Toji Okami

A young warrior and wanderer

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a character in “Pack Of Justice”, as played by Hellbreaker


Name:Toji OKami
DOB:25, October
Hair:Black with a blue,lightning bolt shaped stain running from his left temple, short and spiky
Eyes:icy blue
Personality:Pretty much a wild cub, always goofing around. He's protective of his pack, and won't back down from a fight unless he need to.He also gets serious sometimes, going off by himself to think.
Ability:Water and Wind
Background:Orphan, belongs to no clan, and wants to find a pack to join. Has developed a unique style of fighting in human form using a fusion of martial arts and powers.(Kinda like avatar).
Wolf colours: The majority of his fur is black, but the stain gets larger, running down to the bottom of his neck. His eyes shift into a gold color.

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Toji Okami's Story