Walker McMullin

I may look and sound like an idiot, but don't be fooled. I really am an idiot.

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Name: Walker Nahoa McMullin
Nickname: Take your pick from any of the jokes you can make from Walker.
Gender: Male
Year: Senior
Type: Princely
Age: 18
Sexual Orientation: Straight, although I like to act gay to either appear more attractive or to throw people off.
*Messing with people's heads in a good way
*Musicals of any kind
*Music of any kind, except whiny country and "thug life is a party life" rap.
*Chocolate covered strawberries
*Cake, cookies, and other sweets, preferably the ones I make, and yes I bake, nothing wrong with that.
*people who act like their crap tastes like ice cream
*people who lie to harm others
*Oranges, not Clementines or tangerines, just oranges. Something about the inside of the peel sticking to the flesh just irks me.
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Personal Description: Well, I have grey, almost white hair, but don't think I bleach it, it just runs in my family! My eyes are a light grey as well, so I'm glad they match! Matter of fact, add in the pale skin, and I could look like a ghost for halloween! I have sharp features, but I've been told looking into my eyes when I'm smiling is like hugging a kitten on a summer afternoon, which I can verify from personal experience as being the most awesome thing ever to ever ever. I'm about 5'8", and weigh about 145 pounds, but don't let that fool you, I could easily lift 175 thanks to my kickboxing and freerunning in my spare time!

Personality: I'm the risk-taking type, not afraid to take a giant leap to get to where I want, and carefree enough to accept the results if I fail. I've been called loyal, but really, it's just that I trust people enough that it doesn't matter what I do for them, because I know they'll do the same for me. "Borderline insane" is often thrown around with me as well, especially when it comes to contemplating virtually anything. Call me the philosopher if you want, I don't care. My HOST persona, however, has been cultivated since my first year of hosting. I take on the role of the man who would sweep you off your feet and take you away to a land where he would hand-feed you chocolate covered strawberries.

History: Not much to say, really. Born in a rich family, raised in a rich family, bored stiff half my life in a rich family, and the other half asleep. For future reference, my family is a long line of successful theater producers, directors, and actors. And for some reason, they sent me here to Ouran, mostly because I'm an anime character here to be the comedic foil for a roleplay and they won't let me open up my own productions elsewhere... Jerks.

Extra: I can sing in any accent I want, which made the music teacher soil their drawers with delight the first time they heard me sing an Irish song absentmindedly, then switch over to a Romanian gypsy song as I got distracted.

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Well, enough delay on my part, I'm pretty sure you guys want to hear MY part of the story now. Not like you'll be missing much otherwise. I had been a bit delayed in getting to the Host Club, which had been started by a friend of mine. Normally I'd have passed it up and moved on in life, but, you know... The first episode drags even the most reluctant people into it whether they want to or not, and I kind of ended up being the reason we got the room we have today. So anyways, I swear I had a perfectly good reason for being late, but it escapes me at the moment, perhaps it was something to do with two girls who both had taken a shine to me outside of the Host Club and were both fighting over me. Don't know. Either way, so I finally got outside the door and took a few deep breaths.

Walker, exit, I thought, closing my eyes, Enter... Darius. I reopened my eyes with a smirk on my face and swung open the door to the Host Club.

"Hello, my dears!" I said, my voice sounding like shrouded honey, "I have arrived, at long last, to shower you with my love!"
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