Fred Weasley II

"The only thing I can't resist is temptation."

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"All work and no play makes for a very dull boy."


Fred Gideon Weasley II

{ AGE & YEAR }
Seventeen [7th Year]



Aston Merrygold



Much like his father, Fred is tall and gangly, like a piece of pulled taffy. He stands at 6'3", often towering over his peers- especially the shorter ones among them. Fred is quite fond of his height, in fact. It puts him at eye-level with his father.

Fred, despite his tendency to pull tricks and pranks that one might think would leave him with burn marks and little scars from nasty tumbles, is relatively free of scars. He has one on his right bicep from a nasty collision in Quidditch, but the fact that the scar is there still was his choice- he told the nurse he wanted to keep his 'battle scar'. As far as tattoos go, Fred has three stars on his neck. He offers no explanation for how they got there with people asking. Well, rather, he gives a different reason every time someone inquires about them, ensuring that no one knows the source, and everyone has ceased to care. Both of his ears are pieced, and he usually wears earrings in them.


Entertainer - Much like his father, Fred has a gift for entertaining others, whether it be through pranks and mischief, or the telling of grand stories. His dream is to become a professional entertainer in the future- specifically a singer and dancer, as these are two things which she has enjoyed since he was very young, and has become quite good in.

Weasley's Wizardly Wheezes - On the other hand, Fred has also grown up in Weasley's Wizardly Wheezes, and there has always been this sort of expectation that either he or his sister will take over the shop when they are older and George is ready to retire. Fred would be perfectly happy with this- once he has had his fill of the life of an entertainer, as he wishes to. It's an aspiration for later on in his life, when he's ready to settle down more.

His Uncle's Gravestone - This may sound strange, but ever since he was a child, Fred has felt a wave of dread everytime his father takes the family to visit his late twin brother's grave. In fact, Fred has not visited it since he was seven or so. Seeing his own name on the stone, even though he realizes that it is simply because he was named after his uncle, is a heavy thing for the young man.

Spiders - Fred II puts on a rather good show of being completely fearless, but all that threatens to shatter when he is faced with an 8-legged creature. Tales about the giant spiders in the Forbidden Forest he has heard from relatives have given him a great fear of the bugs. They are certainly a way to put a crack in his cheerful expressions.

Loyalty To Friends || Stands Up For Others || Avoids Violence When Angered || Keeps All Promises, No Matter What || Practices What He Loves || Only Insults People To Their Face || Rarely Tries To Pretend To Be Something He's Not || Looks Out For Family

Exacts Revenge Through Pranks || Views Rules as 'Suggestions' || Enjoys Riling People Up A Bit || Skips Meals Frequently || A Bit Of An Attention-Seeker || Exaggerates Stories || Acts Before Thinking || Bums Answers For Homework Off of Others

ImageImage{ LIKES }
Singing || Music || Dancing || Shows || Jokes || Pranks || People || Attention || Laughter || Filling The Silence || Ridiculous Stories || Friends & Family || Holidays || His Parents || Tests of Courage || The Gryffindor House || Early Mornings || Flirting || Attractive People || Hogwarts || Charms Class || Flexibility || Adventures After Dark || Legends || Festivals || Fireworks

ImageImage{ DISLIKES }
Silence || Being Ignored || Exclusion || Rigid Rules || Homework || High Expectations || Large Meals || Being Nagged About Eating || Sleeping In || Boredom || Bullies || People Harming His Friends/Siblings || Broken Promises || Snobbishness || Prejudice || Rejection || "Because I Say So" || Being Called Cocky || Small Towns || Closed-Mindedness || People Who Are Too Eager To Please


{Flirtatious, Charming, Cocky, Brave}
Ask any seventh year Gryffindor, male or female, and they'll probably admit that Fred has at some point made some sort of pass at them. It might have been playful flirting or asking them out on a date, but the general consensus is that Fred II likes to flirt. He's not the sort of person who makes commitments outside of friends and family, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't like flirting, going on dates, and any physical benefits that might also follow. Most of the time, it's just harmless flirting- it comes as easily to the young man as jokes and breathing do. People don't really mind, as the group has been together long enough for everyone to realize that most of the time, Fred's flirting means absolutely nothing- he might not even realize he's doing it, really. Occasionally, he'll develop crushes of sorts, and these are a sight to see- because he turns them into a joke of sorts, cheerfully exaggerating his affections because he thinks it's fun. Reactions to such things vary greatly, of course, but in the end his feelings always fade- there has yet to be a person who could genuinely be more interesting than the chase. Most people like that have already been his friends for a while, and he has no romantic feelings towards them. Plenty of people don't mind his dramatics, if only because he is very charming in his own way. Always ready with a smile and a joke to cheer up anyone with a frown, and a sort of persistent smile that is ultimately contagious, people like to be around Fred. Much like his mother and father, he is popular in school, and this is because he so enjoys making people smile and laugh. People who genuinely like to see others smile tend to eventually succeed- and in doing so they win friends and hearts alike. Fred has a sort of charisma about him that ensures he always has friends. Of course, there are still those who dislike him, that's inevitable. Especially given a cocky attitude that has him viewing rules as suggestions. His blatant disregard for guidelines and the like, fed by a self-confidence that tells him he can deal with anything, can grate on the nerves of some. He does seem rather arrogant, in the sort of way that has one leaping before they look, confident that they can get it to all work out. His cockiness is definitely part of his bravery, which often edges more on recklessness. Still, his greatest sign of bravery is the way in which he jumps to the defense of those who need it without hesitation, even if it puts his own neck out on the line. He's always willing to stick up for others, especially if he knows that they are innocent, even if he doesn't necessarily like them much. It's just his way.


Angelina Johnson, Hogwarts Alumni and one of those witches who joined the fight against Voldemort, makes for a wonderful mum. Fred is close with his mom, just as he is with his father. Angelina is very supportive of her children, which is likely the source of Fred's good relationship with her, as well as the fact that she has a good sense of humor. She has to have one, to be married to George.

From his father, Fred inherited his love of pranks, jokes, and mischief. George currently continues to operate Weasley's Wizardly Wheezes, a shop that Fred II grew up running around in. Fred is as close with his father as he is with his mother, perhaps even slightly closer. He enjoys trips to his paternal grandparent's homes, and visiting with his paternal relatives, perhaps preferring that side of the family over his Mother's side.

Fred and his sister, Roxanne, get along relatively well. He's quick to exact revenge on anyone who he catches messing with his little sister, being rather protective of her. As far as he's concerned, no one can mess with his family and get away with it. Except other family members, perhaps.





His parents may have only had two children, but Fred II was born into a large family all the same. With an impressive number of cousins, the young man was never wanting for the companionship of other wizarding children. He grew up surrounded by people, and that would continue to be a trend as he aged, becoming a sociable and charming child with his father's tendency towards mischief. With his pranks and frequent sneaking off to work on this or that, he would often frustrate his mother with various antics. It hardly helped that his father's attempts at going along with his mother's scoldings were somewhat half-hearted. After all, his father never really lost that famous Weasley Twin sense of humor, even if the other half of his dynamic duo had died several years ago. Fred II was raised around jokes and laughter and the goods sold in the famous Weasley's Wizardly Wheezes joke shops. He was born in a time of warmth and peace, following the Second Wizarding War. With a loving family that expected him to do his best, but never tried to tell him who he should be [besides the normal rules, of course], Fred II blossomed.

Hogwarts was hardly a far cry from his home life, equally warm and welcoming to the charming young man. Attending school, he seemed to revive the legacy his father and his late uncle had left for jokes and pranks and the like. Owls would often bring packages that's contents only helped his habit, often accompanied with little notes telling him "not to mention this to your mum." Of course, in Hogwarts he found that he had other interests outside of the pranks and jokes he had inherited- he learned to love singing and dancing, as well, through friends who taught him notes and moves. Now, he's at his final year in Hogwarts- and, to be honest, he's not entirely sure that he's ready to leave. At the same time, he looks forward to the world waiting for him, being very much the sort to believe that the world really is his oyster. Of course, before he graduates, he plans to have as much fun as possible for his final year. After all, it'd be a waste not to.


{ WAND }
Dogwood with Dragonstring Core, very flexible.

Fred's familiar is a calico cat named Oscar. Oscar is usually out of sight, doing his own thing, and bites people he dislikes.


So begins...

Fred Weasley II's Story


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As is only natural, for him at least, Fred had been in a compartment packed to full capacity on the trip here, with three people in each bench. Occasionally, another person would stop by and join in on the fun that was inevitable in the compartment, squeezing in and crowding the place a bit. For his part, Fred never minded- he revels in the presence of others and the liveliness of conversation and jokes with good friends. Besides, more people meant it was easier to give away the snacks his mum had packed him for the trip. It wasn't that his mom hadn't given him good stuff --it was sort of reminiscent of a lunchbox-- but that he isn't really one to eat lunch. He never has been- the young man typically eats medium sized breakfasts, skips lunch, and has a small dinner. Despite the fact that every moment seems to be filled with animated gestures and actions, he runs on relatively little fuel. He once jokingly told someone that he feeds off of atmosphere, and doesn't need something so common as physical sustenance. It was a typical sort of Fred thing to be said, really.

His spirited attitude persisted as the students changed into their robes and were dropped off at Hogwarts, to be taken in the carriages up to the main castle. While others may cringe at the deafening roar that the Great Hall contains, he contributes to it, telling jokes and greeting friends as he walks by. By seventh year, its only natural that one should have friends in each of the houses. This includes Slytherin, despite the old rivalry between Gryffindor and the ambitious house. Seeing one friend, who has been called Beaks for so long that no one can actually recall where he got the nickname in the first place, as his nose is rather run-of-the-mill, Fred walks up to him with a grin.

"Hey, man. How was New York?" he asks, knowing his friend's family had visited the family across the pond over the summer. Beaks talks about some show or another that his mom made him go to [but that Fred thinks sounds pretty interesting], and about other such things. He cracks a joke towards the end that gets Fred laughing for a good couple of minutes- a reason for why Beaks and Fred get along so well. That, and Beaks has let Fred copy his homework on more than one occasion, making him golden as far as Fred's concerned.

Spotting his cousin across the way, at the Gryffindor table, Fred bids the Hufflepuff ado and makes his way through throngs of reunions and chatting, only to end up at the table of his own house. He manages to catch the corner of one of Louis's killing looks, and raises an eyebrow at that. Taking the long way around, Fred sneaks up behind Louis as quietly as he can manage, before suddenly putting his hands on the boy's shoulders. "Keep scowling like that, and it'll stick that way. That's what happened to Filch," he cautioned Louis, referring to the Hogwarts' caretaker, whom students are expecting to suddenly drop dead someday, given how ancient he is by now. There have been petitions signed to encourage his retirement- all of them were denied. He's a permanent fixture of the school, at this point. Fred is quite certain that Filch will come back and still be the caretaker once he's died, as a ghost.


Minah is quite happy when she sees Cara waving at her to catch her eye, and is none too apologetic in excusing herself from the conversation between Cynthia and Robert. The two had started leaning in slightly while speaking, despite the fact that they were standing, and she had begun to worry that they would start snogging right in front of her. It's very concerning stuff, really, and what with all of the first years about and whatnot. If it does start happening, Minah will have to be the one to break them up --which is why she is more than happy to distance herself from the looming threat.

Besides, she had been looking for Cara in the first place. "Cara! How've you been?"
she says cheerily, only just then realizing that the Gryffindor girl is technically in the middle of a conversation with a couple of other students. She smiles at them, tongue sort of sticking out between her teeth, which is just a little sort of habit she has.

"Ah, sorry for the interruption," this is what she says, but based on the fact that she doesn't move away, and is still smiling quite amicably, she isn't planning on exiting the area. This throws doubt about the sincerity of her apology, but she doesn't seem overly concerned. She might've been, if she'd at least known the names of the people before her. The girl is social, but quite atrocious with names and faces, easily being someone's best friend for the length of a party, and completely forgetting their face the next day.