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a character in “Pacts of Sin”, as played by Syaqeera


|| Sakimura ||

"Too much and you might indulge yourself"


|| Full Name ||

|| Age ||
Appears to be between Late Teens to Early Twenties

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Role ||
Demon of Gluttony

|| Face Claim ||
Murasakibara Atsushi | Kuroko no Basuke


|| Hair Color ||

|| Eye Color ||

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||
208 cm | 6'10"

|| Weight ||
99 kg | 218 lbs

|| Appearance ||
As human as he tries to be, Sakimura's height is anything but normal, though the mundane world often has people who are exceptionally different, this work well with him blending in with the fabric of human population.

His purple, shoulder length hair can be seen down most often, a single fringe that sweeps down his face to either the left or right. At times his hair will be pulled back in a messy ponytail or headband of sorts. In sync with his hair is his purple eyes, which often lightens or darkens depending on how his mood is at the present moment, most often they are lighter than his hair with an indifferent look to them, not sharp but not droopy either.

Being a glutton, Sakimura's physique is one of well-built and in good health rather then the stereotypical fat rolls that people associate with this sin. In perfect ratio with his height or close to it, Sakimura is bigger in anatomy, often dwarfing anyone who is shorter than him.

Clothing wise, he would wear whatever that could fit him [if he's lucky to find them in the first place]. It ranges from cotton Ts in various style and design, button up shirts, long or short sleeves, jumpers, overalls, jackets, vest and even a pair of suit. Of course his favourite type of pants are jeans, cause they're simple to find and wear and of course fit for all occasions. Shoes are mainly sneakers for easy-to-advance travelling on foot.

|| Personality ||
Sakimura is anything but a simple pig, rather he is a complex make-up of a demon. This caused him to deviate drastically from the stereotypical piggish he should be portraying and became one of an eccentric, everything-anything-consuming experimenter. Being an oddity, Sakimura had learned to adapt and be in sync with the personality of others, creating such an elaborative facade that he will act on his own with no control over it, often acting out in such a strange way, his speech shifting to formal to casual to others and often back again.

There is of course the basis of his own person underneath the mechanism he had built, one of which is neutral that changes to a snarky attitude in some occasion and passive altruism, which is most common in any situation. He is very open minded and unbiased, when hearing a problem that is between two people, he would often make an argument for both parties yet using his common knowledge of what's right and what's wrong. He would share his food with others and wouldn't mind doing mundane jobs that no one else would do. These are his positive side though.

Standing tall, starring at anyone with a smirk to his lips are never a good sign to Sakimura's behaviour as it leads to unethical actions and verbal terrorising, often leading into the cornering of anyone who is up against him and if his resolve about that person is negative, he will be unlucky to have came across him at that moment.

He sometimes gets morbid. Very, very morbid in a cheerful way.

|| Likes ||
☣ Variety of foods and drinks
☣ humour
☣ Indulge
☣ Experiment

|| Dislikes ||
☣ Emptiness (physical)
☣ Being told when he has had enough
☣ Closed Mindedness
☣ Oceans

|| Personal Weakness ||
☣ Sea sick: Due to his glutinous nature and the saying "Wait 30 minutes before swimming", being out at sea is suicidal that is nausea will grip the stomach contents so tight that dying of starvation will insure.

☣ Munchies: It's obvious that food is the epitome of his being, thus he would be seen majority with food in his hand, mostly snacks as they are easy carry and that he must consume without break, even as far as getting food at dire or inappropriate situations.

|| Demon Description ||
As cliche and stereotype as he looks, Sakimura does have the look of a demon with the actually horns, his facial structure has a slight change but other than that, he is familiar in demon form. He will often be surrounded by a black mist that envelops the lower half of his body and circle around his wrist and sometimes his entire body when he's temper is being played with.

The black mist is known as the Dark Glut, a part and component of Sakimura's being.

|| Abilities ||
Biochemistry Alteration
The alteration of the body's nervous system of any organism


Intake of the small amount of the Dark Glut, either digested or seeped into the skin allows him to either cause an increase or decrease of the catabolic and/or anabolic processes. Increasing those two enzymes cause the body to create and use a lot of energy, but as energy comes from intake of food, the person will significantly weaken depending on how fast he caused this process to speed up. This will make the person hungry and can cause sever pain in the stomach, a fatal chance of a self-digestion where the entire body will be eaten from the inside out.


By breathing in small particles of the Dark Glut causes changes on how that person(s) brain function, the areas of olfaction(smell) and gustatory(taste) is mainly affected by these changes. It strips away of any inhibition or impulse control, causing the person to do as they please with no second thought of their actions. Most uncommon action with the changes is that it does not link to over-eating as more of doing something that is to the point of excessiveness.


An enveloping of objects using the Dark Glut that does not have a brain, such as rocks, bricks, trees, metals, cars, houses and even tall and big buildings. As the Dark Glut is limitless, Sakimura's ability can literally wipe the earth from existence. As being materials that can not be digested, they slowly disintegrate but before then, those objects that has been engulfed by the Dark Glut can be used as projectiles, shooting out from the black mist and towards its attended target. The objects can also be swung around as weapons when fighting, though their durability is lower if those objects has been in the Dark Glut for a long time.

It is said that this ability is the extreme representation of the sin, Gluttony

This ability is a last resort when Sakimura has truly been pushed far into the depths of his demonic being. The very nature of this ability is to make something disappear completely, annihilating the cause of his hellish nature. There are many ways in which something can be annihilated, such as being consumed by fire; being sucked into the Dark Glut that cause any carbon base life-form to decompose or be disintegrated; body dehydration that turns them into dust and much more ways that relates to his sin.

He's the freaking Demon of Gluttony, so he bloody well can cook

|| Weakness ||
Close Combat
As Sakimura can cause great displeasure and pain to anyone and anything he sees fit without even touching them, his offensive skills were never given a thought. His abilities requires no physical contact and can only deflect when faced with any opponent at close proximity, which is a great burden to his concentration when using his abilities.

As small things require little amount of time to construct and deconstruct, larger things require a rather fair amount of time to be constructed, or in his case, deconstruct. Since all of his abilities is controlled directly by him, he has his limits and that is the speed of his ability to consume certain things and can be interrupted mid-process. Think of it as a regular digestion, the smaller the meal, the faster the digestion and the opposite goes for larger meals.

|| Biography ||
All in all, Sakimura was truly a demon of Gluttony, though not just eating and drinking but his being was all about consuming more than he should. He's the very few that uses his cognitive capabilities to the fullest during his younger years, learning many things such as one of which that all their sins were too specific and too overlapped yet they were regarded accordance to their sin.
His desire to acquire knowledge, exceeded more than he necessarily needed to know about anything and everything. This brought about his habitual experimenting, coming up with questions, theories, and hypothesis in his mind:

What can he eat and drink?

Does it effect the host?

As Gluttony is to consume, one has to be hungry and hungry does not always mean physical consumption, concluding that all matter, be it a theoretical or practical existence can be consumed

That very conclusion brought a much bigger meaning of his sin, but due to the very ancient nature of their fault, trying to even alter it was against the kings command, seeing it as a treason towards his very being and towards the ruler of them all. As such, the others who felt the same began to rebel against the king, though their disagreement towards him was only at a level of a neonate which could also be said of their ability to over power the king himself.
As their struggle showed them nothing, though to no surprise, they fled to where the Mundanes strive.

In a new environment with new components and elements, Sakimura intrigued himself with the many possibilities of the what and how consumption in this new realm could and would lead him. Of course that and finding the mother or father (Human of Gluttony) to his powers.


"Ones own desire for more begins with birth"

So begins...

Sakimura's Story


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It has been one week since the seven landed in the human realm, some have found their humans, other has not. More demons are starting to gather around Tokyo, hunting for the former strongest. Each passing day, more demons fall into the realm to bring the demons back to be killed.

How long can they survive?


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It wasn't such a bad thing where they had been placed in, could have gotten worst and died instead but they had fleetingly managed to escape unscathed, or that's what Sakimura would have to assume for everyone else. He was fine to say the less, though the changes in his form is unsettling and troublesome in many ways. The one thing that really troubled him was his inability to use his innate ability the Dark Glut to its full potential, only able to conjure a very minuscule amount of concentrated matter to eat away at various things that he can hold in his hand. He hasn't come across anything edible and thus resorting to material consumption at the moment. Even at that, he couldn't keep at it for a longer time period as with the new form, he was rendered useless as an actually human.

He had been observing his new environment with much care and caution, taking in details of his whereabouts and concluded that he was far off from the main striving of human population, probably near the outskirts of Tokyo. Though nice as it was out here, he needed to be where the buzzing was the loudest, a much higher chance of him finding his host or hostess to his demon.

It was hard not to be a sore thumb in a crowd, but his unfortunate transformation as a human being brought with it heights that had its advantage and disadvantage. He could see past peoples head and see further than anyone else, the only problem is that anyone could clearly see him, meaning other demonic beings could spot him easily without any hesitation.

With a sigh, Sakimura began to take narrow passage ways or shadowed areas as a means for cover up at the moment before he knows he is fairly safe from any attackers and had enough idea on what he would do in the mean time being unable to eat freely as he used to.


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Having no concept of time, Sakimura took his time finding his way into the heart of the city even if it was days or miles away. It didn't take him long to find issues though, seeing as their sudden appearance in the human realm had caused quite an imbalance of unnatural energy in the earths atmosphere. An easy yet limited way to track the refugees.

He looked around him to make sure there won't be any sudden attack or ambush before making his way towards the slightly chaotic scene by the road, his eyes caught sight of the thing that caused the mess. Probably dead. May still be alive but unconscious. Sakimura looked around the rim of the strange scene, crowds were beginning to pile up and knew that it will cause a much unwanted attention alerted by what happened here. He quickly made his way towards the main actor and actress of the scene, giving a formal greeting before speaking his thoughts.

"I see that the two of you had handled well with this...avian, but it seems I need to take it with me before questions of its existence arises," he spoke in a fast pace before turning around to face the flying predator, undecided on how he should go about removing it off the streets without relying on his weak ability.