Amanda Whitchapel

The unassuming teacher.

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Amanda Whitchapel


Basic Information
  • Full name: Amanda Elizabeth Whitchapel
  • Age: 23
  • Date of birth: February 10th, 1853
  • Status: Unmarried, living with her family
  • Job(s): Works at the school teaching English, helps one the farm and is in the process of learning how to shoot a gun.

Appearance and Personality

    When one first sees Amanda, you'd be struck first by her height. She doesn't tower, but she has a graceful, undeniably tall presence that is not often seen on a woman. Her height she inherited from her father, but apart from that, she does not resemble the other members of her family. She has mousy beige hair that she leaves tied in a simple plait most of the time. Her face is strangely angular, with a straight, sweeping nose and narrow, expressive lips. Her eyes are a light hazel brown colour, and her eyes are framed by narrow, elegant eyebrows.

    Most of the time, she wears a simple, practical brown dress that allows unrestricted movement. She wears a belt around her waist where her revolver is kept, and most astonishingly, she wears a cowboy hat on her head, to protect from the harsh sun. During summer months, the woman a dress which is a little lighter, and has short, puffed sleeves. Dress pictured is Sunday best.

    As you might have guessed by now, Amanda is a frustratingly practical person. Never one to follow the fashions or socialise much, Amanda is a woman who prefers to simply get things done. She hates dawdlers, time-wasters and slow people. A fiercely independent woman in a world where women are usually not, she often finds that men are slightly taken aback at how acerbic she is. She loves to throw darts in the saloon, and wants to learn to ride a horse. Although she's often seen as the quiet one, she's definitely one to watch...


Early years:
    During the early years, Amanda was living in San Francisco. Her family had moved to the area during the Gold Rush, and then never moved away. She grew up in a poor neighbourhood, but the family soon became relatively wealthy, and continued to live on modest, but steady wages.
'Teenage' years:
    It was during the years of 13-19 that Amanda grew to the woman she is now. Walking home from school, she was set upon by an unknown man. After the event, the woman refused to speak of what had happened to her, but she withdrew into herself. Becoming more than a little introverted, the girl often stayed in her room in the family house. However, over the years she managed to gain some kind of education, and got a simple secretary job. When her father lost his job however in late 1871, the family decided something: they were moving to Paraiso, the town they'd heard of that was beginning to boom. In 1872, the family upped sticks and moved to the town, to start a new life there.
Paraiso years:
    The move was, to start off with, strange and startling for the young woman. She'd become so accustomed to her static life that the move rattled her. However, the new town opened up a world of opportunities, and Amanda soon found that the harsh environment was beneficial, enjoyable even. She got a job as a school mistress, and this is her story...


Amanda owns a Colt Dragoon Revolver, second model, which she is learning to fire. It's old-fashioned, but trustworthy, and was a 21st birthday present from her family. Bought secondhand. Link.


    Jonathan Whitchapel, a tall man, quiet man with a fondness for good ale. Wishes to be more intelligent, and loves a good book. Works long hours in the silver mine. Loves his children, and wishes for them to succeed in life. Can often be found at the saloon or the mine.

    Sallie Whitchapel, a short woman in comparison to her husband, who busies herself with chores, housekeeping and mending clothes. She looks after Amanda's three younger siblings, and can often be seen yelling at Terrence or Thomas, or sewing busily on the family's front porch. Likes a good gossip, and longs to be back in the city.

Terrence and Thomas Whitchapel:
    Two six year old twin boys, who like to make trouble. Latest prank, tipping all the ale out of the town drunk's mug without him realising.

Jean Whitchapel:
    A pretty ten year old girl who helps her mother with the chores, and is Amanda's only sister. Attends class under her big sister, and is shy and polite to a fault.

Winston Whitchapel:
    The 25 year old eldest son of the family, set to inherit whatever Jonathan leaves behind on his death. His name is inherited from his dead grandfather, alongside his terrible attitude to women and his heavy-drinking ways. He works... but only when he has to to get by.

So begins...

Amanda Whitchapel's Story