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Blakelynn Daniels

"I'm here to do a job. Protect the King and that's it. I have more things to worry about than your stupidity.."

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a character in “Paranormal Lovers”, as played by Just Sayin'


The Vampire King's Lead Guard; The Captain


Blair's actual name is Blakelynn. Even though it would have much easier to say her name was "Blake," when portraying her brother she decided not to. Her family called her 'Blake' for short, so she wanted something new. Therefore, when she came to the King as a "man," she stated her name was Blair. That is what everyone knows her as. Only that. She doesn't like pet names, it's one way to get under her skin and bug her to no end.

Age (Real Age):
Blair was changed at the young age of Seventeen. (However, her real age is aproximately five hundred twenty-three years old.)

"Male" (Actually, of course, a Female. However, she is to portray her role as a man.)

By the merely glancing at Blair you will see the looks of a rather boyish man. She stands at the height of five foot eight inches(5'8") which is pretty tall for a female, grant you, but not real intimidating when you're suppose to be a male. Her weight peaks at one hundred twenty-nine pounds(129 lbs.), once again, making her appear weak to the naked eye. However, she covers said weakness with the attire she wears proudly. Whenever out, may it be to simply speak with the King himself, or to run the rare errand, Blair is always seen in the traditional armor. That's right, in the gleaming metal of her gauntlets, boots(which come to the knee), shoulder pads, and chest plate baring the kingdom's emblem. Can't forget the helmet, of course. It is the main part of her disguise! Clearly covering the thick, chocolate brown waves of hair that usually cascade to the middle of her back(if ever left down). However, it is always pulled back into a thick braided bun; careful that is stuffed beneath her helmet which is constantly upon her small head. To make herself look "bulkier," she has took layers and layers of cloth and sewn the pieces in the shoulders of many of her shirts. These shirts she wears beneath her armor, making her "petite" rounded shoulders look broad and masculine. As for the breast area, she has a solution for that as well! She has for years now. To cover such womanly assets, she takes large strips of cloth and wraps them around her chest multiple times. However, this is not really needed because of her baggy shirts and armor that usually cover everything. Can't be too cautious, right?
Blair's face, naturally, is another problem. Obviously, her face holds a very feminine look; she is a girl after all, despite her aggressive personality. Her facial features are soft, from her gently curved chin, up to her full, soft pouty lips and high cheekbones. Due to this, Blair usually has dirt and grim smuged along her button nose, across her cheeks, chin, forehead, and so on to make these features look less.. Apparent. It usually works, lucky her, because most think she's dirty because of training, fighting, etc, etc. They have not a clue. Surprisingly, females find Blair attractive. Maybe it's the way she carries herself, always at her full height, walking proud and a bit cocky. Maybe it's the natural way the left side of her smooth lips curve into a devious smile. Or maybe it is the her eyes.. Those electrify eyes that shine an emerald green in color, like a lush forest surrounded by long, thick black eyelashes. Whatever it may be, Blair finds it absolutely hilarious. Though she must play the part of a man to save her own hide, she is most definitely not attracted to women at the least bit.
She's attracted to people who are stronger than she, as odd as it may seem. And truth be told, there aren't many women who are stronger. Day upon tiring day Blair must play the strict role of Captain of the Guards to the King of Vampires. She must act and look a certain way. However, the times she's absolutely sure she's alone.. She becomes Blakelynn once again. Blakelynn who sometimes seems to be just a fragment of who she is anymore. Beneath that bulky armor and manly appearance is most definitely a woman. Her figure is evenly curved in the places needed to be, her height in neatly trimmed legs which lead up to nicely spaced hips. Her skin is, surprisingly, a bit tan, leaving her radiating health. She's lithe, with an envied bone-structure, but she is no fairy. Don't be alarmed if you catch a flash of trim muscle when she moves; training has given her that much, besides calloused palms.
All in all Blair's an attractive character, over-looking the few scars grazing her skin here or there. And she'll always be twice the man you can only wish to be...

"Does playing the role of your long-dead brother count?" Blair is the Vampire King's head Guard. He(She) is the first one on the line to save his royal ass. Captain and Head Honcho over the other guards. Got a problem with it? Take it up with him! Or should I say her? Pfft. Whatever. Do what you want.. Then again, don't. That is, unless you'd like to lose an arm or leg today.

Growing up with two older brothers and a father has taught Blair how to defend herself, and fight for what she needs. Just because she was the youngest she was not just handed things. Her father was actually rather cruel. At a young age, around nine, Blair began teaching herself hand-to-hand combat; not without the help of her brothers here and there, that is. She grew a liking to the fight. Maybe it was the adrenaline, but she never failed to get a thrill everytime she beat the living crap out of the neighborhood boys who tried giving her lip. It was a passion, hand-to-hand combat, and she's never let it go. She's good at that and finding certain pressure points to knock-out and or paralyze her victims. Something she came across years ago. Blair's also handy with swords, especially dual-wielding, it's her favorite.
She is alright with a bow an arrow, but not extremely accurate; she's better with close combat. Blair also is good with different things, like running and climbing. She can run for long distances at a fair pace, but once she's tired.. she's tired. Climbing is like a second nature. When she can get away she likes climbing high in the branches of a large elm to read(the lore of other species), write(of what she's learned when training), think, etc. Blair is full of feral grace and actions, hint the reason she can stay hidden in the shadows, watching with a predatory gaze.
As for what she carries around: She has two long, twin-bladed swords she keeps in sheathes on her back, making an 'X.' She also has two thin-bladed daggers hidden away in her boots. Not to mention the broad-bladed dagger she has strapped in a sheath against her right thigh. The boy(girl) is always prepared. Around her bed room many swords, daggers, bows(crossbows), axes, polearms, and so on hang on the walls. She's proud of her collection.

Blair is the type who kicks ass then takes names after blood has been carelessly spilt. She holds a very mysterious aura wherever she goes; she's not one to simply converse with a stranger. She usually watches said stranger for awhile, picking out their weak points and so forth before she even trying to strike up a "conversation." She's not good with small talk, and it usually leaves her flustered. She'd rather brawl than anything. If you have not guessed it, Blair is a real physical person. May it be fighting or the simple hand gestures she makes. Sometimes when speaking she finds herself placing a hand on the person she's talking to's shoulder. Of course, when she realizes it she quickly retracts that hand of her's and backs up.
She never lets someone unknown to her have the upper unless they prove themselves worthy of it; she's dominant in most respects. Blair is fiesty almost to the point it keeps some people away due to the way she was raised up. Not having a motherly figure in a young lady's life can do that. She is, to put it clearly, bold and blunt. Yet, she won't bother you unless you bother her. However, it would not be a good idea to do so. Like stated before she's most likely to use physical force to end a pointless dispute than verbal wit; it's surprised a few people in the past. When yanked into an argument it's safe to say Blair can be witty herself, however. And what's a verbal fight without sarcasm? Blair is full of it. She likes getting under peoples skin time to time.
Despite her sligh- okay, fully aggressive side I'm postive there's a part of Blair that isn't all brute force. Once you peel back that "manly" facade she has masking Blakelynn you'll find a rather civilized girl. She's fairly intelligent and loves engaging in conversation that she finds interesting. She is just a fiery girl(boy :P) full of pride and respect for herself and people who earn it. She values and adores the simple things in life like a good book, forestry, etc. And she'd much rather have a gift that was made by hand than bought. Difficult to get close to and wild beyond belief, once you earn her trust and respect you'll find yourself with a loyal friend. Blair is not all big and bad. She has multiple weaknesses, and sometimes has to be reminded that she, indeed, is a woman. Despire what she portrays..
(I'll add on about her history soon. :]

Blair carries a simple locket beneath her attire. The picture it holds inside is unknown to everyone but herself.
Also, once every week she must inject herself with a strange, purple serum into the large vein in her neck. No one ever sees her doing so, a trunk of the stuff being hidden away beneath her bed. However, one week a maid caught Blair trembling uncontrollably as he(she) tripped and stumbled towards his(her) chambers. Whatever it is, once every two months Blair disappears only to return with another trunk full of serum. No one usually asks.
Strange as it may seem, Blair finds vampire blood more appealing than humans. This she would admit to no one. It is rare that she ever gets to indulge in such a treat.
Might Add More Here

"Blakelynn, is that yo-"
"Shh-h!" Blair whispered, placing a hand over the male's mouth to silence him at once. "You mustn't speak, just listen to me carefully." she whispered frantically, gaze flickering to tree to tree among the forest. It was dangerous having him out here. Almost too dangerous. The boy stared at Blair wide-eyed. "If I remove my hand do you promise to not to speak, just to listen?" she asked, wondering if she should do the "Blink once for yes, twice for no" thing. Knowing Joseph, she should have. However, he just nodded in understanding to her request.
Blair held Joseph's gaze, eyes burning like emerald flames. She slowly removed her hand from his mouth. "Blakelynn!! We've been so worried! We-"
"Joseph!" Blair hissed, flashing her enlogated fangs at him in warning. He immediately blanched, stumbling back just a mere inch. His back hit the trunk of a large tree.
"Yes," she countered him, voice back to a soothing whisper. "I am a vampire." she murmured, lowering her head just a bit, as if she were ashamed. It had been two weeks since she had been transformed into the vile beast she was now for all eternity. She had sought out Joseph, the middle sibling and her closest brother. Of course, Blakelynn(Blair) was close to Gabriel, Joseph and her just got along better. Plus, she had to tell someone of what had happened to her.
"That bastard!!" Joseph exploded, his hands balling into fists at his sides. "How dare he-" he trailed off once he noticed the blazing furry in his sister's gaze. "Sorry," he whispered "When did they do this to you?"
Blair's green eyes hardened the slightest bit, the only hint of her agony. "A couple weeks ago,but that's not important, Joseph, listen.." she began, placing a hand on her brother's shoulder, though he was almost a foot taller than her. "You must tell papa and Gabriel I am dead. That you heard word of me dying in the local market. If they question you how, make up something. Do you understand?" Joseph's face paled once more. That was when the throbbing of the large vein in his neck became apparent to Blair. She swallowed hard.
"Do. You. Understand?" she questioned once more, voice steel and grounded. Her brother frowned, not aware of the predatory gaze that had entered his sister's eyes. He squeezed his eyes shut.
"You have not gave me much to go by, but yes, sister, I understand." Josephed murmured painfully, hazel eyes flashing open to meet Blair's emerald ones. She had got considerly closer. He was not comforted by this thought.
"Good," she said in a clipped tone, taking a deep breath. "Now do something for me."
"Leave this forest.. Now."
Joseph straightened up, yet he visibly shook with fear. This was not the Blakelynn he knew."But why? We take not spoken in weeks.." his voice was meek, unsure. Blair's green eyes darkened to a color black as the night sky above.
"Because I'm becoming thirsty,"

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Blakelynn Daniels's Story