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"Strength is but a tool, An unbending will now that is a weapon"

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a character in “Overdark”, as played by umbra Alastor


Name: Yama
Birth place: Wastelands of Durock.
Personality: Yama is as strong mentally as he is physically. Patient and Thought out, it is rare for him to stray from a purpose which serves to better his objective or himself. This fixation with a purpose is not to say he becomes narrow minded. For often the course of action is only decided after careful thinking taking into account as much as he can.

Due to a quiet nature, the general lack of contact other races have with Gargoyles and often little expression from him, It has become a difficult task to understand him. Yama does not see this as a fault though as more often then not if his purpose lies through someone then it would of been made clear to them.

Incredible Endurance and Strength.
Axe skills.
Navigation using only the land.
Quite Perceptive.


Other disturbances to his peace.
Bright Light(Of course)

Physical description:
Yama's frame is large and from a glance it is obvious he holds great strength. His skin is rough and along his back many spines run across its area. Such a feature is unique among Gargoyles as many tend to be of a smoother tendancy for speed of flight. The dusty color of his skin is natural for being born in the wastelands.His tail eventually thins until more spines grow at its tip. His eyes during the night are very large. Almost the entire pupil takes up the space. During lighter conditions the pupil thins itself to a slit, quite common for creatures who prefer the dark. But this is much more sensitive in Gargoyles.
Even those times just over 3 centuries ago Gargoyle nests worked hard to stay hidden. The one Yama was born into was no different out in Wastelands. The mountains was were they hid. Using their stone skins to blend into the rocks. For half a century or so nothing was out of the ordinary. The Gargoyles of the wastelands never worried too much about hunters. It took long trips to track them, even longer to carry the hunt out so majority of the time Hunters avoid such measures within Durock. Though fortune was on the hunters side. A test well dug by the humans found water close to the mountain his nest was situated in. Years past and a settlement was built round said well. Even more years and Hunters got wind that there was a nest laying close to settlement. Most of the nest took the executive decision to leave. Yama stayed behind longer then all so he could deliver a message to the hunters. And its a message that even over 2 centuries since it was first delivered it still carries a purpose.

So begins...

Yama's Story

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His wings pounding the air with all the might he could muster, Yama felt more cautious then normal. Flying in General was always carried a risk but today the route was questionable. He was making his way from across the Lost isles back towards the main land, aiming to bypass Overna in his travels. He planned on stopping near the river Voro later for some respite he just had to make sure everything went well.

The seas were rough, the winds reasonably strong, but not enough to deter a strong gargoyle such as himself. He flew low to the sea, he wanted to make sure no one upon the approaching cliffs saw him.He had looked the wrong way. The approaching storm has lead ships to head back to harbor and flying so low meant most of the crew on this ships could see him. Shift he wings he went into a straight climb up the cliff face and soared into the air. Word would head to the city of what was seen but there was no way a normal hunter could trail a flying gargoyle, let alone catch up to one.

Bringing himself to land a mile or two west of Overna city, he began to walk slowly, keeping very aware of his surroundings.The city was a tempted prospect for him to check out due to his Architecture but he was sure as he even thought at the moment someone was heading into the city to spread the news of what was just seen. Hunters would be on the move, Men would be hired, too much commotion for him to risk heading back. But as he saw it, no enough of a threat for him to considering making another flight just yet.

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Taking slowly strides across the land, Yama held his mind deep he thought. Often haste had little meaning to a Gargoyle when making choices, it always seemed to happen at their own pace, irrespective of most situation unless it becomes urgent.Glancing around, he made note using all his knowledge of the lands to roughly gauge where he was and determine his course. Still on track heading towards the River Voro from the western side, not straying to far from the Coast.

As the day drew on, Yama brought himself to rest in a patch of vegetation, shrubs mainly. It was respite before later where he would journey on through the night. Placing the axe he carried close by, he curled himself up and shifted his skin to stone. This would allow the protection and camouflage to so leisurely take a rest in the open.

Soon the light was failing, and the land was shifting. Creatures that made habit out of the day were soon vanishing, but as such the creatures of the dark were yet to stir. The twilight time always made the lands quiet. Shifting himself back into a normal state he raised his large form to stand again. His keen eyes glancing round to once again take bearings on his immediate surroundings and the not so obvious surroundings.