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Ruby Quarts Universe

Ruby is a emotionless one, yet with enough time and the right tactics, she can be a great and happy friend.

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a character in “Ouran High School Host Club”, as played by JJRayRayJustify


Ruby Quarts Universe

Name: Ruby Quarts Universe

Nicknames: Ru-ru, Sis, Lil Miss Sassy, Ru-chan

Family members:

Jasmine Quarts Universe(Mother, Unknown if decressed.)

Peridot Quarts Universe(Father, increased.)

Ricky Quarts Universe(Brother increased.)

Age: Around 16-17 (It does change, just letting you know this age is temporary.)

BD: February 19

Height: 5'9"

Personality: Emotionless, self-centered, mean, a bore, and all time obedient if she has too. Over time, she can be crazy, happy, risky, mischievous, weird, kind, motherly, and determined. (She is the happy little bitch she is when with her brother, and no-one around.) Might have two faces...

Looks: Ruby has brown, wavy, and poof hair. She has tanned skin, accompanied by electric purple eyes, similar to Tamaki. She is flat chested, and wears a custom dress that hangs from her shoulders reaches to the floor (Maybe I'll show you the dress I am imagining. I can't exactly describe it that much.) and is barefoot. She also has gloves that reach to her fore-arms and a pearl necklace made by her dear brother, Ricky.

Loves: Ricky, pocky, sweets, cats, very tiny things (Ruby freaks over them like a mad woman.), cuddles, loving kisses.

Likes: Everything (Except what she dislikes and hates.)

Dislikes: Words that harm others, fights, getting herself or seeing her brother getting hurt, having to take the blame for herself all the time, having to take the hit for herself (Except if its her brother), violence altogether.

Hates: Bullies, her 'father', her brother dying, not being able to get Ricky to safety, seeing her friends get hurt, being abused in anyway.

Friendship guide: There are many levels to how much Ruby trusts you. Ricky does have this mechanism too, but that's for later. Here is a guide of her level.

Level zero (Yup, this is one.): Ruby doesn't talk as much and if she does, she talks in a normal yet strict voice. One word out of her mouth can make you shiver.

Level one: Ruby's voice goes to a whisper, and its still her strict voice, but she starts to talk a bit more.

Level two: her voice is normal again, and she talks better. Ruby has that small spark of determination in her voice when she talks in this level.

Level three: Ruby has the emotions peeking out of that mask of hers and more emotions come out of her eyes and voice. She starts getting friendly.

Level four: Now Ruby smiles and shows as much emotion as she does her voice and eyes. She acts friendly too! Like a normal person should.

Level five: She is a ball of energetic lightning, so she does mischievous and ricky things, sometimes playing in with the Hitachiin twin's pranks or going to the top of the clock tower and falling off it.

Level six: She will tell you anything you want to know about herself and her brother, even if it hurts her and her brother. this is the deepest levels of the friendship metre she can go before it goes to the loving parts (Kisses, ya know about that.) So this is the end of her friendship levels.

Abilities and Equipment: She is train in marshal arts and is a really fast runner, dodger, or shield. She has a bunch of shuriken and kunai knives. Is self-born with the ability to fight for herself. Ruby can do combos with Ricky well, maybe others too if she knows what they are going to do. Ruby can also breathe fire for some reason.

Historical Background: Ruby was born February 19 (Not sure what year...) with her brother along side him. They of course had a mother and father as almost anyone can have, and they were happy. One day, Jasmine, her mother, disappeared into nothing. No one knew where she was and Ruby and Ricky were worried. Peridot was mad and thought it was them who drew Jasmine's last breath, so he started to abuse them and hurt them as much as he could. Ruby was devastated and relied on Ricky to help her. Soon they grew up and ran away from that home when she was 12, bringing Ricky with her. They were and still are living on the streets ever since. They also started to learn marshal arts by reading books they stole or borrowed from the librarian in that one library place... Soon after that, they got new clothes from the money they stole. They saw Ouran Academy and thought it was a good place to study, well, let us see about that...

Fun Facts: Ruby feels as if she separated with Ricky, she would die, thus she won't get good grades because of that.
Ruby has a surprising side of loving and being a lolita.
Ruby will destroy everything she knows if her brother is dead.
Surprisingly, Ruby has a romantic side with Ricky.
Ruby kinda looks like Haruhi and some mistaken them for lost sisters or cousins.
Ruby can fight better in battle, or rather do anything else better with Ricky at her side.

So begins...

Ruby Quarts Universe's Story


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