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Elvernia, Goddess of Love

"For life was meant to be shared."

0 · 148 views · located in Etheria and the Astral Sea

a character in “Pantheon: Whims of the Gods”, originally authored by funsunfish, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Elvernia

God of: Love, innocence, and beauty

Elemental affinity: Fire

Alignment: neutral good

Physical description of preferred forms: beautiful woman with dark hair or a soft white rabbit

Preferred Gender: Female (although she sometimes takes a male state when particularly frustrated or serious)

Means of godhood: A God and Goddess once had an affinity for each other so much, that they decided to create something together. They needed something more to describe how they felt, thus Elvernia was born, establishing the concept of love and devotion throughout the Pantheon of the Gods and in the mortal realm. Although it is unclear who the two gods were that created her, legend has it that one of them was soon after banished and remains somewhere bound by a casket of adamantium. The whereabouts and identity of the other God remains unknown. It also does not state that Elvernia was their only child, and she may have siblings somewhere, if at all.

Personality: naive, Optimistic, warmhearted, sometimes foolish

Worshiped by: most beings with good intention

Symbols: an open hand with a heart on its palm

Divine weapon: A harp

Preferred blessing: Breathtaking looks, success in love

Preferred curse: a forever broken heart, Deep sadness

Holy City State: Kethra, a city that fell into ruin after it was taken over by Followers of Vescteseg. This also killed off a race of docile, peaceful beings called the Amoria, who were created by Elvernia to represent pure love and harmony. They were similar to elves, but had beautiful feathered wings and refused to fight or kill, leading to their quick demise.

Most notable creation: Love, Amorians, Harmony, Naivety

Preferred form of worship: devoted worship and respect

They say that Elvernia often disguises as a child when visiting the moral world, because she admires the pure innocence in which they possess. Also, she is known to be rather submissive to the other gods, because she is very weak in comparison to them, both physically and mentally. However, she is very capable of empathy and understanding for others, as she is very in-tune with the emotions centered around pain and regret. She is absolutely loathed by some of the gods and goddesses because of her sheer foolishness and overoptimism. She is often noted as flighty and obsessive, but also nurturing and compassionate. She is sometimes represented as a goddess of motherhood, but while this has some credibility to it, she does not claim it as part of her title. This misconception started when a mortal tribe gained access to sacred records of a fallen temple, but misinterpreted them. This is also part of the reason Aeristhatia is noted as a Goddess of happiness, when in reality she is not, nor upholds the title. Elvernia changes into a rabbit partly because of their habit of multiplying and reproducing. Although some call it crude, she views it as an example of constant devotion and affinity, so the rabbit is frequent in her doctrines. She has an extreme distaste for murder and imprisonment, as she believes anyone can heal from their crimes.

So begins...

Elvernia, Goddess of Love's Story

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(this may be a long-overdue and desperate attempt to resurrect this dead RP, but I'll try my best.)
Elvernia opened her eyes. The sky before her reached endlessly until even the faintest lights were still visible. She always loved the Etherial sky, the way it never stayed the way it was a moment before. She watched as hints of red came creeping around its edges, restlessly making their way to the center. Elvernia was unaware of the time that was passing, and couldn't care less. With tones of purple, the red began to make its way to the center of the sky, enveloping her senses with a deep sense of awakening and renewal. The twinkling stars began to give off a faint orange light. Soon, she could see spots of gold and yellow gently lining the horizon. It was sunrise. As the lights began to fade, a silence fell, almost as if the sky were hushed, waiting. The sun was soon to come. As if in an instant, a bright blue light, shot across the sky, wisping its way around the celestia. Soon, the whole sky was enveloped in a shade of brilliant blue, and as if on command, the sun rose in full splendor over the horizon. Golden beams reached across the sky, delicately stroking the newly formed clouds. The sun was hardly halfway risen; yet its majesty was incomparable to anything else in the sky. Elvernia sighed. It was beautiful. How she wished she could reach up and touch that majestic orb of light and feel the warmth and love it possessed. She closed her eyes again, letting the rays of morning sun dance across her face. After standing in the same position for quite some time, she opened her eyes and gazed around the scenery. "Good morning, Etheria. I'm glad you are awake."