine was a case of buying the wrong bottle of dye.

Kiki: Hmph! *crosses her arms* I guess it was just another case of you being a magnet for the weird Otaku. . . . Impeccable timing on your part I suppose. And, so what I've gotten attached to Ryu? I AM allowed to get attached to people aren't I; or is there some new law that says that only weird self-pronouced 'dandere' otakus can do this?! And for the record Sterling, you and your now too 'normal' black hair, are both deredere, not dandere!

Jakuri: -_o *is still really, really too disturbed to comment on this particular point*

Eva: Deredere or dandere, you're still a tsundere, so that's why it's weird for you to get attached to someone, and to openly show it! . . . .just like Niko-tan here. *clings onto her alter with a smile*

Kiki: Geez, did someone slip caffiene into your breakfast . . . you're awful talkative aren't you? AND I'M NOT A TSUNDERE!!!

Jakuri: *sits up quietly, watching the two girls* . . . . .kind of shocked no one has given much more comment on Ryu being a yandere for pocky at this point. >.>

Eva: I have my talkative moments when around people I actually like, and am comfortable talking to.

Kiki: . . . . .people you like, and are comfortable-? The hell?! Does that mean you're this way around ME?!

Eva: *shrugs and continues clinging onto Niko-tan* Maybe I am, maybe I'm not, Tsundere-number two.

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Niko-tan: Eh? This time? Remembering worse? Oro?

Ryu: Was it really that bad? You can see my one for Get Low! *starts dancing again* To the window, to the window, to the wall, to the wall, to the sweat drops down my-

Naky: I. WILL. KILL. YOU. *insert evil glare here*

Ryu & Niko-tan: M-meep. . .

Niko-tan: A-a-a-a-a-anyways, Naky-chan?

Naky: Yes. . .? *still angry as hell*

Niko-tan: S-shouldn't you be comforting Jakuri?

Naky: Well, after those two dances, I believe the correct word it 'exorcise' Jakuri. And why is Kiku only caring about a non-existent pact? Didn't she SEE that dance? *laughs* Maybe it's Kiku that's gotten attached... or maybe she saw them before? *goes to giggle in Evande's corner*

Ryu: What...? *confused yandere*

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Jakuri: . . . . . . . . . o_o

Eva: As disturbing as that was . . . I think I've been made to remember worse. -///- But in all seriousness, please, don't ever do that again Ryu, I agree with everyone else on that.

Kiki: *looks back and forth between Ryu and Eva* The hell is wrong with the two of you?! Did you make some weird pact or something to dye your hair some color completely opposite of what it was before? Tch, like I should even doubt THAT. . . .

Jakuri: . . . . . . . . *is still disturbed by Ryu's eariler dance routine* ._.

Eva: *sighs* Ryu, I think you managed to break Jakuri's brain, well, make worse than what it was before.

Jakuri: N-no, nothing like that. I'm just . . . recovering. ._. I-I'll be on the couch if anyone needs me. *curls up into a ball on the couch*

Eva: *looks over at Niko-tan and pokes him* You're forgiven Niko-tan . . . this time.

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Niko-tan: *crawls into Eva's corner* Sorry.

Ryu: It did hurt! *rubs his eyes confidently* But it's okay now. I'll test my toe out. *starts doing a dance routine* My milkshake bring all the boys to the yard-

Naky: Oh GOD no!

Niko-tan: *from the corner* My eyes! I'm scarred for life!

Ryu: What? Whaaat? Hey, have you seen MY new picture? Kiku, check out my hair!

Naky: I never want to see that dance routine again, Ryu. Do you understand?

Ryu: She's scary when she's serious. . .

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Jakuri: Okay, I don't mind giving myself a 'nickname' of sorts, Nikolas. - - By the way; I think you hurt Evande's feelings. And yes, we managed to completely invert the characters away from their stereotypes. ^^;;

Eva: Well, I guess I know what is thought of me now. . . . *quietly goes over to a corner and sulks* Also, at least your new picture keeps your hair the same color. . . . Mine's black now!

Kiki: *blinks and stares at Ryu* Umm. . . . That looked like it hurt.

Jakuri: Hmm, and while Eva was intended to be a dandere, she is more of a deredere. And Kiki will return to her tsundere-ness sooner or later. ^^

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Niko-tan: W-w-w-w-w-w-w-whaaaaat?

Ryu-chan: She said you're getting attached. A~T~T~A~C~H~E~D!

OOC: And I think Ryu is dead, via Niko-tan's glare. Hey. . . is he okay? That glare is getting pretty intense.

Niko-tan: Stop calling me Niko-tan! And I don't get attached to people! What's with you morons?! My glare isn't that intense! It could get worse! Sometimes, I wish looks could kill. Why do we all get nicknames apart from Evande and the OOCs? You'd think you could just call her Naky-chan, but noooo! She HAS to be picky and call herself OOC! What the hell! Did you change my picture in my character profile? And Evande, I'm not attached to you! I don't get attached! . . . Did I already say that? You would think that at least one of you had a brain! Jesus Christ! Burn! All of you, buuuurn! *starts laughing maniacally and flicking his lighter, which doesn't really work, thank god.*

OOC: And he's lost it. Ryu, get the fire extinguisher, just in case one of us spontaneously combusts or something.

Ryu-chan: Yup. *drops the huge thing on his toe*

OOC: Umm, Ryu-chan?

Ryu-chan: *tearing up*

OOC: . . .Okay. Over-emotional yandere, two complete tsunderes that could easily make friends by complaining about the other two, and a otaku deredere, and two crazy OOCs who inverted them. . .

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Evande: v///v And why exactly didn't you point to me, Niko-tan? I'm using the nickname, and I was sort of the one who suggested it. . . . *is still clinging onto her alter*

Kiku: I'm not an idiot, or a tsundere, and the only reason you didn't point to Miss Otaku is because your getting attached to her Nikolas!

OOC: But you two are tsunderes, Evande's a dandere even!

Kiku: *sighs* Stop calling me that!!

OOC: But you are a tsundere! >.< A weird one, but you are one!

Evande: . . . .how I more sane than her? I mean, she's one of the OOC for heaven's sake; I should be crazier than her, but I'm not.

Kiki: I still say the only reason that Nikolas didn't point to Sterling is because he's getting majorly attached to her. . . . And did the OOC typo my name? Why is it calling me Kiki now?

OOC: It's your nickname, it even said it in your app!

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Niko-tan: I'm not a tsundere! And stop calling me Niko-tan! You're all idiots, every single one of you! *points at OOC* Especially you! *now Ryu*And you! *and lastly Kiku* And you too!

OOC: You just pointed at everyone other than Evande. . .

Niko-Tan: And myself!

Ryu: Oh brother.

Niko-tan: Can't you give Ryu an embarrassing nickname?

OOC: No, he'd like it.

Ryu-chan: I guess. Ooh! Ryu-chan!

Niko-tan: We'd never kill you, Evande. You're the most level-headed out of us crazy people! Without you, this world of posts that we live in would crumble!

OOC & Ryu-chan: *nods*

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Kiku: *is laying on the floor grumbling after Ryu jumped on her*

Evande: v///v *sighs* I think you two are going to be the death of me one of these posts. . . . *remains clinging onto Niko-tan after Ryu tackled Kiku for the pocky*

OOC: *helps Kiku to her feet* Kiku, why did you even have pocky on you? You hate sweets don't you?

Kiku: Hmph! Why I had that one me is no one's business but my own you weird-!

OOC: Watch yourself, don't forget who I am and what I could with you if I felt like it. . . . v.v

Evande: Don't get her angry Kiku, you know she's scary when she's like that. ._.

Kiku: B-But, I-I . . . UGH! *gives up and sits down next to Ryu with a pout*

OOC: That's a good little tsundere. ^^ *ignores Kiku screaming that she is not a tsundere*

Evande: Heheh, just like Niko-tan.

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Ryu: *gets drawn in by the smell of the pocky and jumps on Kiku* Gimme gimme gimme!

Niko: Oh god thank you. I thought I was gonna get crushed. And who are you calling a tsundere?!

Ryu: *munch* You owe me-

Niko: I owe you nothing! And you stupid OOC, stop calling me Niko!

OOC: Sure, sure.

Niko-tan: . . . NIKO-TAN?!

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

OOC: *blinks* ._. . . . .and now I find myself slightly frightened. *scoots away from Ryu and Nikolas a bit*

Kiku: *pulls out a random pack of pocky from a pocket on her skirt and she holds it up* Ryu! Stop throttling Nikolas would you?! >.< Last thing I want to happen right now is for you to be convicted for murder!

Evande: *stares with wide eyes* So . . . Ryu sort of turns into a yandere when it comes to pocky?

OOC: Apparently.

Evande: So now we have two tsunderes, a circumstancial yandere . . . and a dandere here. Huh.

Kiku: I told you that I'm not a tsundere!

OOC: Yeah . . . you kind of are Kiku. -.-

Kiku: Ughh! Even you're a weirdo aren't you?! *goes on a tangent*

Evande: *has moved on to trying to get Ryu off Nikolas while she is beet red due to certain 'tainted' memories of hers* >///< Would you two knock it off please?!

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Niko: Niko... tan? Really? What's next? Niko-kun? Niko-chan?

Ryu: *ninja from behind* Niiiiiiiiiiiko-chan?

Niko: Holy crap! In the name of everything holy, when the hell did you get back?!

Ryu: You know that pack of pocky. . .? Did you realise it was. . . empty?

Niko: Hahaha! I can't believe you- ack! Stop strangling me!!

OOC: Lesson = Ryu will go mental over pocky, and can gain the potential to kill.

Niko: Why aren't you stopping him?!

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Evande: *drops Kiku with a sigh* Well . . . if you don't like 'Niko' Nikolas, what about something else? Like . . . Niko-tan? *giggles a bit*

Kiku: *is laying on the floor grumbling* Stupid . . . dorodere Otaku.

Evande: I am not a dorodere! And I'm shocked you even know what the hell a dorodere is since it's such an obscure character archtype, and so little known!

Kiku: I blame you!

OOC: . . . .okay then. Oop, I think I see Ryu coming back? *is trying to divert the subject some between Kiku and Evande . . . knowing she is failing miserably though*

Re: [OOC] Our Second Selves

Niko: I wouldn't miss him. Why would I miss him?

OOC: You'll miss him, you know you will.

Niko: And why the hell is the OOC using Niko as my name now?!

OOC: It's cuter... (And it fits a tsundere/uke quite well...)

Niko: What was that?

OOC: I said it fits a manly man like you.

Niko: .................. Where's Ryu?