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Outcasters: Third Generation



a part of Outcasters: Third Generation, by Kaeru.


Kaeru holds sovereignty over Parkwood, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Parkwood is a part of Outcasters: Third Generation.

24 Characters Here

Sunday Montez [143] "How Tragic"
Alec Iris [129] "Tsk. Just leave it be, yeah?"
Slade Davenport [122] "I will return one day... And when I do, my mother will know the truth." [MWIP]
Erieda Davenport: Queen of the Seelie Fae [113] "I am still the Guardian of the Converge..."
Eida Iris [96] "We're all just so... fucked up."
Alexis Davenport [90] "I'm not a fucking zombie....not entirely anyway..."
Alexander Davenport [87] "I will not give an excuse for the choices I've made. This is just how it had to be."
Mycah Youngfire [50] "This realm is so strange, I think I'm going to like it here."
Kellin Davenport [46] "Listen, I really don't give a shit."
Bertoldo Ettore [38] "My door is always open."

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Sunday didn't want to go to this funeral. She'd never been to one, and as much as she loved Sashi, the idea of seeing her lying there, without a breath in her chest, was too much.

But it was right, her Father wanted her to have one, and even though they didn't have one but them to send her off, someone needed to celebrate her life.

Sunday knew a handful about her, that she was like her, had been abused by someone that should have taken care of her, but that she came through it and was able to move passed it, became stronger. She knew little things, some songs she liked, books and things like that. Sashi liked comic books, Sunday didn't understand them, but Sashi liked them.

It was sad, it wasn't long that they knew her, and they knew virtually nothing. They barely had time to love her, but they did. Sunday wished Sashi had been her mother, or step mother, and by how silently her father was, it was clear that he thought so too.

Sunday was glad that Kellin stuck around, mostly for her sake, because he seemed uncomfortable with being in the hotel in general.

At that moment, she decided she'd clean Sashi up, make her look nice for the funeral. She'd already changed her out of her bloody clothes, and dressed her in a lovely black and purple dress. Purple was her favorite color. Sunday had forgotten to get things for her hair, she wanted to put her curly hair up and in something pretty, so she went out to grab a hair brush and ponytail holder and one her way back, everything she'd grabbed clattered to the floor.

She grabbed her mouth to hold back her screams but they still broke through, just not enough to alert the house, just Kellin, who came rushing in.

Sunday walked further into the room, and found it completely and utterly empty. No sign of Sashi, that she was alive, or dead, minus the blood that stained the couch that she'd been laid on.

"Kellin, Sashi's gone." She gasped, running her hand over her head, upsetting her dark hair. "What...I ...Humans don't do that, do they?" She asked him. She didn't really have an experience with humans at ll. Sashi was the first and only one she'd ever met. "They don’t just get back up, right?" She said and then thought, and while it wasn't meant to be funny, it could have been when she added. "Unless they were zombies? But even then she'd been in the room, right?"