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Pale Magic

Pale Magic


We're the only ones that can stop the curse that is eating away at the kingdom, but our gifts come from heartbreak and grief. Time is running out and we're not even sure if we can save ourselves, let alone everyone.

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Things have been wrong, unnatural..ever since the curse was placed over the realms. It began many years before...when a figure of great magical power, a man named Gestus, attempted to overthrow the ruler of his Kingdom and seize power with his forces of unnatural summoned creatures. The war raged...but eventually the knights of the true King managed to slay the man..and they thought that was that...a minor chapter in the history..but it was far from Gestus had, before his death, begun a most awful curse.
As a result, the curse brought the bwgan (boo-gan) into the world.
It began in some remote villages..people began to get sick, extremely so...then suddenly when on the verge of death their bodies would contort and twist into monstrous forms. These unfortunate souls would become terrifying beasts, possessing a malevolent intelligence and the unending desire to cause pain and hurt. They were known as bwgan. The bites of these creatures transferred the condition and so they began to multiply.Conventional weapons had very little effect at best. The only weapons which could break the cursed skin of a bwgan were those blessed with Pale Magic.
Pale Magic began to surface in people shortly after the bwgan began to appear. Only those who had lost somebody very important to them could develop and wield, and it seemed the worse the tragedy, the more potent their power.
Pale Magic could harm a bwgan..even kill it.
An organisation of Pale Magic users began to band together in an effort to kill off the bwgan. They called themselves Solaces, and gathered nearly all with a talent for Pale Magic, training them to use it to combat the bwgan menace.
That was until another threat began to take its toll on them. A former pupil of the Solaces, reputed to have murdered their teacher upon discovering they possessed a horrible corruption of Pale Magic..instead of being able to destroy bwgan, they were able to create them..from animals and those too weak-willed or injured to resist. Eventually the Solaces realised they had no choice but to take this killer head on, for they were murdering their way through the ranks of the Solaces. So they picked several of their number to combat this threat...little do they know that this is far more than meets the eye.

The Factions

The Solaces


Solaces are an organization put together to destroy the bwgan. They are made up of a wide range of species and walks of life, often seeming like a bunch of misfits from the outside. People possessing Pale Magic are found, recruited, and trained. At a certain phase in the training, they are divided into smaller teams that they learn to fight ans travel with on missions. Most teams become very close to one another, especially as many Solaces have lost family members.

The Bwgan


The Corrupted Hordes, the beings transformed by the evil influence of the curse. The Bwgan operate under a sort of hive mind, seeming to have a sort of telepathic link with each other, and this is a mechanism through which they respond to commands from their controller. Bwgan can vary depending on how powerful and wilful they were as humans. The weak-minded 'low' bwgan are little more than mindless animals, slaves to the will of the controller, while 'high' bwgan may retain much of their intellect and cunning, though still end up tied to the dark cause.

All bwgan possess monstrous features. Many are almost unrecognisable as their former selves, though there is generally a vague idea of the species they had once been. Some species, clearly are more dangerous as began than others.

Pale Magic

A magical force of mysterious origin. The powers are capable of harming bwgan, but only manifest in certain people, those who have experienced a great loss, and are left missing someone dear to them. It can be used in a variety of ways.

Offensive Pale

-Conjuring the energy in the form of bolts, spheres, spikes or flames. These behave as their physical counterparts, except additionally burning the skin of bwgan.

-Weapon blessing. This ability wreathes a physical weapon in the energy, allowing it to cleave bwgan flesh. Effective on almost any weapon.

Defensive Pale

-Barrier. Conjuring up a magical barrier or such to deflect attacks. The barriers offer limited protection, and are liable to break under strain.

-Healing touch. Allowed the caster to close minor wounds and alleviate pain and slow bleeding in severe ones. This sort of magic cannot be done on the go, and requires lots of concentration.


(More can be added in. Other Solaces are welcomed, but I'll extend slots based on interest to keep things tidy.)

The Dispatched Team

The team sent to investigate some strange going's on in the north. While not picked for the job they requested it due to the personal connection. The 'corrupted solace' in question was one one of their team, and was also responsible for murdering their mentor. They want to finish this themselves.

Leader (OPEN)
Lieutenant (OPEN)
Warrior 1 (OPEN)
Warrior 2 (OPEN
Scout/Tracker (OPEN)
Healer (Reserved)

The Bwgan Pack

A collective of bwgan inhabiting the northern areas, preparing for some sort of ritual and intent on protecting that, and the corrupted solace

Corrupted Solace (TAKEN)
High Bwgan (OPEN)
High Bwgan(OPEN)


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Background: (A rough idea of it. Some things can stay secret if need be.)

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Character Portrait: Solaris
Character Portrait: Jessyca (Herenya) Silverhawke


Character Portrait: Solaris

Having suffered a hard childhood he discovered his pale magic when defending a single mother of 2 twins


Character Portrait: Solaris

Having suffered a hard childhood he discovered his pale magic when defending a single mother of 2 twins

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Character Portrait: Solaris

Having suffered a hard childhood he discovered his pale magic when defending a single mother of 2 twins

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