Albus Potter

"You have to take life by the collar and run with it."

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"And the news reports on the radio said it was getting worse as the ocean air fanned the flame. But I couldn't think of anywhere I would have rather been."

Image{ FULL NAME }
Albus Severus Potter

{ AGE & YEAR }
Fifteen; Fifth Year.


Half Blood

Logan Lerman


Image{ HEIGHT }
5'9" or 178 cm

Al has a tiny, almost lightning-shaped scar across his right hip, and a small outcropping of tiny white gash scars centering on his left hip and twining up his body to his opposing shoulder by his chest. He has his ears pierced, but rarely wears earrings, and has no birthmarks or tattoos.


Image{ LIKES }
!! Hogwarts !! His family (especially his little sister) !! Magic !! Travelling !! Learning about the world !! Getting into trouble (and not getting caught) !! Stealing the Marauder's Map from his brother (before he steals it back, that is, they've got a theft war going on over it) !! Pranks !! Animals (care of magical creatures being his favorite lesson of any day) !! House equality/house blindness !! Not being treated like a "scheming slytherin".

-- Going home for holiday -- not being independent -- getting caught for a prank -- crowds -- potions -- small spaces -- history classes -- being inside for too long -- not getting enough exercise -- not getting to visit the magical creatures on property every day or so -- (seeing) thestrals -- (showing) fear -- heat -- being prone to migraines --

Albus wants more than anything to come back to Hogwarts after he's finished school and become a teacher, maybe in the end work his way up to headmaster status. That's a pipedream though. He also has intense wishes to please his house and do as best as possible by it, as well as the fact he'd like to see Slytherin win the house cup for the first time in a decade. If that all falls through though he'd like to travel and work with dragons or other magical creatures.
Crowds - Small Spaces - Fear - Thestrals - Drowning
+ Keeps things where he knows he'll find them even if it's messy + Very good at keeping after animals + Gets out to exercise on his broom and just taking runs pretty regularly +
- Picks at his lips nervously - Terrible sleeping habits - Eats fast - Never eats breakfast -


Above all else, Al is an outgoing, inquisitive prankster who absolutely must know everything about the world. He has an innate greed for knowledge and companionship which seems more than base instinct. An incredibly social creature, he has little interest in judging people on house, but accepts the differences between the houses as he's very proud of his own, even if he initially had doubts and fears about it. Usually boastful and happy to speak for hours, he'll often take over the entire attention of the Slytherin common room and go on for hours about creatures-magical and non- that he feels they should be more interested in.
Despite his bonechilling fear of water and drowning, Albus has on more than one occasion attempted to befriend the squid from the lake above their dorm, and although these attempts were unsuccessful, Al is often very successful in his endeavors with magical creatures; while he often fails with other subjects, animals seem to love him, especially snakes and more intelligent magical creatures. He spends most of his free time researching creatures and the magics that go along with them.
Albus, when alone with someone will often become shy. He has issues expressing his truest emotions when talking one-on-one, and will often fail completely to tell people important things because of this. That said, he's been known to find workarounds for this by sending an owl if a message absolutely must be sent. He's often ill at ease one on one but is most comfortable in a small group, and his social circle tends to be a very small, very highly trusted group. A small family he creates for himself, and he likes it that way.
Big crowds and small spaces both freak Albus out. He hates feeling hemmed in and feeling trapped is worse. Lots of loud noise and crowds make large social events an absolute no-go for him, but thankfully he's very good at finding little escapes in Hogwarts. He's one of the very few living people aware of the passageways and many of the secrets Hogwarts hides. It's a secret he guards very carefully, waiting for the right group of pranksters to find him.
Al definitely has secret aspirations to create another group of marauders at some point during his stay at Hogwarts. He just hasn't found the right group of people.


Ginny Weasley - 40 years old - Alive & Well - Quidditch Correspondent for the Daily Prophet
Albus has an alright relationship with his mother, but he never really confides in her like he used to. They seem to be growing apart, which is something Al can't really find himself feeling bad about for one reason or another

Harry Potter - 41 years old - Alive & Well - Auror at the Ministry of Magic
Albus has a somewhat more strained relationship with his father at the moment, if only because the distancing happened earlier than with his mother, and he's been getting on rather poorly with his father lately

James Sirius Potter II - 17 years old - Alive & Well - Seventh Year Student
Al has a great deal of respect and affection for his older brother, but they're not as close as they used to be.
Lily Luna Potter - 14 years old - Alive & Well - Fourth Year Student
Al loves his little sister with all his heart, but he often finds himself trying to escape her just so he can have some shred of independence from his family.

Scorpius Malfoy - 15 years old - Alive & Well - Fifth Year Student
Scorpius is by far Albus' closest friend. He's never really trusted anyone as much, even if he still hides some things. They get up to pranks together but more often than not they're simply found lounging around the Slytherin common room making each other laugh or helping each other with homework. Scorpius knows things about Albus he wouldn't share, and the same for the inverse is true as well. Scorpius may, in the end, be the thing that triggered the start of Albus' questioning of his own sexuality, which is still a confusing ground for him and not one he'd particularly like to share with his best friend. They're just a little too close and Scorpius is a little too important to him. They've been friends since first year, and Albus fully intends to keep Scorpius around well after seventh.

Cara Hayes - 16 years old - Alive & Well - Sixth Year Students
Cara and Albus met in their first year, and they despised each other at first. Their hatred grew into competition, which grew in time into the close friendship they have today. Cara's one of the two people Albus is totally honest with, or at least mostly honest with, and he trusts her dearly. Cara is the only one with whom Albus honestly speaks about his sexuality, and they practice both quidditch and pranks together quite a lot. Cara is probably one of Albus' closest friends, beaten only by Scorpius, his housemate.

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N/A (OPEN if discussed with me)


Image{ HISTORY }
Al was born into a happy wizarding family with one elder brother who wasn't excessively pleased about his presence in the beginning, but who warmed up to him. They were always a happy family, and there was little in the way of trauma or strife to contribute to any of Albus' anxiety, it must have been little than generational memory of conflict that always kept him on his toes, that and his father's stories of the great war, and of the repercussions.
Al grew up knowing his father's godson, Teddy Lupin, and despite the age gap they often practiced spells together and tumbled around the Potters' little lawn. James joined them often enough and Albus never really had any reason to complain. His childhood was good, comfortable.
When Albus turned eleven he was sent his acceptance letter to Hogwarts and, of course, began his schooling. He was at first mortified to have been sorted into Slytherin, despite his intent requests to the sorting hat specifically not to sort him there, but having found the house full of not monsters but simply another arrangement of people, Al decided it wasn't the worst thing that could happen to him at all, and when his sister was likewise not sorted into Gryffindor he had few reasons to complain at all.
Keeping an eye on his siblings and using the entirety of his time at Hogwarts not to make friends with humans, but instead with the magical creatures on campus as well as explore Hogwarts and its environs, its not surprising he learned almost all there is to know about the building even if he's not the greatest wizard, nor the best in any of his classes except for Care of Magical Creatures. He simply knows Hogwarts, and he's satisfied with that even if he is a bit of a social outcast.
In his fourth year, Al was given a position on the Slytherin Quidditch team as the Keeper. He loves it and it's one of the things he commits to at Hogwarts.


{ WAND }
Eleven and a quarter inches, rosewood with hippogriff wing feather. Springy.
Al has a northern saw-whet owl named Kittenclaws who carries his messages and acts as his familiar. While often in the owlry, it's more often that Kittenclaws stays somewhere close to Albus.
Albus also has a pet snake which is not a familiar or sentient like one. She's simply a tiny western hognose who Al takes care of and who keeps him company.
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So begins...

Albus Potter's Story


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#, as written by Exotica
September First - Arriving at Hogwarts - Start of Term
Cloudy (overcast) - Medium temperature - Rain in the evening - Gusty

The sky hung heavy over the castle, bearing down upon it and closing it off from the outside world. The clouds were only just beginning to open up as the carriages picked their way across the grounds of Hogwarts, and something about the air pressure this year was different. Lee Jordan recognized the feeling here from long ago, this was a kind of hush he hadn't felt in his bones for more than two decades. Still, most of the students seemed unaffected by the feeling of dread in the Headmaster's gut, so he dismissed it.
There had been no problems with the train, nor any with the carriages, and under the lake the squid slowly stirred, rising a single eye to look up at the dark wool clouds and decide that it was best to stay underwater. Somewhere a thestral screeched and a hippogriff near Hagrid's old shack returned the call.
As the first carriage reached the castle and the students began to pile out, a beam of lightning arced across the sky, crackling in a semicircle across the far southern horizon. The headmaster turned from his window as an owl crossed it, and returned to his preparations for the feast.
By the time the sorting began everything was normal; the feeling had died down in Lee Jordan's gut, and he was able to sit comfortably before his students, slowly filing in and sitting at their house's table. He smiled. He'd convinced himself; this would simply be another year. Perhaps even the kind of year Hogwarts used to see; brave and exciting and full.


Great Hall - ~200 words - Open/Not interacting
Albus never had an easy time with the beginning of term feast, or with any of them,
really. He didn't like the crowds, nor the noise, and they were usually so much more
intense than dinner or the classes taught in the Great Hall. It didn't help that the room
itself echoed so ominously or that the new first years always clamored and chattered
away until their nerves died down. It wasn't necessarily that he hadn't done the same,
and Albus didn't blame them for it, but entering the great hall still hit him with a sense
of fear and anxiety that he couldn't quite explain and that he didn't want any part in.
It was all he could do not to turn tail and run right that second, back to the Slytherin
dorm so he could find his things and disappear into his bed and maybe find Scorpius.
Scorpius! Right, that might make things better, having a friend around. He gave the
tables a cursory glance, quick and uncertain, before skittering to the very corner at the
very end of the Slytherin table and then taking the seat one to the center of the table
from it. The snake in his breast pocket stirred quietly before poking her nose out and
letting her tongue flap and rattle through the air. Albus gently pressed her nose back
down into his pocket and looked around nervously, trying to spot someone he knew.

Great Hall - ~200 words - Open/Not interacting
Louis was being stubborn. Slightly more stubborn than usual, but this book he'd picked
up for the train was incredibly good and he just couldn't exactly bring himself to drag
his attention away from it for long enough not to trip and fall on his face (and the book
he'd been holding in front of it from the moment he sat down on the train right through
until he'd attempted to get off the carriage). Standing up and grumbling curses to himself,
Louis retrieved his book from the mud and glared up at the sky as it started to drizzle.
He flicked some mud from the dustjacket of his book and started the short trek into the
Great Hall. He didn't appreciate the naming nor the huge array and amount of people in
the room, but Louis also elected not to care at the moment. He found a seat near the
center of the Gryffindor table and set himself down with a grunt before opening the book
again over his plate and cursing when he realized he'd gotten mud on his plate. Frustrated,
he closed the book and glared around the room, shooting the first years a cocked eyebrow
and a look of slight distrust. One of them shuddered and Louis couldn't help but laugh a little
to himself before looking around at the rest of the Gryffindors and saying a few quiet hellos.


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#, as written by Ivisbo
| Great Hall, Interacting |

On the train, Scorpius could not locate Albus or any of the Potters. He found a group of Slytherin's he had known from previous years and shared a car with them, talking about the summer and talking it up. He was coming back this year as a prefect, which he had anticipated but was excited for none the less. When the school came into view over the tree tops of the forests he tuned out the boys in his car and watched the mist streaming in tendrils around the stone fortress atop the hill. Scorpius bright green eyes drank it all in as he let out a sigh of contentment; although he loved his parents, Hogwarts was were he needed to be.

Scorpius wasted no time getting to the castle from the station, only pausing for a moment to check if Vulpe was taken care of. The poor fox was forced to travel among the baggage for the trip due to her size, though she had been enchanted to sleep for the trip. Scorpius would check on her later- after he tracked down Albus in the Great Hall.

Most of the students had already arrived by the time Scorpius made his way to the massive cavern of a room. Along the way he had been stopped by Graygander about his new prefect status, the Head of Slytherin welcoming him with a congratulations and a swift explanation of his duties. She would of course check in with him later, but hurried him off to the meal so he would not miss the opening ceremony. Upon entering the hall, Scorpius waved at a few returning students he recognized at other tables as he bee-lined for the green and silver. He looked immediately away from the crowd; Albus would never had sat next to the mass of chattering Slytherin students unless Scorpius had forced him to. Sure enough, seated scrunched at the end was his best friend, looking like he wanted to be anymore but here.

Scorpius grinned, striding past the crowds- almost running- to get to Albus. He smack the table with both hands once he reach him, leaning forward over the oak with his biggest, goofiest smirks,"As a prefect, I'm supposed to tell you to go say hello to everyone", He called out over the roar of the entering students,"People are going to find you weird". He slid his lanky body into the seat across from the dark haired boy, letting his eyes roll over him. Nothing had changed over the summer, apart from the normal growth of a teenager. Albus would still be shorted then him, though he was taller then he remembered. As always, the large amount of people drained the color from his friends face, although that was nothing new. Scorpius spied the snake in Albus's pocket and let out a chuckle, reaching a long finger across the table to touch the scaly creature, "I can't believe we didn't make a single plan follow through this summer. How have you been? How's everyone"


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|| Great Hall || Interacting ||

The fear was nothing new.

Nalini smiled encouragingly as she herded the First years towards the boats. There, on the glassy water of the lake, darkened by the looming shadow of the great castle, the children shifted and glanced back at her, whispering in a mix of apprehension and awe. Nalini was stalwart as ever, and it was hard for most of them to remain frightened when she looked so collected, when her blue eyes shone like galleons. However as they loaded into those boats and their approached to the castle hastened, in the twinkling light of dusk, Nalini knew what was coming, and knew that she must make herself into something sturdier than gold. Time for the mask.

She rarely took it off any more. Almost never. Or was it never, now? It was long past the point where it chafed. There was only numbness where it rubbed against her skin. Nalini fancied it had grown into her face, that she couldn't remove it even if she wanted to. The mask was always smiling, always pleasant. She chose it for that very reason. People believed what their eyes told them, and a serene confidence mocked those who feared, reassured those who did not.

ImageThe corridors echoed rapturously as she led them in, a little half-smile pushing a dimple into one of her cheeks. Her hair glistened in the glow of the torch and candle light, the glimmer of her prefect pin an incongruous twinkle against her black billowing robes. The Great Hall was humming with energy when they strolled through the doors, the older students wolfed down their meals, ignoring the newbies in favor of chattering away to their friends, or some skillful combination of the two. All the usual signs of pre-year fervor. She passed the students over to a teacher so they could explain to them the sorting hat ceremony and begin the process, and so that she could go and locate some of her 'friends.' She spotted a familiar tuft of platinum blonde hair next to a mop of inky black hunched over the Slytherin table. The setting could not be more opportune. Nalini sashayed by and brushed her hair over her shoulder alluringly. "Scorpius, neglecting your prefect duties I see." She teased taking the seat across from the pair. "Albus Potter, correct? I don't believe I've yet had the pleasure. I'm Nalini, Nalini Bayliss."