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Pandemonium's Gate



a part of Pandemonium's Gate, by Riles.

Capital of Ventera

Riles holds sovereignty over Wintercliff, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Please post anything that happens within the city here
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Capital of Ventera


Wintercliff is a part of Aurelia.


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Character Portrait: Biorn Bialfason
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#, as written by Aclick
The tavern was full of soldiers waiting to get dispatched to the front lines agian and women who are trying to get free drinks.Biorn sat down at the counter and ordered his usual drink a bowl of hops mead, he wasnt in Wintercliff for over 6 monthes, he was assigned to a camp near the Ardara border and was place with the task to strategies the attacks,mange the troops and of curse to take part of said attacks.But lately the demons attacks grew more frequent and the demon force seems to be growing by the day,Ventera's leaders began to worry more about the south west border then the east one.So he was called back to the capital in order to get reassigned to a camp near the Pandemonium bordar in order to strengthen their defenses. He was told that he will be dispatched in two days giving more then enough time to drink as much as he could.He finished his bowl of mead and called for another round,few seconds later a messenger entered the tavern, he was breathing heavly and sweating like a pig you could tell that he was told to deliver the message as fast as possible.The messenger took a second to catch a breath and then yelled "Is Biorn Bialfason is here?!". Once he heared his name he knew what it was about he turned towards the messenger raised his hand and said "im Biorn Bialfason"in a tired and disappointment voice,he only arrived at the capital earlier today. The messenger approached Biorn and handed him a letter sealed with the general's offical seal "I was asked to deliver this letter to you immediately" said the messenger,Biorn nodded in gratitude and the messenger left. The letter contained orders for Biorn, instead of being dispatched in two days he was ordered to leave immediately. he sighed of disappointment that he couldnt drink more as the second round he ordered arrived he chuckled and then drank it in one gulp slameing the bowl on the table, he left some silver coins on the table to pay for his drinks and left towards the barracks.Where his escort was waiting for him, a high ranking men such as himself are not allowed to travel alone and must be escorted by arm guards out side of Wintercliff. He waited while the guards prepared their horses and then they were off towards the Pandemonium border where he knew he is going to face things that were literally out of this world,he didnt know what to expect but he knew its nothing good.