Muna Valinor

A Captain in Commander Teryn's Fleet. A hard, but fair woman with many stories to tell.

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a character in “Outgunned; Star Mercenaries”, as played by Maree


Image Muna Valinor. A Captain in Commander Teryn's Fleet. She began her career as a marine after she was discovered in an abandoned ship floating out in space. She had been left inside a cryogenic stasis tube and was awoken when the ship was discovered by the Fleet.

Due to her natural penchant for taking the role of leadership and showing responsibility toward others, Muna was quickly raised in the ranks of Teryn's Fleet. However, she was never pleased with her promotions. She had always wished to remain at the bottom rung. The woman became attached to her fellow soldiers and knew that if she led them into a mission they all would come home. She can count on one hand how many failed missions she had completed.

As for Muna's past beyond her entrance into Teryn's command, it remains a mystery. She gives vague details of her adventures; stories of where she has been and the things she has seen. But they are all told in parable and from the perspective of another person. Many under her command demand stories from Muna. She is a natural story teller and it eases the fear in the eyes of the men she commands before missions.

If Muna has family, she has never spoken of them. When asked about her love life, the woman will blush and turn her eyes away. She always tells those who inquire about her personal life that she is married to the Fleet.

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Muna Valinor's Story