Pale Plague

Pale Plague


It began 40 years ago. A plague which turns man and beast into monstrous beings. Somehow, many humans survived the plague, but it continues to spread. Now, only the Plague Doctors can help.

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  • You cannot start off with non-doctor weapons, but you may have daggers and at most one cane-sword, and further into the roleplay, you may get weapons from NPCs. If your role is a Special Agent/policeman/rebel, you may have guns, but rebels may only have pistols.
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Pale Plague

It began on November 26, 2043. It started on a small part of China, where the waters were infected by an unknown force. Everyone who drinks water that came from that part of China was infected. On December 16, an earthquake hit, forcing rats to go above the surface, and started drinking the water. On one ship departing from China, an infected rat stays. They went to Europe, but they somehow crashed into a forest. There, the Chinese men started getting infected, and they passed the infection to the wolves of the forest, where they were devoured. One man from England, and another from America went to the forest. They were bitten by the wolves, but they were lucky enough to live, but unlucky for them, they were infected. They returned to their own countries, and started spreading the infection to everyone they come in contact with, and the ones who had the infection passed it on to others just by talking to them. Soon enough, the infection spread across the entire world, but there were still safe havens for the lucky ones. Bugs were also getting infected too, everyone they bite will soon be infected. Tired of the doctors claiming that they have no cure, a group called "Plague Doctors" came around, curing men with illegal herbs and spices, which seems to work for those who just got infected. The government, not wanting the Plague Doctors going around and curing people, sent out forces to watch over the safe havens, which forced the Plague Doctors to live a life of getting hunted down.

But one day, a Plague Doctor had enough, and started curing men once more. They became criminals, and all those they cured were considered terrorists, but all of them said it was worth it. The government, being greedy and all that, started setting up guards for houses everywhere, so that they can't cure any more people, and at the same time, not giving them money. Soon, the Plague Doctors lived a life of assassinating policemen, guards, and greedy politicians. On 2050, the doctors faced a new threat: the plague beasts. These beasts were once men, some of them were animals. Some continued spreading the infection, while the others started depopulating the world. Using swords and daggers, they combated these beasts, until now, they do. One day, one Plague Doctor went to a hig peak to rest, only to find a growing plague beast hive. They need more doctors now, and they've asked you to join them. Will you answer their call?

Plague Doctors

They are the ones who go around killing politicians and plague beasts, while curing plague victims. They use illegal herbs and spices to cure the plague victims, and these herbs and spices seem to work. They also put these illegal herbs and spices inside their beaks.

Plague Beasts

If left infected for too long, infected people and animals will turn into monsters that spread the infection and/or depopulate the number of people.

Signs of Infections

Infected people will turn very pale, and boils with black puss and blood will start growing on the neck, behind, back, and thighs. They will also have coughs and colds. Sometimes, victims will have black muscles, which requires being cut off. Plague Doctors will bleed them, pop the boils, and make them drink their medicine. Sometimes, they use the medicine's incense.


They are greedy men who are against the Plague Doctors. They will stop them at any cost, and some activists claim that they have something to do with the plague. Remember, not all politicians are greedy.


They were once patients of the doctors who hate politicians. They became allies of the doctors.


Warrior Plague Doctor: Six slots open, one slot taken by LuminousKing- These doctors fight off plague beasts and start fights with policemen.

Alchemist Duplicator Plague Doctor: Four slots open- These doctors recreate the current medicine available, and sometimes duplicate the current chemical weapons to help Warrior & Assassin Plague Doctors. With the current chemical weapons, they fight off plague beasts as well.

Alchemist Plague Doctor: Four slots open- These doctors create new medicine and new chemical weapons. Sometimes, they also fight plague beasts.

Assassin Plague Doctor: Four slots open, one slot taken by TheUnnamedOne- These doctors assassinate greedy politicians using poisons and poisoned daggers.

Priest Plague Doctors: Two slots open- These doctors are priests who use incense and prayer to cure infected men. They also hear the confessions of infected men who are about to die. Those who transform into plague beasts in their sight will be poisoned by poison incense.

Finder Plague Doctors: Five slots open- These doctors go out to the wild combating plague beasts and finding the herbs and spices needed to create the medicine.

Policemen: Five slots open- They enforce the streets of the safe havens, and guard the haven from the doctors and the beasts.

Special Agents: Eight slots open (two Special Agents per politician)- They are much much stronger than policemen, and are sent on tasks by the politicians owning them.

Politicians: Four slots open- They are the enemies of the Plague Doctors.

Rebels: Nine slots open, one slot taken by Kier23- They were patients of the doctors, and help them in hunting down politicians and killing plague beasts.


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