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Louis Weasley

"Daddy said you gotta show the world the thunder."

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a character in “Outcasts and Owls”, as played by Exotica


"Hell or glory; I don't want anything in between."

Image{ FULL NAME }
Louis William Weasley

{ AGE & YEAR }
Sixteen; Sixth Year

Pure Blood; One Eighth Veela and the only known male with veela blood in the western world
Troye Sivan


Image{ HEIGHT }
5'8" or 173 cm

Louis has, in true Veela fashion, very pale, unmarred skin. It's near impossible to scar his skin, although wounds react to his skin as normal. That said, Louis also has no piercings and has never had any piercings. Rumor reports that he does however have a small tattoo somewhere on his abdomen.


Image{ LIKES }
+ Books + Exploration + Learning + Attending Classes + Observing People + Writing + Quiet + Privacy + Hanging out with Ravenclaws + Riddles + The library + Dueling + Keeping to himself + The grounds + Books + Fashion + Dance + Herbology + Magical History +

- Big animals - Being a Veela - Hot days - Holidays - Being in Gryffindor - Most pure-bloods - people who don't initiate - girly girls - having such a big family - lots of noise -

Louis would love to become a researcher of unknown magics and travel the world, learning about hybrids of witches and wizards and other monsters and learning about wild magic and magic that isn't 'on the beaten path' so to say. He'd like to maybe work for the Ministry, or just become an independent researcher if possible, and maybe even come back to Hogwarts someday.

= Snakes = Big animals = Spiders = Fire = Loss =

+ Keeps fit; dances a bit, duels + Keeps well informed on almost every news source he can spark interest in + Very tidy + Quiet roommate

- Fast food; the kid loves terrible, greasy food - Terrible with money - Stressing over little things - Corrects grammar a lot -


People often read Louis initially as an incredibly shy boy who prefers to keep to himself; this is not strictly factual. Louis is simply very dedicated to only speaking when he has something worthwhile to say, which as you get to know him, you get to find is more often than not a sarcastic remark disguised in sweetness with an air of amusement. A few will read Louis as cruel for his sense of humor, but he means little by it and uses it simply to entertain himself when he's dragged from his books. He tends to not be very affectionate in public, and particularly enjoys hiding behind people he does know. As one gets to know him, he will seem almost haughty until they're alone with him.
When alone with people he cares about, Louis is nearly a different person, he'll curl up against those he enjoys with a book or homework, or just as he tells them about something interesting he read that day, and he'll sling a leg or both over them and simply show quite a bit more affection than he had before. He's still,however, a fiery little guy with a bit of haughty pride to him and who tends to draw the eccentric out of everyone. Terribly blunt, he almost never has problems speaking his mind, and he shows the Gryffindor bravery and stupidity in its purest form. He's scared of almost nothing until it comes to the superficial.
When Louis is upset, either angry or sad, he puts on a glass face of emotionlessness, or a small and somewhat fragile smile. As a strong and somewhat proud boy, he resents being seen like this and he'd rather turn tail than show his weakness. He'll often be found hiding in small spaces and staring at walls when he becomes upset and this is the only capacity in which he can't stand speaking to people.
It's rare Louis will ever lie, he prefers to be quite outright with people, and this has often made him lose friends as well as gain them. He has an innate love for movement and beauty which tie into his love for fashion and dance, both of which Louis mostly keeps to himself, and which have taught him to love observing and taking people in.


Fleur Weasley (nee Delacour) - 44 - Alive & Well - Vault Manager for Gringotts
Has a somewhat strained relationship with his mother.

Bill Weasley - 51 - Alive & Well - Curse Breaker for Gringotts
Has a very good relationship with his father and the rest of his father's family.

Victoire Weasley - 20 - Alive & Well - Owns a shop in Diagon Alley selling potions
Victoire has always treated Louis somewhat distantly, so it's rare he really cares much to visit her, but he has no hard feelings towards her.
Dominique Weasley - 17 - Alive & Well - Student at Hogwarts
Dominique and Louis get along much better than Louis does with the rest of his family. He tends to go to her with his problems and she's one of the few people he'll really truly talk to at this point

N/A (Open on request)

N/A (Open on request)

N/A (Open on request)


Image{ HISTORY }
Born at Shell Cottage, Louis knew little of the wizarding world outside his home in practice for his entire childhood, but that didn't mean he was entirely shut off from learning about the world outside their safe little haven of a cottage. With frequent visits from their uncles, and occasionally from Harry Potter and his own children, Louis was never short on stories to learn and books to borrow; something which pleased him immensely. He had an intense love for his aunt, Hermione Granger, and when Ron and his children visited, Louis would often spend a longer time with their mother than his cousins. While she was more than a little annoyed by his attention grabbing, she was moreso amused, and always remembered to bring him a book or two.
It was when Louis was young and they went to visit their uncle Charlie that Louis' fear of large animals began; he witnessed a dragon attack the younger of his two elder sisters and injure her rather badly; an incident which led to Louis never again wanting to visit their uncle, and to his intent fear of large animals, which was only exacerbated upon meeting a hippogriff which he approached too quickly in an attempt to walk by and which he was injured by himself, which cemented the fear to a near phobia.
When he was eleven, Louis was accepted to Hogwarts and with some grudgingness, went. He, however, quickly learned to enjoy it at school, something he'd never done in his earlier life. He studied very hard and quickly found his way into the nooks and crannies of magic which he began to fall in love with. Hogwarts became his home as much as the tiny cottage he'd grown up in, perhaps moreso. In Hogwarts he found bravery and his own sense of self. He wants nothing more than to protect it to the death if anything ever happens.


{ WAND }
Thirteen inches, sycamore with thestral tendon, supple. Entirely white-light wood.
Silva is Fleur's attempt at getting Louis used to bigger animals; she's a savannah cat kitten which he was given as they left for school this year. The only catch? Louis doesn't know she's a savannah cat, necessarily, and neither does the school. For all they know she's a normal kitten, who's not going to get as big as a savannah cat at all.
#9D58A8 || Faded Lavender
Nothing for now.

So begins...

Louis Weasley's Story


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#, as written by Exotica
September First - Arriving at Hogwarts - Start of Term
Cloudy (overcast) - Medium temperature - Rain in the evening - Gusty

The sky hung heavy over the castle, bearing down upon it and closing it off from the outside world. The clouds were only just beginning to open up as the carriages picked their way across the grounds of Hogwarts, and something about the air pressure this year was different. Lee Jordan recognized the feeling here from long ago, this was a kind of hush he hadn't felt in his bones for more than two decades. Still, most of the students seemed unaffected by the feeling of dread in the Headmaster's gut, so he dismissed it.
There had been no problems with the train, nor any with the carriages, and under the lake the squid slowly stirred, rising a single eye to look up at the dark wool clouds and decide that it was best to stay underwater. Somewhere a thestral screeched and a hippogriff near Hagrid's old shack returned the call.
As the first carriage reached the castle and the students began to pile out, a beam of lightning arced across the sky, crackling in a semicircle across the far southern horizon. The headmaster turned from his window as an owl crossed it, and returned to his preparations for the feast.
By the time the sorting began everything was normal; the feeling had died down in Lee Jordan's gut, and he was able to sit comfortably before his students, slowly filing in and sitting at their house's table. He smiled. He'd convinced himself; this would simply be another year. Perhaps even the kind of year Hogwarts used to see; brave and exciting and full.


Great Hall - ~200 words - Open/Not interacting
Albus never had an easy time with the beginning of term feast, or with any of them,
really. He didn't like the crowds, nor the noise, and they were usually so much more
intense than dinner or the classes taught in the Great Hall. It didn't help that the room
itself echoed so ominously or that the new first years always clamored and chattered
away until their nerves died down. It wasn't necessarily that he hadn't done the same,
and Albus didn't blame them for it, but entering the great hall still hit him with a sense
of fear and anxiety that he couldn't quite explain and that he didn't want any part in.
It was all he could do not to turn tail and run right that second, back to the Slytherin
dorm so he could find his things and disappear into his bed and maybe find Scorpius.
Scorpius! Right, that might make things better, having a friend around. He gave the
tables a cursory glance, quick and uncertain, before skittering to the very corner at the
very end of the Slytherin table and then taking the seat one to the center of the table
from it. The snake in his breast pocket stirred quietly before poking her nose out and
letting her tongue flap and rattle through the air. Albus gently pressed her nose back
down into his pocket and looked around nervously, trying to spot someone he knew.

Great Hall - ~200 words - Open/Not interacting
Louis was being stubborn. Slightly more stubborn than usual, but this book he'd picked
up for the train was incredibly good and he just couldn't exactly bring himself to drag
his attention away from it for long enough not to trip and fall on his face (and the book
he'd been holding in front of it from the moment he sat down on the train right through
until he'd attempted to get off the carriage). Standing up and grumbling curses to himself,
Louis retrieved his book from the mud and glared up at the sky as it started to drizzle.
He flicked some mud from the dustjacket of his book and started the short trek into the
Great Hall. He didn't appreciate the naming nor the huge array and amount of people in
the room, but Louis also elected not to care at the moment. He found a seat near the
center of the Gryffindor table and set himself down with a grunt before opening the book
again over his plate and cursing when he realized he'd gotten mud on his plate. Frustrated,
he closed the book and glared around the room, shooting the first years a cocked eyebrow
and a look of slight distrust. One of them shuddered and Louis couldn't help but laugh a little
to himself before looking around at the rest of the Gryffindors and saying a few quiet hellos.


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As is only natural, for him at least, Fred had been in a compartment packed to full capacity on the trip here, with three people in each bench. Occasionally, another person would stop by and join in on the fun that was inevitable in the compartment, squeezing in and crowding the place a bit. For his part, Fred never minded- he revels in the presence of others and the liveliness of conversation and jokes with good friends. Besides, more people meant it was easier to give away the snacks his mum had packed him for the trip. It wasn't that his mom hadn't given him good stuff --it was sort of reminiscent of a lunchbox-- but that he isn't really one to eat lunch. He never has been- the young man typically eats medium sized breakfasts, skips lunch, and has a small dinner. Despite the fact that every moment seems to be filled with animated gestures and actions, he runs on relatively little fuel. He once jokingly told someone that he feeds off of atmosphere, and doesn't need something so common as physical sustenance. It was a typical sort of Fred thing to be said, really.

His spirited attitude persisted as the students changed into their robes and were dropped off at Hogwarts, to be taken in the carriages up to the main castle. While others may cringe at the deafening roar that the Great Hall contains, he contributes to it, telling jokes and greeting friends as he walks by. By seventh year, its only natural that one should have friends in each of the houses. This includes Slytherin, despite the old rivalry between Gryffindor and the ambitious house. Seeing one friend, who has been called Beaks for so long that no one can actually recall where he got the nickname in the first place, as his nose is rather run-of-the-mill, Fred walks up to him with a grin.

"Hey, man. How was New York?" he asks, knowing his friend's family had visited the family across the pond over the summer. Beaks talks about some show or another that his mom made him go to [but that Fred thinks sounds pretty interesting], and about other such things. He cracks a joke towards the end that gets Fred laughing for a good couple of minutes- a reason for why Beaks and Fred get along so well. That, and Beaks has let Fred copy his homework on more than one occasion, making him golden as far as Fred's concerned.

Spotting his cousin across the way, at the Gryffindor table, Fred bids the Hufflepuff ado and makes his way through throngs of reunions and chatting, only to end up at the table of his own house. He manages to catch the corner of one of Louis's killing looks, and raises an eyebrow at that. Taking the long way around, Fred sneaks up behind Louis as quietly as he can manage, before suddenly putting his hands on the boy's shoulders. "Keep scowling like that, and it'll stick that way. That's what happened to Filch," he cautioned Louis, referring to the Hogwarts' caretaker, whom students are expecting to suddenly drop dead someday, given how ancient he is by now. There have been petitions signed to encourage his retirement- all of them were denied. He's a permanent fixture of the school, at this point. Fred is quite certain that Filch will come back and still be the caretaker once he's died, as a ghost.


Minah is quite happy when she sees Cara waving at her to catch her eye, and is none too apologetic in excusing herself from the conversation between Cynthia and Robert. The two had started leaning in slightly while speaking, despite the fact that they were standing, and she had begun to worry that they would start snogging right in front of her. It's very concerning stuff, really, and what with all of the first years about and whatnot. If it does start happening, Minah will have to be the one to break them up --which is why she is more than happy to distance herself from the looming threat.

Besides, she had been looking for Cara in the first place. "Cara! How've you been?"
she says cheerily, only just then realizing that the Gryffindor girl is technically in the middle of a conversation with a couple of other students. She smiles at them, tongue sort of sticking out between her teeth, which is just a little sort of habit she has.

"Ah, sorry for the interruption," this is what she says, but based on the fact that she doesn't move away, and is still smiling quite amicably, she isn't planning on exiting the area. This throws doubt about the sincerity of her apology, but she doesn't seem overly concerned. She might've been, if she'd at least known the names of the people before her. The girl is social, but quite atrocious with names and faces, easily being someone's best friend for the length of a party, and completely forgetting their face the next day.