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John Jarl Yensen

A glory-seeking duellist desperately searching for a battle that would give him glory.

0 · 210 views · located in The Wasteland

a character in “Pandorica”, as played by DarkLancer


Alias: The Boundless Swordsman

Race: Human

Physical Appearance: John is 5'11" feet tall. That's all everyone knows. But beneath his mask, he has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skin, due to lack of sunlight.

Uniform: John always wears a mechanical suit. It has a vertical visor which glows red, green and violet depending on what situation he's in. Red if he's angry, green if neutral, and violet during battle. The suit is colored black, and covers his entire body. Not even a small millimeter of skin can be seen. It's a light suit, with a small jet pack attached to his back. It only has enough gas to throw John several meters into the air. The suit also has a futuristic look on it. It improves John's strength by only a few percent. There's also a feature that masks his voice when he speaks.

Weapons: John only has a light saber-like sword and a powerful crossbow.

Personality: John is a duel-seeker. He searches for worthy opponents and fights with them until his enemy either forfeits, is disarmed, or dies. He doesn't really have too many emotions. Most of the time, it's only neutral. Also, due to the fire that killed his parents, he was driven insane.

Abilities: Like it's said in the description, a master swordsman.

History: John was a regular person once. That's when his life was ruined by his country's enemy. His parents died in the fire that engulfed their home (when he was 20) caused by a government drone sent by his country's enemy, but he was lucky to have made it out alive, only his head was severely injured. He lived in the streets, slowly turning insane. His insanity caused him to lose most of his memories, except the fire. It drove him to be plagued by thoughts of battling the government of the country's enemy. As his plan to do this slowly faded from his mind, he became plagued by thoughts of glorious battles instead. He stole a government laser sword and deviced the suit. Again, he stole from his government, but this time, it was a small space pod which was released only a few days before. He heavily modified it, and used it to travel to stars, searching for worthy foes. He eventually reached the world in which Pandorica was, since he heard tales of creatures from the wasteland and other fighters. Thinking that this would give him what he wanted, he went there, landed, and began his journey.

So begins...

John Jarl Yensen's Story