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Rose Weasley

"If I learned anything from my parents, I'd get more studying done in Ravenclaw, but half the adventure."

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a character in “Outcasts and Owls”, as played by WilPen


"I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying."

ImageImage{ FULL NAME }
Rose Nymphadora Weasley
{ AGE & YEAR }
15 || Fifth Year
Half Blood
Bella Thorne


ImageImage{ HEIGHT }
Rose, despite her sensible (if occasionally boring) fashion sense, has her ear lobes double pierced. It's one of the wildest things she's done to date, but the older she grows the more adventurous she finds her self to be. She's gotten a few bumps and scrapes that come with growing up in a magical household, though nothing too noticeable.


Image{ LIKES }

| Hogwarts | Transfiguration Classes | Family Gatherings | Quidditch | Flying | Potions | Studying | Blood Equality | Libraries | Reading |

| Failure | People Who Discriminate By Blood | Winter | Being Cold | Dressing Up | Spiders |


Most assume that her love of books would confine her to a life of research and bookkeeping. In Rose's mind, she will one day become the star Keeper for a national Quidditch team. She bonded over the sport with her father and found that she enjoyed playing it even more than she enjoyed watching it.


| Failing Her Classes | Disappointing Her Family | Death Of A Loved One | Losing Her Magic |


* She diligently studies for her lessons
* Rose exercizes regularly
* She incorporated Muggle things into her everyday life


* Studies through meals of a regular basis
* Easily loses track of time
* Can easily get stressed over grades


The most misunderstood thing about Rose is that she is not shy, merely quiet. She'd rather say nothing at all than speak to someone not worth speaking to. This is not to say that she is snobby, she just doesn't like to waste time with idle chit chat or petty arguments. Rose is very open and friendly with people that approach her, but is completely capable of making the first move in a friendship as well. Despite her usually quiet nature, when she is around close friends or family, she tends to get over excited about things.

Rose doesn't want to waste any moment and will often be doing something. This occasionally gets her into trouble when she has been caught in the halls after hours or found experimenting with new spells in broom closets. She has a trusting nature and will consider almost anyone a friend as long as they haven't proved themselves otherwise. More than anything, she wants people to be kind to each other; civil at least. Bullying is something Rose will never tolerate, regardless of the circumstances.

Though she's not one for dressing up, she'll occasionally cave to her more fashion forward friends and get a makeover, much to her dismay.


Hermione Granger - 41 years old - Alive & Well - Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Rose has been told she's gotten many of her mother's traits (intelligence, sense of accomplishment, general lack of taking slack from anyone, etc). They have been able to bond and have a solid relationship.

Ronald Weasley - 41 years old - Alive & Well - Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes co-manager
Rose and her father often go to Quidditch games together and she strives to make him proud, but they aren't nearly as close as Rose is with her mother.

Hugo Weasley - 13 years old - Alive & Well - Third Year Student
Rose loves her brother immensely, despite them often getting on each other's nerves. She'd stick up for him any day. No one can pick on Hugo, but Rose.




Image{ HISTORY }
Though the rest of the world tends to see her parents as heroes for their victory at the Battle of Hogwarts, Rose sees her parents as heroes for entirely different reasons. She was raised in a home where she always felt loved and cared for. Her family was obviously better off than her father's had been, but the magical atmosphere and close-knit family has remained. Rose and her brother are slightly spoiled by their parents, but their mother was sure to teach them manners.

Stories of her mother's time at Hogwarts greatly shaped who Rose is as a person. The stories of the Malfoys calling her a "Mudblood" prompted her stance of anti-bullying. While her parents are fairly forthcoming about their adventures at school, Rose knows that they hold a few back so they don't give their children any ideas. Her father often lets one slip from time to time.


{ WAND }
Wand Length: 13 3/4 in
Wand Flexibility: Slightly Springy
Wand Wood: Applewood
Wand Core: Dragon Heart String
The kindly owl more or less found Rose. The shy little thing flew to her when she arrived to buy an owl before her first year.
Not yet!

So begins...

Rose Weasley's Story


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#, as written by Exotica
September First - Arriving at Hogwarts - Start of Term
Cloudy (overcast) - Medium temperature - Rain in the evening - Gusty

The sky hung heavy over the castle, bearing down upon it and closing it off from the outside world. The clouds were only just beginning to open up as the carriages picked their way across the grounds of Hogwarts, and something about the air pressure this year was different. Lee Jordan recognized the feeling here from long ago, this was a kind of hush he hadn't felt in his bones for more than two decades. Still, most of the students seemed unaffected by the feeling of dread in the Headmaster's gut, so he dismissed it.
There had been no problems with the train, nor any with the carriages, and under the lake the squid slowly stirred, rising a single eye to look up at the dark wool clouds and decide that it was best to stay underwater. Somewhere a thestral screeched and a hippogriff near Hagrid's old shack returned the call.
As the first carriage reached the castle and the students began to pile out, a beam of lightning arced across the sky, crackling in a semicircle across the far southern horizon. The headmaster turned from his window as an owl crossed it, and returned to his preparations for the feast.
By the time the sorting began everything was normal; the feeling had died down in Lee Jordan's gut, and he was able to sit comfortably before his students, slowly filing in and sitting at their house's table. He smiled. He'd convinced himself; this would simply be another year. Perhaps even the kind of year Hogwarts used to see; brave and exciting and full.


Great Hall - ~200 words - Open/Not interacting
Albus never had an easy time with the beginning of term feast, or with any of them,
really. He didn't like the crowds, nor the noise, and they were usually so much more
intense than dinner or the classes taught in the Great Hall. It didn't help that the room
itself echoed so ominously or that the new first years always clamored and chattered
away until their nerves died down. It wasn't necessarily that he hadn't done the same,
and Albus didn't blame them for it, but entering the great hall still hit him with a sense
of fear and anxiety that he couldn't quite explain and that he didn't want any part in.
It was all he could do not to turn tail and run right that second, back to the Slytherin
dorm so he could find his things and disappear into his bed and maybe find Scorpius.
Scorpius! Right, that might make things better, having a friend around. He gave the
tables a cursory glance, quick and uncertain, before skittering to the very corner at the
very end of the Slytherin table and then taking the seat one to the center of the table
from it. The snake in his breast pocket stirred quietly before poking her nose out and
letting her tongue flap and rattle through the air. Albus gently pressed her nose back
down into his pocket and looked around nervously, trying to spot someone he knew.

Great Hall - ~200 words - Open/Not interacting
Louis was being stubborn. Slightly more stubborn than usual, but this book he'd picked
up for the train was incredibly good and he just couldn't exactly bring himself to drag
his attention away from it for long enough not to trip and fall on his face (and the book
he'd been holding in front of it from the moment he sat down on the train right through
until he'd attempted to get off the carriage). Standing up and grumbling curses to himself,
Louis retrieved his book from the mud and glared up at the sky as it started to drizzle.
He flicked some mud from the dustjacket of his book and started the short trek into the
Great Hall. He didn't appreciate the naming nor the huge array and amount of people in
the room, but Louis also elected not to care at the moment. He found a seat near the
center of the Gryffindor table and set himself down with a grunt before opening the book
again over his plate and cursing when he realized he'd gotten mud on his plate. Frustrated,
he closed the book and glared around the room, shooting the first years a cocked eyebrow
and a look of slight distrust. One of them shuddered and Louis couldn't help but laugh a little
to himself before looking around at the rest of the Gryffindors and saying a few quiet hellos.