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Pantheon: Whims of the Gods

Temple of the Mind's Eye


a part of Pantheon: Whims of the Gods, by Lord Valerian.

The Holy Land of the god Kurn.

Lord Valerian holds sovereignty over Temple of the Mind's Eye, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Temple of the Mind's Eye is the holy city where the first man to reach spiritual clarity did so. It is here that the Order of the Stable Winds reside and try to reach clarity and understanding of the universe.
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Temple of the Mind's Eye

The Holy Land of the god Kurn.


Temple of the Mind's Eye is a part of Etheria.

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Hazarmaveth [4] "How soon cut this transcient life is, at least they shall find solace in the afterlife."
Aeristhatia [3] "I find that laughter is very effective at killing pain, especially when its at the expense of others."
Kurn, God of Enlightenment [2] "Why don't you try thinking about it first?" (wip)
Vescteseg [1] "When you fall, and you will fall, you, body, mind, and soul, shall belong to me."
Selyse [1] "The other gods can muddle about with their vaunted strength, I however shall stick to magic"
Entorios [1] "All beings, be they wise or be they not, understand music."

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Kurn, God of Enlightenment

Sitting in his temple in a high chamber, Kurn looked down at the three hundred witnesses who had come by choice to view the quest second hand at Kurn's temple. The Odd God as he was called currently took the form of a decrepit old man with pure white hair and a beard almost down to his waist and light blue robes. He carried a long twisted staff which helped him walk. He stood and took several steps forwards to look over the veranda at the crowd who now roared with applause. Kurn said nothing as he tapped his staff on the stone, summoning all the gods who had come to Lycaon's call last meeting to his temple and at the same time opening his temple doors.

The crowd rushed inside and found stone pews waiting to seat them in front of a one hundred foot tall and forty foot wide mirror where most of Kurn's offerings were left. As soon as everyone was seated Kurn took his own seat and changed the mirror so that it showed Lycaon's opening speech to the questing group and followed them to the edge of Ulm's territory where it would show their progress. Kurn had larger seats on a second floor viewing the mirror for each god to sit, each seat designed after the god's powers.

Kurn waited for the others to arrive and greeted them all individually with a bow and welcome. He had food set out for the mortals that would constantly replenish, and a special table upstairs for the gods to use. Kurn had made sure to make it entertaining so the god's table was strewn with foods from exotic locations and even from the future, as Kurn was able to connect with his future conciousness and 'travel' through time to get candy, popcorn and other future foods.

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"I would so argue too that non-mortals have equal room to grow," he says somewhat quietly. "Why do we hold ourselves so above others? After all, in death we are the same."

Hazarmaveth is suddenly distracted, his head snapping towards the man who died and glides over with great speed. He catches the man as he falls spreading out his essence like the wings of a bird, a blue ethereal light emitting from his body, eyes, and chest and his flame brightly ablaze. He starts performing the Rite of Sending, a rare sight to be seen.

"Rest, rest now, ye weary soul,
through Shalom's gate you shall go.

Eyes they shall weep for thee,
first of sorrow and then of glee.

And all burdens be left behind,
out of sight, out of mind.

Rest, rest now.

Softly he lays the man down in a resting position, positioning his hands on his chest and closing his eyes with a shadowy hand, he then looks over to the others, his essence laying down back and no longer glowing, streams of black run down from his eyes. "Have him buried, and appropriately so."

Hazarmaveth picks up his staff and slowly rises, the black tears burn away into what appears as smoke.

"Adamant apple? The fairest?" He questions, carefully pacing about the scene. "What meaning is there to this?"

At the Ulmish Mountains...

Borne had headed towards Orest, ready to follow him to Ulm.

"Let us be courteous, Ulm has given us a great honor to stand before him and it would be rude of us to turn him down." Borne says, looking back to Nymeria, making ever so subtle motions with his hand hoping she would get the signal: They intercepted us, he already knows.. He does not care if Orest sees it, as long as it is delivered. He turns to Fenris.

"Perhaps you could play a song to Ulm if he wishes, after-all, who hates music?" After saying this he nods his head. Trusting you. "We accept, lead the way. We shall keep this civil as long as it continues to be as such."

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Aeristhatia crossed her arms in front of her from the back of the room, unseen by the other gods. (goddesses, for those who care about that sort of thing.) She heard the conversations being held between Lycaon and Klethi. Although she was anxious to try the food, she remained silent. (an incredibly hard feat for one who laughs like a child on steroids.) Time passed as the contention grew stronger between Klethi and Lycaon. It was painfully obvious who would win the argument.

Mercutio found himself quite pleased as he stuffed his face with perishables from the saddlebag. He heard something that made him burst from the pouch. What he saw before him was the biggest creature he had ever seen. Food dropped from his open mouth as he gazed in awe and wonder. Several monstrous men stood before them, one bigger than the rest. All that could be heard from Merc was a tiny squeak as he dove back into the depths of the pack. Listening through the thick material, he could not make sense of what Fenris was saying. He slowly stuffed a pastry into his mouth as he tried to make sense of the mumbled words. Who or whatever these things were, they looked hungry for platy-potpie. He slowly reached a webbed hand out from the opening in the bag, and felt the top of the animal's back. Where was Fenris? All he felt was the course fur of the warg...

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Kurn, God of Enlightenment

The Odd God paced around the upper floor and watched the large mirror currently showing the quest. He was calm as he moved from one end of the balcony to the other but there was obviously something troubling him. He could feel his future self becoming stressed over something and instinctively looked down at the mortals viewing the quest with the gods. One of the men below caught Kurn's eye, and realized he was about to smash the mirror by running into it. Kurn sighed and knew he should have never let the mortals have alcohol in his temple.

With a flash Kurn appeared in front of the drunken man and made a display of him. Kurn's form became a bright golden man with angel's wings made of light but was shrouded by black ash clouds. Kurn engulfed the man in his light and vanished from existence. He dropped the man in Azal where he would fit in just fine with the other alcoholics and then reappeared in his temple. His form was now the short white haired youth he was at Lycaon's meeting as he watched the mortals below him become confused as to what just happened.

Without warning Kurn's loud voice echoed from every corner of the hall down at the mortal group. "Respect is to be had while you all are here. Remember this is my gift to you, treat it as one." With that Kurn turned back to the other gods and smiled. "Sorry about that, resume your past activities."