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Arlo Daylee

0 · 272 views · located in Pangaea

a character in “Pangaea”, as played by Ivisbo





NAMExx Arlo DayleeGENDERXXMale
NICKNAMESXXDayleeSPECIESXXHuman with Fae-Ancestry




H E I G H TXANDXB U I L D: 5′ 9″ , lean

Arlo does not speak about his Fae-Ancestry often, but one look at him and you can tell his lineage. His family had been mingling with pure-fae for centuries, resulting in such a combination that their features are distinct. Soft pointed tips to their ears, sharp features with a soft glow to their skin, and fast-growing hair that meant it was usually kept long. Arlo's parents were beautiful, distinctly human but with an ethereal warmth to them that made people want to just be close and Arlo had inherited the same qualities. He has enough human in him that he can grow light facial hair, though it's never thick enough to be called a beard. He keeps his hair long, letting it fluctuate between ear to shoulder length as the seasons change. It's usually a mess, piled on his head or pulled back in a bun, but it's the kind of mess that took twenty minutes in the bathroom for him to be happy with. He also inherited that fae vanity and his appearance is important to him, but Arlo's look is distinctive enough that people usually don't associate him with the vain trait. Most of his things are vintage or handmade, concoctions of his mother's old hippy clothing he's reworked with a bit of magic for himself. He likes color, loves to cast illusions to brighten his fabrics or adds a small moving pattern to a psychedelic pair of pants.



Arlo's personality is equal parts chaos personified and aged maturity. This is probably because of his parents, who raised Arlo in the kind of way that he was making his own decisions as soon as he had the mental ability to do so. Arlo was never told what to do as a kid- Sana and Varun had been raised so strictly that they rebelled and decided their kid would lead his own life. It meant a lot of mistakes were made early on, but he learned right from wrong a lot faster and got a few more scraped knees out of it. He was that five-year-old that went with his parents to parties and could have a full conversation with an adult and then two seconds later be stuffing his face with the whole platter of hors d'oeuvres or leading the other kids on some grand hijinx to prank the party.

Others naturally gather to him, though he isn't a strong leader by any means. He's boisterous with an infectious warmth and the kind of charm that has others trusting him immediately. He's rarely serious, filling most conversations with jokes and hilarious stories, but one-on-one he can remove his jovial showman's mask and settle down. He's empathetic, one of those rare people that seems to understand others even if he doesn't really. He loves to listen, but Arlo has that kind of brain that works so quickly that he sometimes jumps to his own conclusions before he knows all the facts. He's so used to people just liking him that any sort of disdain is met with immediate confusion and a desperate need to make them like him. Since moving to the city, he's learned the hard way that it's not always possible.

He's vain, though he masks it under his bed head and weird clothing. He knows he's handsome and he loves when people look- if he's not hosting a random assortment of friends and clients at his home for a drug trial show, he's at some bar wanting to be the center of someone's night. Though independent and thoroughly capable of taking care of himself, Arlo has a hard time being alone. He blames it on his overly active mind- if he's not with someone else, then he's probably gone on some new hallucination trip.


Arlo's magic is based in nature. He was raised amongst plants and understands how to care for them thoroughly, though he has channeled this gift towards more illusion and trick based spells. Arlo is well known for constantly casting illusions, using potions to alter his hair or look for the day, and altering his clothing with spells. Most of his magic is used as a cosmetic supplement, but his true abilities lie in his understanding of herbology. He knows how to breed and alter plants to give him a specific look or ability and has created a wide range of plants that are specifically unique to him. He doesn't sell his own plants though and rarely shares his secrets with others, choosing to love and care for them and expand his ever-growing collection.



Arlo grew up in a house most would probably consider a jungle. Their breakfast table was a nook amongst massive palms, their living room a jungle of ivy and plants so dense that the couch was often uninhabitable. It spilled out the windows, filled their front porch, clustered in corners and bathrooms and sinks. Herbs, medicinal plants, beautiful flowers that only lasted one day, monstera leaves the size of his torso filled every nook and cranny of his childhood home.

His parents, Sana and Varun Daylee, were both nature witches, immigrants from India who had settled in the countryside of Ariosas as local healers and medicinal guru’s. They'd each grown up in strict Human-Fae families- ones that followed strict practices and rituals that connected them back to their fae roots as much as possible. Sana and Varun had run away the first chance they got, choosing to live their own lives, follow their own magical path, and raise their kid how they chose to. They were the kind of parents that raised Arlo quickly- they never used baby talk with him, never treated him as anything but their equal and therefore he grew up fast and well. They were the loving kind of parents that he became best friends with. Their energy gave off such healing and warmth that the plants they kept in their home fed off it, creating the rich jungle that Arlo used to hide amongst as a child.

Arlo helped in their magical medicine and cures shop, tending to the plants and wares as much as he could. Sana and Varun mostly worked in the back, performing miracle cures, aiding in the aches and pains of life, or assisting in magically guided therapy sessions. Arlo had inherited his parents' nature gift, though he did not inherit their love for healing and medicine. He had a more scientific brain, a mind that was always exploring the ‘what if’, and curiosity that never let him settle. Arlo was more interested in creating new potions than old- he liked to mix things together he was told not to. He delved into the psychoactive ones the first chance he got, amazed by the abilities that a simple naturally occurring plant could create.

Sana and Varun had always allowed him a certain amount of freedom, trusting that Arlo was powerful and competent enough to handle himself with his own magic. He dove in headfirst, the plants in his own bedroom shifting to pure psychoactive ones and his potions becoming wilder with every batch. He learned to cast illusions that matched up with the effects of the potions he was creating- he could fill a room with a soft nebula, pulsating and growing as someone took potion with a base of opium and cannabis- or he’d lean fully into the 70’s hallucinations and replicate old cartoons and dripping neon while someone uses a mixture of psilocybe and peyote. He learned to breed plants, mutating and changing their effects to further his drug exploration. Though illusion magic is not a unique ability, Arlo had a certain knack for it that made his powers distinct in comparison to most.

Word spread- people were always enamored with the new-and pretty soon Arlo had his own small business running out of the side of his parent's shop. His clientele got bigger and bolder and soon enough he was packing up his things (and Pari's, who'd managed to convince their parents that Arlo was mature enough to handle them) and moving into Ariosas.

So begins...

Arlo Daylee's Story