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Paid in full

Paid in full


"As long as there is man, there will be war; as long as there is war, we will keep doing our job" -Aragos, General of the Myrmidons

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Initiation, training, battles, war, and eventually, death. This is your life. Love is forbidden, your only family is the soldiers you will shed blood with, and your friends will be spear and shield. Thus is the life of the Myrmidons.


1189 BC, twenty years after the fall of Troy.

On The island of Aegina, within a costal cave lies the building the produces Aegina's most valuable resource. Myrmidons.

The Myrmidons, Soldiers of Aegina are trained from a young age and transformed into full time soldiers of fortune, a fortune not their own.

When the Myrmidons are hired by a city state they ask to be paid in a variety of goods, but one payment they treasure most highly, is children. Children that are sent right back to the barracks within the cave only to repeat the cycle. 

Never has a nation in all of history shown more resilience than that shown by the Myrmidonians of Aegina. after returning from far off battles, the Myrmidons came back to find their island city ablaze and the remaining populace fleeing the island as it was plundered by the unknown foreign invaders. The leadership of Aegina was slaughtered, and so General Aragos declared a state of emergency, transforming the nation into a militaristic one. For the next fifteen years the citizens and soldiers wandered the known world, trading and fighting to survive. It was not until nearly five years ago that a weary 521 people and 291 soldiers found themselves landing back on the shores of their ruined homeland.

Desperation gripped the heart of Aragos and in this desperation he made a decision to transform the "Myrmidons" the whole remaining army of Aegina into the worlds most effective mercenary army. An army that would be hired out to others in return for food, resources, services and most importantly, children.

As Myrmidons yourself though, this is not your concern. Your concerns are those of your commanding officer, the safety of your fellow soldiers, and your own survival as you fight your way across the known world; a battlefield for Gods, Heroes, beasts, and the bastards of each. Not to mention the constant struggle of mortals.


Characters will begin as children, taken from their homes to begin training.

Note: I would like this Roleplay (Dispite the rare appearance of mythical creatures) to be as realistic as possible, as such, all characters will be at risk of permanant death! Play at your own risk.

I am going to limit how many characters are going to be allowed in the RP (to an undecided amount).

Also, if you would like, I am looking for co-GM's (1 or 2) who would play as older senior members of the Myrmidons.
(submit skeleton and PM me)

For the beginning of this RP there will be a determined storyline, however, it is intended to become character driven eventually.

Character skeleton:
Place of origin:
Rank and role: (to be added later)
Patron God: (not limited to Greek)
Age: (13-19 preferred to start, there will be time passing in this RP)
History/how you found yourself in the possession of the Myrmidons:

Toggle Rules

Note: this RP may not start for another month, but if you want to get a character in early just post 'em

1- post lengths- no restrictions unless it gets silly.
2- no god-modding, if a character does something stupid and dies for it that's understandable, but just because characters can die I don't want them killing one another off for no reason.
3) Post as often as you would like, I understand if there are a few days between posts (some people have jobs and school, so it's all good) I would, however, like at least 1 post a week from people, and CHECK/read others posts just as or more often. If you are going to be gone for an extended amount of time, let us know in OOC, and we'll set something up. (1+ month of absence and your character will be up for dibs)
4) Romance is defiantly permitted if not encouraged, however, I don't want any pornographic material on here, I'm fine with fade-2-black, brief nudity, VERY minor sexual content, etc, etc, but if it gets to much you will be asked to edit the post. When in doubt, ask.
5) there will be violence in this RP. It will be graphic. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. That being said, I don't want gore for the sake of gore, I want realistic violence that is relevant to the story, nothing more. If you are one that shy's away from violence and gore then this may not be the RP for you, however, you will not be penalized for censoring yourself when posting. This is not a horror film.
6) as far as language goes, I'm not going to put any restrictions on it to begin with, if you want to play a character that swears, that's fine. If I get to many complaints, I will review the ruling.
7) like most GMs I am not a grammar nazi, but I do require that you at least look over your post once before posting.

If you read all the way down to this point type "rules" on your character submission.

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