Lily Luna Potter

"Some say I'm lively like my mother or brave like my father. What if I'm just myself and only have myself to be?"

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"It's not easy growing up with two older brothers, mother can tell you all about it. You're always treated like a child, but I can assure you, I'm not!"

Image{ FULL NAME }
Lily Luna Potter
"Lily for my grandmother and Luna for my parents' good friend. They're both amazing people, from what I've heard."

{ AGE & YEAR }
14 ll Fourth Year

"Just because we don't do as well as others in the House Cup does not make us any less talented. And truly, there is no other house I would rather be in."

"What is all this fuss about parentage? I heard our grandmother was a muggle-born, and it did not make her any less of a witch."

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Image{ HEIGHT }
5'3" ll 160 cm
"No! Don't mention it! I'll cast a Bat-Bogey Hex on you!"

It has proven to be rather hard for Lily to stay still. Though she is not nearly as mischievous or adventurous as her brothers, she has proven on multiple occasions to be quite the climber and has the scars to prove it. Most of which are hardly obvious.

At the moment, she has several small cuts on her shoulders and arms when she attempted a bird-conjuring spell simply for laughs with her siblings. However, it went horribly wrong, and ended with the girl attempting to throw the frantic birds out of the room.

"When you have two brothers, you don't expect to get out unscathed."

{ Oddities}
Lily has been found to have an odd choice of clothing, though she herself has yet to realize that fact. From strange tiaras of silver unicorn horns to Butterbeer cork necklaces, it is debatable whether or not that strange sense of fashion came from her parents' friend Luna Lovegood. However, it has become far too common of an occurrence that those who knew Lily stop questioning it.

{ Quidditch }
Like her mother, Lily's small size and weight allowed her to be the perfect candidate for a seeker. Now playing as the seeker for Hufflepuff's Quidditch team, Lily hopes that perhaps she can help Hufflepuff win the Quidditch Cup for once.



Bright Colors ll Magic ll Family (Especially her siblings) ll Stories (Especially those Aunt Luna tells) ll Quidditch ll Sweets ll Flying ll Butterbeer ll Charms ll Acting ll Muggle Studies ll Friendly Games ll Art ll Solving Mysteries ll Making Faces ll Languages ll Sports
Technology ll Secrets ll Yelling ll Crowds ll Arguments ll Hospitals ll Pranks ll Herbology ll Potions ll Insults ll Being Underestimated ll People Making Fun of Muggles ll Snakes ll People Making Fun of Hufflepuff ll Magical Creatures (Mostly because of the accidents around the house) ll Stereotypes ll Sexism ll Surprises
The fear of bugs is something Lily tries her best to keep to herself. Truthfully she has never found herself to have a fondness for magical creatures or simply animals, unlike her brother. Keeping this a secret was an attempt to prevent herself from appearing childish, but even so, it is not that hard to discover this little fear.

The fear of disorder or untidiness. Lily likes to keep everything in check, more or less being the more responsible of the siblings. However, it appears also to be due to a fear of things getting out of her hands. More a case of OCD, Lily found herself often cleaning up after her brothers despite her reluctance to do so.


Her father had a lot to do with her aspirations. Having had an interest in muggle affairs ever since she was a child, one of Lily's greatest ambitions is to serve as the Head of the Auror Office like her father. However, it is more her ambition to become involved in muggle and magic affairs, and thus, she works to serve in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the Ministry of Magic. Even so, she never came to admit that it was her father who aspired her to work in such environments.


Obsession With Order
The positive and negative notes on this can be debatable, but at least it keeps her room and (usually) the house clean. Lily has found herself picking after her brothers with much reluctance.

Also taking a course in Muggle Art, Lily appears to be fascinated with painting. Sometimes she prefers more to study it than to actually paint, but even so, has found herself with a natural born talent at painting. While it is not often practiced, it has become a hobby for the young girl.

Having a dislike for arguments and fights alike, the young girl usually found herself to be the mediator between fights or brawls with her siblings. At times, even her acting skills come into play, faking tears just to get her brothers to stop their little tricks and arguments.

Capabilities with Modern Technology
She simply cannot fathom how muggles can use technology with such ease. Truthfully, she found herself in trouble even attempting to use a cell phone. Thus, any laptops and such are definitely out of the question for Lily.

Distaste for Animals/Magical Creatures
Other than her brothers' pets and familiars, (and sometimes not even them) Lily does not prefer to have anything else nonhuman running around the place. This is due to a few childhood accidents that ended in screams, and many times her own fault.

Inability to Stop Talking
It is like a slippery slope. Once Lily grabs onto a topic she has found interest in, it becomes hard for her to stop her mouth. Sometimes, it becomes more amusing than annoying while the girl doesn't even realize herself.

Meddling with Her Siblings' Affairs
Despite being the youngest, Lily always found herself sticking her nose into her brothers' lives. Many times, she found herself not welcomed, but the persistent girl values their safety above everything, but often times it becomes more annoying than anything.


{Amicable ll Curious ll Naive ll Patient ll Lively ll Impartial ll Gullible ll Stubborn ll Honest}

"You might belong in Hufflepuff, Where they are just and loyal, Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil."

There was a reason why Lily was sorted into Hufflepuff. Always playing the mediator in the family, Lily is known for her patience and understanding. However, her brothers often test that level of patience, making it hard for her to keep a calm head in all situations. Even so, that level of patience is remarkable for someone at a young age, hating any forms of fights and arguments and always goes for the more placid route. In that she differs from both her parents and hence is always the one attempting to calm the situation rather than adding fuel to the fire.

More or less independent or at least hoping to be, Lily despises being treated like a child, being the youngest in the family. Though her actions at many times come off as more naive than anything and her curiosity brings her into more trouble than others would like. Even so, the lively young girl is an amicable force, accepting and understanding of others especially muggles or muggleborn given her interest in them.

Lily differs from her brothers in that she is the calmest of the three, valuing patience and honesty. However, because of her care for others, she often finds herself meddling in others' business, especially those of her brothers. That care comes off many times as annoying to others despite her good intentions. Hating lies and deceits, she values honesty and finds herself believing nearly everything others say. While she is stubborn to her own ideals, that gullibility pushes her in the center of deceits often.


Ginevra Molly Weasley ll 40 ll Alive ll Senior Quidditch Correspondent for Daily Prophet
She has heard far too often that she looks far too much like her mother. Knowing that perhaps it is a compliment, Lily nonetheless does not like herself to be compared to her mother. Her attempts at independence was not looked too fondly upon by her mother and thus strained their usually affectionate relationship. Even so, she could not imagine having anyone else as a mother.

Harry James Potter ll 41 ll Alive ll Head of Auror Office
There has never been any disagreements between Lily and her father except for his over-protectiveness. However, her distaste to that is simply shown by pulling away when she finds herself uncomfortable from being treated as a child. She knows where he is coming from and he was the one that aspired her to her dreams. Lily appears to have a far better relationship with her father than her mother.

{ Older Brother I }
James Sirius Potter II ll 17 ll Alive ll Seventh Year Student
Well aware that James finds her to be a pain, but appears oblivious to the fact on the outside, Lily makes it her personal mission to look into much of his affairs. Seeing him as the more mischievous of the two brothers, she does not seem to understand the term "personal space" with him. However, many of his tricks and pranks are looked down upon severely by her and are never without consequence.

{ Older Brother II }
Albus Severus Potter ll 15 ll Alive ll Fifth Year Student
Her favorite brother out of the two, it is ironic that sometimes Lily seeks out Albus for retaliation against James. Even so, she adores him but also could not help but find herself far too attached to him than she should be. Lately, it appears that he continues to push her away, but even so, it does not seem to affect her nor her attempts at keeping close to him.

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"...the redheaded girl trailed tearfully behind her brothers, clutching her father's arm."

Born the youngest child of Harry and Ginevra Potter, Lily received perhaps a little too much attention from both her parents. At a younger age, that never was a problem, given the young girl's lively personality and love of stories from her parents. Her two elder siblings received much of her adoration and attention and naturally, became a part of her life that she was not ready to let go of. Having a love for the tales her father and mother often speaks of, Lily has never truly had much friction with her parents, but when it came to her two mischievous brothers, there was always small inevitable friction here and there even with her hatred for fights and arguments.

However, as the years went by and the young girl grew into a far more independent youth, Lily's want for attention from her parents decreased steadily. Escalating into over-protectiveness, distance grew between Lily and her mother but remained nonetheless closely knit with her father. Refusing to continue to be treated like a child, Lily often overstates her sense of independence.

Then came the departure of her two brothers, both of whom she watched leave for the Hogwarts Express. For once, she was left alone, having never had a moment of peace ever since she was born, and the year in which she waited to leave as well became frustratingly lonely without her two brothers. Perhaps that was the cause for her constant attempt at meddling into their lives. Protective of her two older brothers, ironically, the young girl believes that she's the one keeping an eye on them rather than vice versa.

Impartial to House rivalry, Lily could have cared less which houses her two brothers were sorted into. Though she wanted to be in Gryffindor just as her parents and her oldest brother did, she nonetheless rejoiced at the fact that she was sorted into Hufflepuff. It was the house with the least amount of friction and one that her mother believed she would have been sorted into, given her patient and amicable personality. Even in Hogwarts though, the young girl never lost her interest in muggle affairs, actively and ironically learning about them from the perspective of the wizarding world. Hoping that perhaps one day she'll work in the Ministry of Magic for affairs between the wizarding world and the muggles world, Lily puts much efforts into her studies. However, her brothers are also on the top of her list of things to put her attention to despite the many attempts they had attempted to distance themselves from her. After all, they are family.


{ WAND }
10 1/2 inches, Willow with unicorn hair.

Named Gus, the Siamese cat is Lily's familiar but practically acts as her foil. Grumpy, lazy, and unusually bitter to strangers, it seems as if the only people the cat would warm up to are Lily and her two brothers. However, there is one thing that the two share and it is the sense of curiosity, but in Gus' case, it is applied in the wrong way. Often wandering around Hogwarts, it is often that the cat disappears and then reappears out of nowhere. Along with that, Gus has a need to steal others' things, and many times forces Lily to track down others to hand them back their belongings stolen by the cat.

{ PET }
Purchased by her mother as a gift to her, the Pygmy Puff is something her mother had a fondness for and something that has grown on the young girl. Named Bubba, the small pet hardly ever leaves Lily's room, for she has an overarching protectiveness over him.

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So begins...

Lily Luna Potter's Story


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{Great Hall ll Open}

No matter how many times the young girl convinced herself that she was old enough to be away from family, Lily nevertheless always makes the most dramatic departure of the three siblings in saying goodbye to their parents for another school term. A few years come with a great difference, from the young redheaded girl who tearfully longed to be with her brothers aboard the Hogwarts Express to the fifth year student who was still childishly tearful to be parting from her parents, despite the supposed physical growth, Lily wasn't far too different from before as she would like to believe.

However, that fleeting moment of sadness passed as soon as it came, for the young girl could hardly contain her excitement aboard the train. The rainy weather did not dim the redhead's smile nor her enthusiasm. It was all expressed in her words, each topic passing quickly before another replaced it, leaving most of her audience with a dumbfounded expression that was hardly noticed by Lily. And that scene replayed itself now as she sat at the Hufflepuff table, her smile refusing to cease as her amicable personality shone brightly in the chatty table. Only the seemingly nervous glances of the first years paused the young girl slightly, giving each a smile in greeting just as most of the other Hufflepuffs did. At the moment, it appeared as if their table was giving the first years the most attention.

Topics shifted quickly. At one point she had been speaking about the Bat-Bogey Hex that she had perfected, much without her father's consent, from her mother. Only minutes later did the topic switch to one of her favorite, -not that any of the topics was truly met by boredom from the chatty girl- Quidditch. Though the topic never has found itself to receive much popularity in Hufflepuff than it did in the other houses, it was nevertheless a heated discussion about how Hufflepuff might do in the Quidditch Cup this year and whether or not the other teams might actually abide by the rules this time. Then again, no one truly got their hopes up, especially not Lily, who has faced far too many fouls as the seeker for her house.

The sudden mewing sound under her feet alerted her to a new presence, immediately glancing under the table while those beside her carried on their conversation. Her expectations were met, for Gus, her familiar, pawed at her the second she glanced down. Of all the places the Siamese cat would go, he would pick the most crowded place in the academy right now? Given the cat's usually grumpy demeanor to the presence of others, she could only guess that he was here for one thing. And she guessed right. Reaching down, the cat immediately hopped onto her lap, his paws dirtying the robes from the mud collected from the rainy day, which was met by a disapproving look from Lily. "Please don't tell me y- Oh, no, you did!" In clear Gus fashion, her hand pulled at the small square caught between Gus' teeth as she pulled it from the cat and dropped it on the table, immediately wiping her hand on her robe. "Please tell me you did not eat that."

Probably something he got from her pranksters of brothers, the piece of Ton-Tongue Toffee was placed before her. While she rejoiced at the fact that she did not have to go searching for the owner of that object that Gus stole, she simply wondered if sooner or later she was going to find Gus with a tongue too large for his mouth. Then again, this would be a clear lesson for him not to be going around and stealing others' possessions. Shaking her head and letting Gus slide off her lap, she turned her eyes back up, now lost in the topics her friends have now chose, Lily instead decided to take one small break to actually take in the Great Hall in which she hardly remembered walking into, given all the chattering along the way.

The piece of Toffee reminded her of her brothers, despite the fact that she had seen them just moments earlier, and of course, as her eyes scanned the tables, she caught sight of Albus who appeared as nervous as always in a crowded setting. If this was set in the first year she had arrived at Hogwarts, the young girl would not have hesitated in running toward her elder brother in an effort to comfort him in the crowded setting, but something about his actions lately refrained her from attempting anything like it. It was almost as if he was pulling away from her, and it was something that she hesitated to address. Perhaps she had been too attached to him, and perhaps it was time to start making new friends. Even so, she could not help herself but let her gaze linger a little longer on him than the others.


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|| Great Hall || Interacting || Open ||

In full honesty, no one had particularly caught James' eye, excluding Minah, but he had no wish to see her after the end of last year. The Potter boy had no desire to be coaxed out of his comfort zone any further than he had decided. He sat down briefly at the Gryffindor table, sending a few grins in the direction of a pretty Gryffindor girl, only to stand promptly, showing off his incapability to sit still for very long. Visibly fidgeting, he let his gaze wander across the crowd of people once more, avoiding the view of the food that would surely make him sick.

How absolutely lovely. James had caught sight of his red-headed, younger sister, Lily Luna. It had been several hours since he'd seen her, but he couldn't help himself, he'd simply have to get his early year teasing in A.S.A.P! The head boy was stopped on his way with a quick a tug around the arm. "Mr. Potter!" Exclaimed one of the faculty teachers. "Have you no shame?"

James was quickly piecing together his guard, which had been abruptly captured. Swallowing, he turned to face the professor. "I'm sorry sir, I've left it at home for yet another year. Very clumsy of me, my bad." A cheesy smile thickly coated his face.

"You had better step up your act, Potter! Don't think I didn't spot you sticking that vulgar note on the back of the Ravenclaw prefect." The professor sputtered in his heavy scottish accent. "You may be in that place for your name, but you are kept for your attitude! I suggest-- you watch yourself." The conversation ended as it had started, with a hiss and chagrin.

"Of course, sir." The head boy pressed his palms together and bowed respectfully. "You have my word." James gave the man a wicked wink along with a proper salute before taking off in the direction of the Hufflepuffs.

It was a flurry of motion, James had thrown his cloaked arms around his sister’s neck in a loose headlock. ”I’m surprised that rat of a feline hasn’t gotten itself killed yet!” The boy snickered, releasing her and sitting down cooly beside her. He gave a quick glare to the cat, who had torn out the hem of his new cloak earlier that week.

”Oh my!” James gasped suddenly, staring at the top of his sister’s head as if a giant tarantula sat patiently on top of it. “Does your hair seem orange-er than usual or is it just me?” The tension released and he clicked his tongue. “How unfortunate.

”Now - just how is my least favorite sister?”