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Tsubeiya Szeck

"What even you'll do, I will most definitely do better."

0 · 560 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Pacts of Sin”, as played by FuyuHana


|| Tsubeiya Szeck ||

"Whatever I did was better than you did, and better than everyone else, including myself."

|| Theme Songs ||
Normal || Syncho Drive | Nobuo Uematsu ||
Fighting || Drift | Michael Nielsen & Kaveh Cohen ||
Emotional || Rain | Olafur Arnalds ||

|| Full Name ||
Tsubeiya Szeck

|| Age ||
Appears to be from 16-19 (At least an older teen proceeding into adulthood)

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Role ||

|| Face Claim ||
Nowray | Hetalia


|| Hair Color ||
Blondish White

|| Eye Color ||
Usually Switches Between Blue and Purple

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||

|| Appearance ||
Tsubeiya, despite being a guy, is very skinny and looks quite fragile. Some people, humans mostly, would call him a doll because of how feminine his physical side seemed to be. His skin is a pale white that covers all of his body, being even everywhere. His eyes are a very light blue that can be mixed in with purple, and sometimes they're even seen separate. Tsubeiya's eyes always seem to change every time someone would look at him, but some people assume its his glasses since he wears those occasionally. His hair, luckily, stays the same blondish white color. While he may look very weak, Tsubeiya, oddly, has the strength of any regular man.

|| Personality ||
Obviously, because Tsubieya is a demon of Pride, he would be a prideful person. He takes honor in anything he does, but most times, he forgets too much about this and will instead act arrogant, think far too quick, and even be independent, perhaps even rebellious. But all of this would be in a passive way. Tsubeiya isn't someone to yell or get too wild unless he does so without knowing. It's all a passive pride, a passive arrogance, or a passive rebellion.

Prideful doesn't mean he won't be kind though, but his kindness is more like one he shows with little care. He is a bit selfish at times, and so whenever he displays himself being altruistic, its often very vague. This also goes for embarrassment, which is a rare sight because Tsubeiya will not get embarrassed. If he does something wrong- No. He'll say its right. This also claims him to be stubborn, and he is just as stubborn as he is prideful.

|| Likes ||
❅ Being The Best At Anything And Everything
❅ Humans/Human Activities/Events/Etc.
❅ Anything That Seems Realistic
❅ Books
❅ Food (Bitter Food)

|| Dislikes ||
☓ Anything Fantasy
☓ People Who Disagree With Her
☓ Ropes/Chains/String

|| Personal Weakness ||
ツ Ropes/Chains/String - Because of an incident in his past, Tsubieya hates anything that will bind his hands or wrists. Anything similar to that or could be use in that way will always be avoided, no matter the cost.

ツ Pride - The final weakness of Tsubeiya's is his pride, obviously. No matter what, he won't give in, and that means he won't compromise as easily.

|| Demon Description ||
In his demon form, Tsubieya looks similar to a dog, but not any regular dog. As a demon, he'd grow to be about a 5 foot tall, black haired dog with shagged hair and deep red eyes. His teeth would be jagged, sharp, and long, and mostly, you'd hear him growling, just like any other wild animal. Sadly though, he has little control and memory of his shifting phase.

|| Abilities ||
All Tsubieya's abilities are related to his phase change, and when it isn't, it's usually related to something more personal.
1 - Rend ; Simply a quick move where he will occasionally do little cuts here and there on her enemy.

2 - Shade ; Usually more effective in his demon phase, Tsubieya is able to blend in with any shadow, shade, or darkness possible, making him pretty much invisible to any human eye not trying to look for him.

3 - Hush ; An ability that enables Tsubeiya to shut out all noise for a mere moment before intaking all noise within a half a mile radius, being able to hear every voice separately in very little time, and remember which each voice said, including who they belonged to.

4 - Sight ; This often helps with Tsubieya's hobby, reading. With this, he is able to quickly read anything within a small amount of time.

5 - Thoughts ; Tsubieya's last ability is to read any thoughts, but only as long as he has body contact, even if its just poking that person, and also eye contact with both eyes.

|| Weakness ||
分 Failure - The only weakness Tsubeiya has is failure. Failure will literally be the death of him. If he has confidence in himself, but just somehow fails, he will just stop functioning, like a toy without batteries, and break down. This is often caused by his overestimating, cockiness, and simple pride, of course, the few traits that could break him and never be gotten rid of.

|| Biography ||
Tsubeiya remembers little about his past, and this is no lie. He really doesn't remember anything after moving over to the human realm. For some reason, all those memories seemed to have faltered, which he doesn't mind much because what he does remember isn't exactly the most pleasant. He remembers strict parents- yes, he was born from a mother and father like all other creatures are. He also remembers seeing their faces, straight and bloodthirsty like most demons. Tsubieya was one of the odd ones, one who didn't strive to kill. Instead he mostly had a curiosity in things, and when he was offended, he didn't really care much. He was too prideful of his strange hobby for that.

However, his parents weren't. Like most demons, his parents didn't love each other. It was a simple mating process that all animals went through and they had to watch over their child, but only because he had their blood, not out of love. No, his parents were hardly even his parents, more like two care takers who expected too much of the child they were raising. It was horrible, especially for Tsubieya after being ridiculed and offended that much. His parents saying the same horrible things about him with his curiosity hurt him even more and his odd habits eventually faded away and he became like any other demon.

It was only a little while later when he had his eyes on the throne. He was Pride after all. Imagine how many would look up to him once he could rule them? How many wrong things he could change to make their realm suitable for the bloodthirsty and the curious. He liked the thought, and the thought of getting credit for all of this. Yes, that was perfect. Once the king died he could be a candidate. No, even better. The king was already in poor health. Why not just end him quickly? Put him out of his misery? Yes, that'd be even better. Tsubeiya's thoughts and ideas seemed to have darkened compared to his childhood years and he became like any other demon who was selfish and seemed to be miserable and crave pain and agony.

He, along with six other demons of purgatory, joined in on this rebellion, and when they thought the day was right, they charged in, aiming for the king's life. While it was team work, Tsubieya wanted it all for himself. He wanted all the glory, everything. His Pride made him a flaw in the plans already laid out, and in his assigned job, he messed up while thinking too much about how he'd steal everything for himself, ending up with his side of the plan to be ruined. In the end, the whole group failed in the rebellion against the king, so there was only one choice left; to flee.

Now there was only one place they could go to where they were free from any wrath the king would bring to the seven; the human realm. There, they would have no power. Tsubieya remembered after overhearing another demon speak of the unknown realm. Their powers would be held in a host, a human host, and they would have to take on a human body as well and live among them. That was his first concern when he arrive in Tokyo. He had to find this human, whoever this human was. He had to find them and use them for his advantages. He could do anything with his powers to the human world if he were to get his hands back onto his powers.

With a few days of search, learning quickly to adapting to human society. While there are still a whole list of billions of things that Tsubeiya still doesn't understand, he has basic knowledge of the world to at least look sane while walking around and attempting to do things. Finally, after assuming a name, finding clothes and whatever else there was to do, he began his search for the human who hosted his abilities, who he later on found to be Nanami Hiroshima.


"We are all bound to something, no matter how tall you may stand."

So begins...

Tsubeiya Szeck's Story


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It has been one week since the seven landed in the human realm, some have found their humans, other has not. More demons are starting to gather around Tokyo, hunting for the former strongest. Each passing day, more demons fall into the realm to bring the demons back to be killed.

How long can they survive?