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Iza Kuroi

bask in me like men do the sun (history wip)

0 · 255 views · located in Pangaea

a character in “Pangaea”, as played by rubytuesday




name Iza Maria KuroiXXbirthday November 21st (sagittarius)XXage twenty sevenXXspecies vampireXXgender (cis)woman (she/her, they/them)
XXsexuality homosexual XXoccupation CEO of Fauxfizz and Yumeat, member of Synth board of directorsXXhex code #EE9860XXface claimmiyauchi harukaXXwriter rubytuesday



comme de garçon (like the boys) - rina sawayama

holy - king princess

rascal - tinashe

thank god for girls - weezer

cool with it - liz

racecar (feat. clairo, coco & clair clair) - deaton chris anthony

sugar honey iced tea (s.h.i.t) - princess nokia

vampire - dominic fike


β—’β—’ a p p e a r a n c e

getting physical... xxx.
height: 5'3"
build: she is very slim, with a narrow ectomorphic build that looks as though it could be blown over in a stiff enough wind. she does have "11-line" abs that she is quite vocally proud of, however, although they are less thanks to hard work and exercise, and more a naturally speedy metabolism.
hair: black in colour, although she has experimented with bright colours in the past, and likely will continue to do so. what she does not really experiment with, however, is length; she is very much content with her current cut- a slightly shaggy mullet-bob style that fits her personality quite perfectly.
unique characteristics: Iza's tattoos are relatively numerous, and her collection is constantly being added to- just as often on a drunken whim as after careful and sober consideration. These tattoos include (but are not limited to): a sun and moon on her left lower back, the greek god janus on the back of her right upper arm, a snake around her right wrist, flames across the knuckles on her right hand, the fool across her left ribs, cherubs circling her upper left arm, and "BITE ME" on her right palm.

(wannabe) style icon xxx.
casual: ("hasn't left the house in three days" or "off to fight mr smith in the matrix". there is no in between. she is lazy with her clothes, but also likes to look *good* at all times, and it is this delicate balance that she persistently maintains. x, x, x, x, x x, x
business: when she is making an effort: x, x, x, x, x, x, and when she's not: *see casual*
formal: suits, suits, and more suits: x, x, x, x, x


l i k e s

compliments (though one shouldn't give them to her- her head is big enough as is), pretty faces (she has a preference for women, but she enjoys a pretty face regardless of gender) , teasing (others) , video games (she's also well-known for her twitch streams) , costume parties (and parties in general) , being the centre of attention , snarky and witty people (they're fun, even when their snark is directed at her)
d i s l i k e s

catching feelings , being rejected , board meetings (unless they are in some way congratulatory, and even then she has her limits for compliments from random rich besuited men), losing , feeling poor (hence her excessive spending) , being called out (though she often deserves it) , historical films and period pieces , strong floral scents and perfumes ,

β—’β—’ i n n e r w o r k i n g s . . .

s t r e n g t h s
intelligence her intelligence is something she is now renowned throughout the world for; it was her intelligence that made her goal of creating synthetic blood possible, as too is it what labelled her a 'child genius' in her youth. Her intelligence spans beyond just science, as well- she is also well-versed in a number of languages, and knowledgeable about a number of other subjects, such as history and geography.
confidence she is far from lacking in pride, and in fact is confident in herself to a fault (as shall be discussed shortly)- she feels ease in a crowd, and at home in the spotlight. She has no shame in being herself, and has yet to be dulled in her spark by anyone's negative opinions.

w e a k n e s s e s
arrogance she was always cocky, but fame and fortune has certainly not helped any matters, as she is prone to thinking herself infallible, even in the face of danger and threats.
commitment issues for someone who as essentially created a legacy for her species, she's shockingly flighty, and struggles to uphold responsibilities. this extends to relationships- flirtatious though she may be, she is prone to putting up walls the moment someone gets too close (with one or two exceptions).
chronic nonchalance she struggles to take things seriously- emotional vulnerability is not her strong suit, nor are heavy responsibilities and burdens. at least outside of work, as within business, she seems to inexplicably thrive, albeit in a rather unorthodox manner.

p e r s o n a l i t y

she is someone who simultaneously lures people in with the power of her presence, and makes them uncomfortable with the forthrightness of her personality. she's all blunt truths and unapologetic honesty (except when she is bluffing, which she does exceptionally well, perhaps because her arrogance has her convinced she'll win regardless of the hand she is dealt). charisma is perhaps not quite the correct word to define her charm, which oft leaves people captivated- she is more of an oddity, entrancing others via curiosity and confusion. she's unpredictable, driven by whims and impulse, socially reckless to the point that her success in science and business seems surreal. to picture Iza in a professional environment, making executive decisions that effectively shape the society she lives in, is somewhat terrifying in its absurdity. or, at least, it would be, were it not for her flawless track record. be it luck, or her incredible intellect, or some sort of second personality that comes into the fold whenever boardrooms or contracts are involved, she is sharply astute in those settings, and has yet to falter in her executive choices.

every bit the eccentric genius the media fusses about, Iza isn't intentionally perplexing- it is simply a side effect of childish impulse and a complete disregard for the opinions of others, coupled with access to a lot of money. she enjoys fame, and being in the spotlight, and doesn't even necessarily mind the reason behind it (although positive fame is obviously preferred for the sake of her company and its shareholders). she enjoys affirmations, but more so superlatives- attention in all its forms, good or bad. she doesn't care what people think, just so long as she is what they are thinking of. perhaps somewhere along the line, as she was building up her sense of self-worth, fame became too heavy a factor. or perhaps not- she is far from self-aware enough to evaluate such a thing, and even if there was any sort of self-awareness there, she'd hardly engage in it. letting other people analyse her and her behaviour is far more entertaining than committing to self-reflection herself, after all.

for all her self-assuredness, she is far from cruel. self-centred, but not entirely selfish. she is a charitable and considerate person, and although she could do with filtering her honesty more often, she is not one to speak or act with viciousness. her arrogance can be exhausting, but it is never harmful, and although she is far from the best friend-therapist, she is the perfect person to call when one is seeking a distraction for their problems, rather than a shoulder to cry on. her honesty, though sometimes brutal, can also lend itself to forming rather good advice, or at least an added perspective proposed, and a complete lack of judgement or insincerity.


Image[justify]β—’β—’ a h i s t o r y . . .

So begins...

Iza Kuroi's Story