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Pandemonium's Gate

Pandemonium's Gate


a part of Pandemonium's Gate, by Riles.

This is the "Capital" of the demons, and where the gate stands

Riles holds sovereignty over Pandemonium's Gate, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Please only post here if you are

1.) A demon
2.) Interacting with the Gate
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Pandemonium's Gate

This is the "Capital" of the demons, and where the gate stands


Pandemonium's Gate is a part of Aurelia.

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Katerina Veloce [0] Hate people that bother her, loves the dark, and watching from afar. She will usually practice with her bow to make people mad.

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Phoenix moved in the shadows of the demons' camp, staying out of sight of the others. She had been called recently from the Demonic realm to come and battle with the humans once more, a call that had violently pulled her from her protective hole that she called a home. However, now she was hiding from other demons in the human world at Pandemonium's Gate. The only reason she was in camp and not on the outskirts of it was because the leader of the Demonic Forces wanted to talk with her, most likely to give her the two he wanted to be plagued.

The little demon crawled on the ground her legs in a crouched position and her her hands grabbing at the dirt. She found that if she stayed low she had a greater chance of being ignored. Phoenix made her way silently to a large circle of dead trees, marking where the leader was talking with a big crowd.

With a muster of courage, or rather a wave of renouncement, she stood up and made her way through the crowd, her feet feeling the ground gently before setting down. The crowd, though they didn't fear her, made a path for her. It was cloudy out, it was always cloud at Pandemonium's Gate, meaning it was just dark enough for Phoenix to make out the silhouettes of the demons.

"Well, well, well," a grating, growling voice came through, "Looks like the rat has finally decided to show its pathetic face again. Come closer."

"The Rat is no dog and she thinks she is close enough," Phoenix retorted. This got her to be violently pushed forward with a roar of jeers and spit, an arm gripped her's till there was blood starting to drip.

"Now you listen here Rat, no one wants you here, but we do have a job for you to do. Now listen closely because if you mess this up you're dead," the leader's voice hissed, "There is a forest Northeast of here and in that forest is a base camp of do-gooder humans. I want you to spread a plague for them there. Then once that's done and they all lay dead from your disgusting plague, head East and there's a town called Freymere. This place is your main objective, kill them and I'll let you off the hook for the next three wars, got it Rat?"

"The Rat understands," Phoenix said.

"Good. Now go ahead and start before the human's get too close," the leader said, shoving her into the mud. Phoenix scrambled as objects started being lobbed at her. She climbed up a tree and sat staring at the blurry lined branches. "She understands, but she doesn't comprehend," Phoenix said. When the demons below started quieting down, Phoenix made her way away from the Pandemonium's Gate and in the direction she was told to head. The land was barren as she crossed it, at first her pace was quick as she scuttled across the ground, but as she felt she was more alone she took to walking like a human; her pace slow and peaceful with her feet sinking into the death ridden dirt.

"The camp must suffer a plague, but which Phoenix wonders? Yellow and pussy, have them rot from the inside? Torturous and have them tear at their own skin?" Phoenix smiled to herself, she could feel any form of life back away from her, the demons might not fear her, but others knew where the great plagues had come from.