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Questionable ties. A necessary meeting. What shall be the fate of the Leo and Taurus Kingdoms?

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The Leo and Taurus Kingdoms have a long history of being trading partners. Sharing a border they have easy access to the other Kingdom, and Taurus has been the most important supplier of harvest products for Leos. While the Leos gave back their specialty, weapons and armory.

However, when Silvestra rises to the throne, no one knew if the tradition would continue since she had another plan for their business.
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Leo and Taurus Event

Questionable ties. A necessary meeting. What shall be the fate of the Leo and Taurus Kingdoms?


Leo and Taurus Event is a part of Cosmos.

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Princess Zari Leo

Zari was sitting in a library letter in her hand. It was from Sylvestra Taurus, the new ruler of Taurus Kingdom since her mother had decreased. She had seen her maybe once or twice when visiting her Kingdom, but didn't really know anything about her. Everything she did know was that for some reason she wished to negotiate about a new trading contract. The word new made her worried. It wasn't just confirmation of continuing the old one, the new Princess wanted a change. Zari hoped she wasn't going to end up delivering harvest products to them since Leos were depending on them. Even if Gemini had several field, they couldn't feed every Kingdom.

"Miss Leo. Everything is prepared." She was woken up from her thoughts when one of the servants informed her. "Ah, yes thank you. Please make sure someone leads the Princess Taurus here when she arrives and then you can bring the tea." The servant nodded and left Zari alone. She looked around in the library. The smell of old paper had always made her calm. There wasn't even so many books in the library, most of the shelves were full of contract scrolls she had signed over the years. On a small round table in front of her was pieces of pergaments to make a new contract, as well as ink and pen and of course the old contract. On the other side of the room was a table where her cooks had prepared something to eat: sandwiches, salty pastys, some cookies and strong mead her Kingdom was famous for. Not knowing the new Princesses preferences she had told the servants to make sure there would be hot tea for her as well.

As was set Zari waited for her visitor to arrive.