Lilith Tyrrell

The Shadow Assassin

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a character in “Paradise Fallen”, as played by Vasilisa*van*Morren


Age: 22

Gender: female

Immortal: The Shadow Assassin



Personality: Lilith firmly believes actions speak louder than words. Her tendency to disappear and reappear abruptly is both methodical and pointed. When she speaks, her words tend to have a double meaning and leave you with more questions than answers.
She prides herself on being a ghost, untraceable. Allusive and agile, she can rarely be kept out of places she wishes to enter, or vice versa. Locks amuse. Light of foot and incredibly lithe, her natural guise is night, and she finds sanctuary in high, unreachable places, such as towers.
Despite being nimble, her physical strength is minimal. Her cunning and intelligence serve her best. Because of her affinity for being invisible, she has had ample time to observe others. She can speak in various tongues and knows odds and ends about almost every craft. Particularly, natural and synthetic poisons fascinate her, and often find their way to her fingertips, or in other peopleโ€™s goblets.
Secretive, quiet, Lilith enjoys being alone, but finds solace in the company of her cousin, who is her closest friend. When irritable, she is both pessimistic and snarky. She convinces herself that she likes being on the outskirts of society, hidden, enigmatic, and as unrestrained and unconfirmed as a feared rumor.

Powers/Abilities: Lilith can move about unseen, especially in the hours of darkness. Some believe the assassin has the ability to subtly control shadow, disguising and concealing herself with its shady veil. But itโ€™s hard to say. An ear for the minutest sounds, vision as keen as a hawk, and a nose that can detect the individual ingredients in a meat pie, perhaps her most dangerous power is her unquenchable hunger for life (having it at her mercy, mainly), to a point of greed.
Her weapon of choice is a dagger (or two), but she has an arsenal of poisons as well.

Lilith's father died in a mining accident. Her mother died soon thereafter, unable to work to support herself and young daughter, and unable to manage the grief of her husband's death. Lilith's aunt (her mother's sister), took her five-year-old niece in, rather than having her roam the streets, a shame to the family. Her aunt and uncle became her parents, and her cousin, Jaime, became her brother and confidante.
When, tragically, both her aunt and uncle died too (as a result of an illegal crime ring that interfered with their business), Lilith and her cousin used their inherited affluence and influence to form a crime organization of their own.

So begins...

Lilith Tyrrell's Story