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Riona Craith

Riona Criath: Dreamer of dreams, but no dreams of her own.

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a character in “Pandemonium Stone”, as played by diabolicalxdamsel


Everything about Riona's appearance would sum up the words "average" and "plain" in Bardusk, but she stands out amongst the crowd of her gypsy companions. Her fair skin, freckled cheeks, soft features, and pleated red-brown hair contrasts with the dark skin, angular bone structure, and black hair of the rest of her party. The only thing truly unique about her are her eyes. Even she is uncertain as to their true color. She has seen them blue, brown, green, black, even magenta and violet. She can never look into her eyes long enough to know for certain (something about them seem so intense, so old, like they don't belong to her face), and it seems nobody else can hold her gaze longer than a couple of seconds, except for Lady Elsah.

Even her clothing is dull compared to all of the colors and gold adorned by her party. She wears a brown skirt, white linen smock, an apron, and a sheepskin vest.


Riona is quiet by nature, but can be chipper and sociable when she's working. Since joining the gypsies, the only group of people that have ever welcomed her with open arms, she's been in need of more of her own space. Crowds make her uncomfortable, and she believes those who pass by her stall think likewise of her. Her history has left her with some tremendous insecurities and she still doesn't understand why the gypsies took her in after the rest of the world threw her out.

Having spent most of her time alone, she often talks to herself and forgets hen she is in front of company. She is also prone to getting lost in her own mind even when in the middle of conversations.


Riona keeps a small knife at her side, but it is used more as a tool than a weapon. Other items tend to vary depending on who she is assisting that day. Sometimes she carries satchels of herbs for the apothecary, sometimes it is props and instruments for the performers, and more often than not, she carries rope and a switch to herd their small group of livestock out into the fields.


Riona was born ten years after her youngest sibling. She was the youngest of five, but she was far from the favorite. Even her family was uneasy around her. As a child, both love and punishment were doled out half-heartedly. Her sisters and brothers whispered their childhood secrets from a distance. Her held her with her head turned away. Her father only assigned her outdoor chores. Nothing changed as she grew older. Her desk sat at the back of the class and was never called to answer any questions despite being a bright pupil. No man ever wooed her or asked for her hand, so she sought the life of a working woman. She never stayed employed for very long. All of her life she has felt as if she possessed the soul of monster that the whole world feared. There was just something about her, someone thing about her face, her eyes, that possessed some sort of benevolence in an otherwise timid woman. Even she couldn't look herself in the eyes for fear of what she found there.

Perhaps her dreams held the key. Sometimes her dreams manifested into reality such as the death of her father and the pillaging of a town she worked in right after she left. Sometimes she dreamt of tremendous stone structures nestled deep in a forest the likes she had never seen before and human-like beings that dwelled there. These were the only faces that met her gaze...until she met Lady Elsah.

She met Lady Elsah and her caravan during the darkest time of her life. After failing at any other work, she traveled to Kryn to be a lady of the night. Even that was unsuccessful, so she spent most of the time wearing a hooded cloak and begging in the streets. One evening, the caravan was passing by after its final night in the city. Riona heard a gold coin hit her bowl, but she didn't look up until she heard "You poor child." The woman looking down at her smiled unflinchingly as she met her eyes. She nearly smashed her bowl as she dropped it. Lady Elsah was the most beautiful and exotic woman she had ever seen and she was looking right at her. "No love. No friends. No one looks at your face," the Lady said. "But what do they know? You are far more splendid than you think and you need a home. Come. Walk with me."

And as if in a trance, she stood and walked with the gypsies abandoning the bowl and the gold for some other unfortunate soul to find. It has been just shy of a year since then and the twenty-three year old has adjusted. Only Lady Elsah speaks to her face, but the others have treated her with a kindness she is unaccustomed to. She is still recovering from a lifetime of loneliness. Progress is shaky, but successful.

(If I get accepted,I have a really cool idea as to what I want her to become. Who do I message to see if it would be okay to do what I want to do?)

So begins...

Riona Craith's Story


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The trio were almost in reach of safety. They had a good twenty or so feet between them and the wall, Keras keeping both Elsah and the Seer close behind him. They had a couple more alleyways to cross, and then...

But things had taken a turn for the worse. A sudden gust of wind rolled through the alleyway they were crossing. Of all of them, it had to be that one in particular. The gust was strong enough to knock apart the trio instantly, and with enough strength to knock the armored Elf off balance as well!

Keras had taken a pretty rough landing, but it wasn't something that could keep him down for long. Lifting himself up, now soiled from the muddied walkway that he had landed halfway on, he tucked his legs under himself, tilting his body towards the wind, he quickly scanned for an observation of what in the bloody hell just happened.

Luckily, the one-eyed seer wasn't affected from the sudden gust as Keras and Elsah were. He happened to be protected from the building eight feet away as the wind rolled through. But he was still struggling nonetheless. His satchel, full of artifacts no doubt, was giving the aged man some difficulty in trying not to get pulled by the winds. However, as he turned to his right, fifteen feet away laid a familiar body- the body of Lady Elsah, limp and trapped under debris from a nearby splintered stall.

However, he could see a woman, another gypsy, kneel down besider her and tried to recover Elsah and take her to safety. But instead of carrying out the deed, she had stopped and disappeared for a few minutes. Where the hell is she going?! Keras had thought to himself, only to have that question quickly answered. She returned, with a small object in her arms, but she ran past Elsah's limp body...

Lady Elsah, please forgive me.

Turning his attention to the monk, who was losing the struggle against the wind, Keras had quickly assessed one plan of action. Sure, it might be risky, but it would certainly assist the monk with his little problem...

The Elf unsheathed his blade, the runeblade Retribution, and quickly hurled the blade in the man's direction. Keras was strong enough to accurately, and easily, hurl the blade through those eight feet of uncertainness, but with the wind's strength now helping him for the time being, the blade had embedded itself into a crack located in the side of the building's foundation, and was within an arm's reach from the monk to support himself to.

Keras charged towards the monk, uncertain when the wind would change direction again. Making the dash, he situated himself on one side of the monk, Retribution on the other. "Seer, stay low to the ground! The lower we are, the harder for the wind to knock us around! We're going to get to Elsah's body and get us three to safety... AND HOLD ON TIGHT!" Keras yelled to the monk, as he grasped himself around the Elf and the satchel, pressing his back into the flat of the blade, using it as support when another strong of gust of wind came through, tugging at Keras. The wind had shifted again, but it had also died down in this one particular spot for a small amount of time.


Looking at the monk, Keras yelled "RUN!" and with the winds somewhat calmed in this minute of the storm, Keras pulled his blade from the foundation. With the monk pulling what had seemed like renewed vigor and energy, Keras followed closely behind him, both running towards the limp body of Elsah, seeing another man pulling her from the debris, obviously trying to get her to safety, as if he was ordered to do so.

Reaching the man, Keras and the monk ducked down behind the pile of wreckage, startling the man, making him lose his balance and fall over. Noticing the badly injured foot, he had sneaked a peek at the last spot they were in, only to see a collapsed building in place of where they would have been, if they didn't move when they did. Giving his attention to the man, Keras asked for the woman's body. The man obliged, and in turn, the Elf handed him his blade, motioning to use it as an improvised crutch.

"We're almost there! Stick together, and stay low to the ground, and we'll be fine! Let's move!" Keras slumped the limp Elsah over his shoulder, his right arm securing her legs, staying in the back to keep a watchful eye on the two others. They had to go at a slower pace, but they were oh so close to the eastern wall. A good ten feet or so now...

A boost of renewed energy and strength overcame Keras as he measured how close they were, and he piled forward, grabbing hold of the injured man with his not-so-dominant left arm and picking him up, charging the last couple of feet to safety, with the monk doing the same with his satchel of artifacts. Nobody knows what the body can do when a sliver of obsolute hope breaks through a wall of despair.

As the four approached the wall, they could see that the overhang was nearly extended, and a group of helpful hands welcomed them aside. Two guards had taken the injured man and Elsah, whom Keras did see breathing finally, and a familiar face had approached Keras and the monk. It was Aliza.

"Thank the Revered that you made it, bloodfriend Hammon. And the same goes to you, Kera." She said with relief in her voice, however it had faded when she watched the body of Elsah being carried away. "I hope she will be alright... Anyways, I need to secure the supports for the overhan-"

As she rushed past them towards one of the supports, the wind had grabbed a hold of her, as if it had an invisible, non-existant tentacle wrapped around her, and pulled her away and into the full force of the storm. This was almost instantaneous, and was completely unpredictable, so nobody was able to help her. However, the support stayed in place, despite the strong gust of wind picking up and carrying off a fully equiped and armored shadowlancer.

Observing this, Keras' heart fell. Watching a respected friend, a sister whom he had known for a good while, a shadowlancer at that, being pulled away to certain death was enough to have anybody wish it was them that endured that instead...

Backing away, the monk already away looking for where they had taken Elsah, Keras tried to forget what had just occurred right in front of him. But nobody can save everyone, no matter how hard they tried, and Keras had just saved not only himself, but two close allies and a complete stranger from certain death...


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#, as written by Sirk
Dúlin looked around at the remaining people in the Lord Mi’zral’s meeting hall. There was an elvish Lady who ran the gypsy caravan she was slightly injured from yesterday but otherwise fine. He looked at the Dwarf seated next to her. Dúlin wasn’t sure what he was but he was glad for the gift, a cloak that made him nearly invisible in the night. It was a … useful gift. Moving on he saw a gypsy girl she was normal almost to the extreme but she had strange eyes that would have unnerved him if he cared. Next to her was the hunter who had saved his life. He still owed the man and he would repay it if it killed him, he hated debts. Dúlin’s eyes passed over the Shadowlancer he didn’t like soldiers of any order they tended to hunt people like him.

He looked straight at Lord Mi’zral “My name is Dúlin and I have a question for you, you said the seer Hammon entrusted you with the secret of the eye? Well I have the eye in question” Dúlin said as he pulled the eye out of his pocket and held it to the light. “And I was given this by Seer Hammon as he died. He asked me to return it to the Order in Kryn.” Dúlin spoke as he pocketed the eye once again. “Since Lady Fey Goddess of fate has seen to it that the eye landed in my hands I will personally return it.” Looking to Lisha Corrhay and tilting his head he spoke “M’Lady since I need to return this eye and your headed to Kryn I will be joining you, if you’ll have me.”

Dúlin looked away from Lisha Corrhay and at the whole group gathered around him and waited for someone to speak.


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The assassin gaining the gift of invisibility, the ranger tracking arrows, and the gypsy an ancient golden ornate box. These were unique gifts that the others have gained, and Keras had observed in silence throughout each passing. However, he had recognized the box that Lady Elsah had handed to the gypsy. Keras had seen her once before - she was the one who had a package in her arms during the storm.

He wasn't fond of the assassin gaining an invisibility cloak, due to the profession that he has taken. The profession to take lives, while Keras was trained to save. He hasn't seen the ranger until this very moment, and he was curious as to what he had done to gain such arrows. The shadowlancer didn't personally know the gypsy, even though they were from the same party, but he was still required to protect her, as per it was his honor and one of the charges placed upon him...

“Take out your greatsword Sir Nyspar.”

The sudden request from Lady Elsah had startled him somewhat, but not enough to make him to project such "emotion". Doing so, he obliged, handing Retribution to her. The blade was still dull and somewhat damaged from earlier events, though his armor shined brighter then ever. This was because he had yet to polish and sharpen the blade.

Keras observed as his Lady unclasped a green jewel from her neckless, pressing it into the blade's emerald. Suddenly, the jewel shattered within her palm, turning into dust, a smile appearing on her face.

“Drop the blade Keras. Don’t worry, just watch.”

He did so, letting his grip loosen from the weapon, the blade dropping blade first towards the ground. But before it touched the ground, it vanished. Replacing where the blade once was hovered a green mist, slowly floating in place, followed with Elsah's hand into his chest.

“Will it to return, and within 3 heartbeats it will be in your hand… you may be the first shadowlancer of your generation to bare such a weapon, use these new found methods wisely in battle.”

The mist floated up towards his hand, where the blade was before he had dropped it. It had taken a form of a blade similar to that of his runeblade, and condensed, Retribution appearing once more within his grasp.

Watching what had just transpired within the last thirty seconds, he said no words of gratitude, his silence was more than enough. Elsah had enchanted his blade, the enchantment known as mistform, an ancient Elven magic designed for keeping possession of personal items of great value.

As the crowd around them began to disperse, he gazed towards at the other three, however holding it slightly longer at the gypsy before turning away. She seemed familiar, yet unknown to him, but Keras had refused to let that bother him. They were asked to stay, but for what reason, Keras couldn't say. His plans would have to wait for now...


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Keras was about to speak, having already thought about what words he would use, on how he is highly opposed to having an assassin having the eye in his position. He didn't trust, nor will trust the man, simply because he has hidden the fact this entire time. After all, what else could he be hiding behind that mask? The shadowlancer opened his mouth, words ready to roll off from his tongue, until he was interrupted by another of the gypsy's panicked questions.

"Oh! What about the rest of our party? Have you seen any other survivors?"

Turning towards her, Keras' mind now completely flipped to a new subject of thought. "Don't worry much, it's quite detrimental to your health. I'm sure the others are fine. My remaining shadowlancers should be taking care of them as we speak." Turning back towards the group, he had continued, "I have to oppose to the idea of having the plague doctor having the eye in his possession. He's hiding something from the rest of us, and I... just don't trust him. Artifact or not, something just doesn't feel quite right about him."

Leaning over to lady Elsah, he whispered into her ear, "M'Lady, I am very certain that the plague doctor, is the very assassin that I have warned you about earlier. If he's with our 'party', despite having helpful abilities, we have to be extremely careful with him around us."

Returning back to his proper position and posture, he remembered about his previous engagement, "After we're done here, I need to return to a previous engagement with the local blacksmith and his family, and I also ask for the gypsy to accompany me there, if it's okay with you," he concluded, shifting his gaze towards the familiar, yet unknown, gypsy.