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Alastor Raguel

" Give me a challenging opponent, failing that give me payment" A demon who loves nothing more than to fight

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a character in “Pandemonium's Gate”, as played by umbra Alastor


Alastor Marius Raguel (Manus Bellum)


Gender: Male
Age: 34
Height: 6' 6"
Race: Demon

Skills: Alastor possess the famed physical strength of a demon, but still maintains a surprising Flexibility with animalistic speed. The main skill of his and the key to his unofficial title lies in the fact he is expert of unarmed combat. Combined with the spell craft technique he knows, Alastor may burst of energy during strikes or blocks to further increase the effectiveness of the technique. Alastor also has a strong grasp of tactics and large scale combat

Faction: Demon forces

Equipment: Despite preferring unarmed combat Alastor does carry a small war axe for emergencies and a couple of throwing knives to try and cover his range disadvantage. Adorned round his body and limbs are various inscribed chains which aid his spell craft.

Weakness(es): Range is a key disadvantage and his over confident, nigh fearless behavior means he can underestimate opponents and concede blows, The lack of killing intent can also hinder him at times, as he much prefers the thrill of the fight rather than the kill.

Alastor is a broad, tall, imposing demon, especially with 290lbs of weight behind him. He possess pale grey skin, discoloured fangs and messy, shoulder length ashen hair, stained from pandemonium. He prefers to wear a simple demonic chest plate, trimmed with fur at the edges of the shoulders and draping down his back. Plated armor legs, and sabatons adorn his lower half. He also prefers to wear a demon skull helmet.
Personality: Alastor comes across as an imposing presence and not just because he is a demon. An over bearing confidence exudes from him, At times its this stern nature that he tries to reinforce, at other times it becomes clouded in an almost playful demeanor. In war and in politics he seeks only two things, Money or a fight. If you can promise both he will fulfill any request.

History: Alastor was of course born beyond the gate, in a foul land of war, carnage and blood, within in this realm Alastor perfected his unarmed combat techniques against any hellish fool who fought him, gaining enoungh infamy to earn his title of Manus Bellum (Hands of war). Fighting was his joy, not killing, and now he needed a new challenge. As soon as the gate opened Alastor made his way through, sensing battle, lusting for a challenge and an opponent to satiate the hunger.

Anything Else:-

So begins...

Alastor Raguel's Story


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Striding through the demon camp, Alastor watched as the crowds loomed into sight, and subsequently parted, it had become frequent in the past couple of days that the demon leader had drawn together crowds of demons to offer out orders, As many demons were hungry and wishing to get out and fight. Though it seemed now the leader wished to send Alastor out himself, to try and fulfill a step within his plan.

The once booming noise of the crowd lessened to a din, as they regarded Alastor with unease, without a doubt he was one of the few demons within the army bar the leader himself that could command respect, even the leader understood that. " Alastor... you are to take a small force of demons and probe the northwest border... try and guage their resistance.. you are not to lead a siege do you understand?"

" If they come out... then i will engage" Alastor more told the leader, but still waited to see a reaction from him, as it was still was meant to be a question

" Very well.... the detachment waits on the outskirts"

" Tell them to catch up... i wish to leave with haste" Alastor said curtly, striding off without another word. His steps were now filled with intent and swiftly he passed outside the camps boundaries and was on for a quick march towards the northwestern border, He would undoubtedly arrive there on his own, and early, but probably near the mornings end, he hoped he might catch the borders patrol having breakfast