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An A.I. created to further advance Pandorian technology

0 · 217 views · located in Pandora

a character in “Pandora”, as played by Karri Khaos


Full Name: Nemesis (Neutron Encryption Molecule Ecchymosis Sensory Iriduim System)
Nickname: Neme (Nem-E)
Appearance: (see below for images)
Age: 2 years old
Sex: Female
Orientation: she doesn't distinguish between sexes, bi
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Blue which fades to pink
Eye Color: her right eyes is blue and left eye is pink both serve a different function
Complexion: fair and clear
Physique: slender build
Likes: sweets, training and being able to use her abilities some, solving others' problems, learning new things
Dislikes: people needlessly putting others in danger, irrational thinking, not being able to comprehend things, the smell of garbage and uncooked sea food
Position: None
Citizenship: Pandorian
Personality: She was made with the basic senses and to have a rational understanding personality originally, but over time she has developed and formed a some what happy disposition and to be a very intellectual, caring, and compassionate A.I.
Strengths: She has a large arsenal of weapons and sensory items built into her system and has physical capabilities that can rival among some of the top pandorains. She doesn't breath so she doesn't need oxygen
Weaknesses: if outside of Pandora her capability of anything is cut by about 45%. Like any type of androids or robotic mechanism she has to recharge and if her energy supplies run out then she is useless
History: Nemesis was created by a Pandorian technology company that specializes in A.I. creation. She was made to server as the prototype of a new fighter android and is well equipped and made to handle battle and sense many things around her. Since she has been activated she has never been needed hence forth has never provided the company with the real statistics they need from her and provides basic minimal research still as she can't show her true potential unless out in the field. The researches are trying to come up with a way to make and extended system that will keep this specific type of android active when outside of Pandora. While they've tested some and figured out a way to make a system for Nemesis. The system was flawed and they found out the her maximum output of her potentials is greatly decreased out of Pandora and the system only works for her. Since then she has been doing minimal tests in the lab and actually has developed a bit of a social life out of the lab with the people in the area. She has begun taking on small odd jobs to help better the lives of anyone she can while her programming waits to be used for its true purpose.
[b]San`taic: None


Image (by ReverieDream on Deviantart)

Image (by Viccolatte on Deviantart)

Image (by me, KarriLustWorks on Deviantart)

(Character design credit goes to me)

So begins...

Nemesis's Story