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"Everything begins and ends with a flash of a smile"

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a character in “Pantheon II: Division”, as played by ThirdWinnerzs


Name: Dougless

God of: Smiles, Judgement (Both lawful and unlawful) and the Arts

Elemental affinity: Earth and Luminosity

Alignment: Lawful good

Physical description of preferred forms: Usually seen as a skeleton in heavy armor but will occasionally appear as something akin to the Cheshire Cat

Preferred Gender (If applicable): Male

Means of godhood: Unknown, some believe that he has been there since the beginning, hiding and guiding his followers from afar

Personality: Suave, and to the point kind of guy (and modest)

Worshiped by: Anyone, but most notably Teachers, Judges, non-corrupted politicians, and skeletons

Symbols: An armored skull with a massive grin, or a crown with a sword and quill crossed behind

Divine weapon: Falken Mur, which when translated means Fallen Friend. It is massive great sword that has a small engraving for every champion that has fallen in his name.

Blessings: Heroic Effort: Dougless is able to push a human beyond his normal limits making him ignore wounds that would have killed a normal human and makes them seemingly invincible in combat

Dougless's Favor: Both a blessing and a curse Dougless can make the nervous serf,into a brave and courageous warrior, and the most experienced actor a trembling wreck.

Realm: Gallia, is a place of scorching sands and freezing mountain tops. The only interesting settlement is the City of a Thousand Names where the name is changed nearly everyday, its also hold some of the most brilliant Blacksmiths, Playwrights, and Historians in the realm

Most notable creation (if applicable): The Book of Law

Preferred form of worship: Followers pray to Dougless every morning hoping that he smiles upon them, and go to the Festival of Blades every year where they reenact the battles of both Dougless and his champions.

Extras (if there're any):

  • Prefers the company of humans, and will sometimes "get into character" for years if not lifespans
  • Never learnt how to spell his name
  • Likes long walks on the beach

So begins...

Dougless's Story


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(OOC: Hey guys I just joined, and I hope I'm welcome to come along for the ride of this pretty cool looking RP)

It was in a dark and gloomy graveyard, when Dougless woke up stiff from his thousand year slumber. "I wonder how much life has changed since I threw massive feast?" he thought while digging his way out to the surface above. "And I wonder how many of the other gods are still kicking? no matter they most likely all forgot about me before i was half way in the coffin those selffis- Wait where is my arm? i swore it was around here somewhere... ah! there it is. Hmm.. you think after all this I would be the god of insanity or something." After a few more hours of him bickering to himself he finally managed to get out and started to march off towards home, Castle Veluca.

"Ok first state of business, got to get a champion, then make them clean the castle of all the bandits or spiders or whatever infested the place while I was gone, then I sit on my throne and announce that I am back from being dead, again. The only problem is I think I left my old champion in a state of decay, but I'm sure he will understand. It feels great to be back" He spoke to the remains of Jakico, the former champion still in a praying position almost seem to nod in agreement, as the god walked past.


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"Hmm you think that after a thousand years there would be at least someone wanting to be your champion, guess they all heard what happen to the last guy" Dougless thought out loud while walking up to the old crumbling stairs of Castle Veluca. The Castle looked in even worse shape, with vines crawling up the castle walls like a sea of green, pathways overgrown, and a crumbling tower that must of fallen a few century's ago. "Seems like maybe one of those young death brothers took a swing at this place. If they're still kicking maybe i can get their lackeys to rebuild this, or one of those life gods." The old senile god walked through the rusted metal gates, into the the thick brush of what used to be a courtyard, and into his keep. The keep was in wonderful condition compared to the rest of the ruins. The floors were swept, flowers cut, and not a single crack nor vine were to be found "How can this be?" He pondered.

"Why tis was me, master" came a high whining voice from deeper inside the keep. Dougless instantly thought "Oh no, the annoying janitor Balrocke has manged to survive a thousand years!? How can I get rid of him?". Unfortunately for Dougless the horrifying outline of some ghoulish humanoid walked around the corner. Balrocke was a thousand years ago a average human with a shrill and annoying voice, but now he was a gruesome sight to behold with skin only seemingly hanging on in big blotted patches of sickly green. "I have been waiting for you master, my passion for you was the only thing that kept me going all those years, and now with everyone else gone I guess that means i am your new champion!" explained Balrocke with every word getting higher and higher in pitch. "Crap, the little runt must of been planning this for a thousand years. Well i can deal with him for the time being until he finishes the repairs." thought Dougless while slowly inching around Balrocke, trying to get to his throne that stood directly behind him. Even the throne was polished to a golden shine and the cushions were as comfy as ever. He planned this all out very well indeed he thought.


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After the rush of being alive again wears off, Dougless starts thinking more serious about why he was awoken at this time. The Old god was to slumber until he was needed, or wanted by whomever was to find him, yet there is no indication as of who and why. He thought this over for what felt like hours (Time is irrelevant in the castle after a long-forgotten spell was cast, making time speed up, slow down, and stop all at random.). To clear his head, Dougless opted to take a walk around the keep and inspect his treasures of old.

The hallways of his collections was like a museum with each having a story behind it, and while looking through all of the swords ,amour, banners, and standards collected from friend and foe alike, one piece stood apart from the rest. To a normal human this would look like a simple solid oak door that was put onto display, but Dougless remembered that this door could open up to any doorway he could think of, so smiling as the God of smiles does he thought of his destination and walked through the door, revealing a nexus of other doors each with a symbol that designated each god of the realm, and strolled up to the one in the middle with a icon of a large table resting on the front. "Time to see if I am late to the tea party" he spoke absentmindedly.