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Reid Luthen

"I don't believe in pressure, fear or failure. Just smiles, monsters and magic."

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a character in “Our Supernatural Love”, as played by CyberGlowfly




{ "Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds." }


Character's Name
Reid Luthen

Other names

Character's Age
He is actually a teacher at the high school.

Face Claim
Matthew Gray Gubler
Character's Race

Character's Gender

Character's Ethnicity

Character's Orientation

In a Relationship with
The Witch


{ "Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us. And sometimes they win." }

Character's Appearance

His hair is a light chestnut brown that is longer than most men's styles. It reaches to to back of his neck, and is slightly curled, often appearing as nothing more than a mess. He rarely takes time to style it, and when he does it appears a bit shorter in length. It's difficult to tame however, and random strands are often crossing his vision. His eye color is also a light brown, though in bright lighting and sunlight appears to be a light hazel, as other hues of gold and green can be seen. He has a lot of small scars all over his body, mostly on his hands, due to his clumsiness. A rather notable one would be a scar that starts from the edge of his wrist and out onto the inside of his palm. He got this from handling a kitchen knife very badly, and cutting himself while trying to slice vegetables. Everyone laughs when he tells them how he got the mark, so he refrains from telling that story due to the humiliation. His is quite slender, and because of his height, appears quite lanky. Lacks muscle due to little to no frequent physical activity.

Reid does not have, nor has he ever head any piercings. He dresses in what most people call geek chic. He usually wears shirts with a spencer or with a jacket. His pants are usually jeans. Whatever he is wearing, he always rolls up his sleeves and hates it when something is covering his under arms. He will not even wear a watch, which is one of the reasons he is always late.


{ "I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind." }

Character's Personality

Reid is socially awkward. He often fixates on things, and misses social cues at times (for example, unknowingly changing the subject of a conversation). Reid's an eccentric genius, with hints of Schizophrenia and minor autism, Asperger's Syndrome. He is 19 years old with three Ph.D.'s and one can not usually achieve that without some form of autism. His mother often compared him with a colleague of his. She represents everything he is not, she is very tech oriented and he is more like 1920's smart, books and reading etc. She is more extroverted and available emotionally, whereas Reid struggles with his emotions. He also has a slight Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and if anyone touches something and moves it, he will go back and put it where it was.

✔Intellectual Debates- Many a time, Reid can be found sitting in the back of a college classroom, listening and occasionally chiming into a debate.
✔Reading- Reid normally reads classics like Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men, Pride and Prejudice. He can also be seen reading modern novels.
✔Coffee- He loves morning coffee even though it makes him slightly hyper during the day. His mind is going everywhere when he drinks coffee.
✔Science Fiction- He doesn't show it but he is a big fan of science-fiction and normally watches Star Trek and other Sci-Fi TV shows.
Image✔Classical Music- It soothes him and when he was a child his mother would play it for him on her piano before she started slipping.


✘Loud Music- Reid dislikes loud music and normally doesn't play the radio because that is all they play.
✘Germs- Reid can be pegged as a modern day germophobe and will often hesitate to shake hands and other physical contact. He doesn't take it to extremes.
✘Technology- He can also be pegged as a modern day technophobe which makes him stray away from using email and new iPad and iPhones. The most technological thing he has is an old flip phone.
✘Rain- He dislikes rain so much because it reminds him of the day his mother almost slipped away from him.
Image✘Needles- He tries to stray away from needles so that memories from his younger days don't come back.


♡Cooking- On his off time, when he isn't reading or teaching, you can often find him cooking at home. Nobody knows he does this. It's like a personal habit.
♡Cleaning- When stressed Reid cleans normally, trying to calm his nerves.
♡Reading- This is what you normally find him doing and you will always find a book in his hands. If you don't... the end has come.


{ "I'm thankful for every step I take, every hand I shake, every breath I make and kisses like snowflakes." }

Important People

Character's History

Reid grew up in Las Vegas, the son of 15th-century Literature professor Diana Luthen and attorney William Luthen. His childhood was in many ways quite traumatic. When he was 4 years old a neighborhood boy named Jacob Lockshire was raped and murdered by a pedophile. When the pedophile began to target young Reid, Diana informed Jacob's father and Mr. Lockshire killed the pedophile by beating him to death. The mentally fragile Diana found Mr. Lockshire standing over the dead pedophile, covered in his blood which got on her clothes. William later burned the blood-stained clothes in the backyard, and unbeknownst to him, Reid saw him do it. All three adults covered up the crime, and Reid repressed the memories, though they often resulted in terrifying dreams.

Diana suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, and it was after this incident that her mental state deteriorated enough to cause William to abandon his wife and son two years later; he also states that he no longer knew how to care for his brilliant son. Reid basically raised himself from this point on as his mother lived in bouts of depression, rarely leaving the house. However, she continually read to him from a variety of books, including Proust and medieval poetry. He graduated from public school in Las Vegas at age 12. While in school he was bullied repeatedly, including an especially damaging incident where he was lured to the football field bleachers by a pretty girl who he thought liked him, only to be stripped naked by the football team and taped to the football field goal posts.

Though he loves his mother deeply, Reid had her committed to a mental institution when he turned 16, believing it to be the healthiest place for her. She remains there to this day, and Reid writes her detailed letters about his life. He rarely visits, but her presence is widely felt in his life and he clearly feels guilty for committing her. Paranoid Schizophrenia is a genetically inherited disease, and Reid occasionally worries that he might also develop it.

So begins...

Reid Luthen's Story