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Skylar Ksenia

"I'm a Hunter, not the prey."

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a character in “Paranormal Lovers”, as played by Made.of.Concrete


Demon’s Captain of the Guards


Skye, Ax or S.

Age (Real Age):
19 (1873)


Looks (descriptive + must include height – anything not in, or not apparent in, the picture!)
Skye just reaches 5'5, not tall but not what you could call short either and weighs just around 60kg. She has plain light wavy blonde hair that is normally in a front braid or tied back tightly -sometimes resulting in her hair seeming spiky at the front, leaving it out annoys her to no end. The teen has hollow looking dark cobalt blue eyes with much lighter blue flecks surround her pupils, giving off the effect of clouds in the night sky (hence reason for her name). Three piercings in her left ear and two in her right.
Good fitting black pants with two matching black straps on both thighs that hold small pouches to her legs. Mid shin high army boots with silver protective plates welded onto the front. A dark navy blue turtle neck sweater with sleeves that are rolled up to her elbows. A medium sized buckle sits at the middle of her chest -protecting her heart, holding two straps that make an 'X' over her front and back, easily holding her giant blade. Elbow length, fingerless black leather gloves protect her hands and wrists when training. Silver buckles hold the gloves tightly to her skin.

Demon Captain

Skills/Equipment (meaning martial-arts training, favourite weapon and so on. Not relevant to the sisters)
A sharp bladed sword that stands at least five inches above Skylar's own height. It is curved upwards at the end with a rough jagged silver tip. The handle for the blade is a plain black, as with it all. Her sword is usually strapped to her back facing diagonally down -that being because is held upright it would drag across the floor. She calls it her "Broken Blade" for its past and her own, it signifies the day she changed. The blonde isn't held to one blade/sword/weapon, Skylar takes large pride in her array of collected knives, swords, stakes, needles and others that she has gathered over the century's.
Skylar is also gifted with the gift of great strength, meaning she can lift and wield objects that most could not. Though after extensive use of such strength it can often weaken her upper body muscles and cause large tears in the muscles. Let's put it this way, she could break a medium sized boulder or crack a spine easily. Skylar takes pride in being what she is, she studies hard in understanding the Lykae/Vampire/Demon body and how everything works, knowing the quickest way to kill, the most painful break and one of her favourites; nerves and their systems. This is a great advantage for her to have in battle. It shows her skill and right to be a Captain.

Skylar is a naturally 'humorous' person, making people laugh is a fun thing for her to do; she will go out of her way and embarrass herself for a few laughs -meaning sometimes she might say something without actually thinking it through -strange for a heartless Demon ne?. Though she does have off days and times when she hates the world and if you know what's good for you, you'll hold back from saying anything about her height. She's mainly a person who just takes things as they come, she won't put up with people thinking they know who she is, because really; no one has a fucking clue.
That's just the type of person Skylar is, she does her best and if that means putting a few bitches into place then by all means she will. And that's Skylar's serious side, the other half of her that is mainly out when dealing with annoying situations or times when humour is not the best answer. The blonde haired girl is a natural fighter, I wouldn't go as far as saying killing's in her blood, but I can say that she wouldn't hesitate o kill and feel little remorse afterwards.

C'mon, she's over two centaurs old, she knows right from wrong.

She does not believe in love, she's more of an.... "Emotionally unavalible" kind of Demon.

Skylar believes immortality is best than living a human life where you have a life span, she hates the thought of knowing death is only a few years away.
Six years after their birth, and twins Skylar Ksenia and Delila Charisse were six years of age. Their brother Ichiro, was eleven. It was now when Delila became sick, a blood decease that killed off her cells at a faster rate in which they could reproduce. She was given three years tops to live before her heart would have no more healthy cells to pump around the body.
Their mother was sick with distraught, never leaving her youngest side for weeks at a time, both locked up inside. Hyroniemus was already an unpredictable, strict and emotionally dethatched man. The news of his youngest becoming sick impossibly hardened him even more.

Throughout the first six months of Delila falling ill, their father would sometimes snap and strike out at whoever was around, unfortunately Skylar always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
When the twins turned twelve is was a shock to everyone that the youngest girl was still alive. Their father thought she was a devil child, their mother chose the best thing to do and ran away with her youngest and eldest, leaving her middle daughter in the hands of her father.

It was a funny thing, Skylar's father never did strike her after their family ran, instead he trained her to the best of his ability.

She got the nickname "Ax" by a fellow guard (Hunter) who first saw her killing with the sword that she swung like a tree chopper with his handy axe.

Hunter watched his friend from his sitting position against a wall in the gym. He was happily getting time on how long it would take before all the blood would rush to her head and how fast she would fall unconscious.

Skye stared at the floor in concentration, she had to keep the thought of weighing little less that a feather in her mind. But the feeling of your own blood flowing happily to your head in one big hit was a bit of a put off. Shaking the thought from mind she continued, focusing on the floor. Still the bugging feeling of her friend watching was beginning to eat away at her patience. "If all you're going to do is sit there and watch, the least you could do is get me a towel." She called in annoyance, watching a drop of seat fall from her nose and onto the ground.

"Y'know, standing on your head all day doesn't really do much for you." Hunter stated, chucking a towel at his now vertical sister. "Actually it builds upper arm strength and does a great deal for a person's metal capability and concentration." Was her reply. Sighing in slight annoyance he dragged a hand through his naturally tousled hair. "Weights still work better." Pulling herself into a sitting position Skye replied without so much as a glance to her older companion, "As far as I'm concerned all weights do for a person's physical capabilities is add un-needed body fat and contribute to the males ever growing pride." Hunter stopped his movements. "Wow, why to ruin the mood Ax."

Dark eyes flicked to him. "In our line of work there is no room for default. 'Mood', as you put it can only hinder the abilities needed to get the job done." And with that Skye stood, collecting her bag and leaving her brother to his thoughts.
Hunter watched her leave with narrowing amber eyes. 'All this because her cat died.'

So begins...

Skylar Ksenia's Story


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The setting changes from Dothri Regum to Earth


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Skylar Ksenia

Gloved hands held the small object easily in view, thumbs brushing over the hallowed eye sockets thoughtfully before continuing over each crack and chip with less interest than she held for the ivory coloured skull at first look. "So where's the rest of you?" The question hung unanswered in the air for many minutes, the lack of wind causing the words to flop soundlessly to the lush green ground. Carelessly the black clad figure stood from her previously crouched position to a more upright stand, right hand closing over the left side of the skull with unnecessary force as she did so. A placid expression settled across her shadowed features, an almost acrimonious air found itself settled around the lone figure and the cracking cranium. "I guess they're right when they say the dead only speak to the deserving," the monotone voice commented, "though I'd think it would be nice to know how your head ended up here of all places..." She trailed off having nothing left to say to the un-answering head. Though this was merely a small bump in the road, Skylar didn't really expect having a general conversation with the skull to actually do anything, so there was still plan Bravo, Charlie and Delta.

The Demon Captain turned from the site in which she found the lone skull, feeling exceedingly indifferent after her unsuccessful outing. Though Skylar couldn't help but wonder where the rest of the body was, with her knowledge of the human body she estimated that the death of the person belonging to the head had only been a few weeks... She knew the skin for certain had been eaten away by worms and burrowing bugs, they had left a warm trail but for how the head had come decapitated from the body was still a mystery to her. The bottom jaw was still intact yet there were signs of small fractures leading up to its joint with the top jaw. It was too much of a clean cut to of been made by a simple knife or dagger, yet the fractures and chips suggested a weapon much smaller than her own but bigger than a normal wood cutting axe. "It's possible for the victims neck to of been broken then the head severed off after he, or she was dead... But that would mean more fractures to the back of the skull..." Running a gloved hand through her slightly unkempt hair, Skylar decided it best to show one of the coroners back at the barracks where she herself dealt with most of her work and training -instead of the Kings own coroner who resided in the palace.
But of course that would have to wait until she returned home.

A quick glance at the darkened sky was enough to tell Skylar that it was soon to be moon-high here in Earth, the sun had finally left to rest and allowed the moon to a rise. To quite the contrary belief, Skylar -even being a demon- wasn't one to spend her entire day out in the sunlight, but then again she wasn't one for the ebony black of night either. Endurable to both with none she favoured. The demon captain enjoyed her repulsion to having one set like over another, it gave her an advantage in most things and allowed her to answer plainly with not having to explain her choice over something so childish and time consuming.

The blonde haired woman continued at a slow pace through the quiet streets of wherever this was on Earth, casting no looks at the modern looking houses and scenery. Everyday something seemed to change, so why bother making an effort to look around? Skylar found no need to waste time taking in details of a place she'll more than likely never visit again. She made it her duty to know every single nook and cranny of the place she called home, not some human inhabited land.
Without much thought she made her way up towards the place her King resided, casually wiping the remaining dirt off the skull without a body.


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She listened silently as he went on his little rant and started feeling contempt and utter disgust for him

"Fine, let's say you are king... Who would respect a man that can't keep his temper in check?" She let the disdain ooze out of her voice, looking him in the eyes. With people like this, she had to show her superiority. Alara was the one in control and this man... was the... prize? No, the word didn't seem to fit exactly, but she figured she could find a different word later. "What sane person would let them rule over them? They must be fools,"

Alara jotted down the reasons that Narek had stated. "Let's be clear on this..." She paused to let her cold tone of voice sink in. "I have no desire to be 'friends', it's people like you that make the world a bitter place. You can scratch your own back, I'll merely supervise and get you out of this mess you got yourself into."

She wasn't sure if her words even made any sense but she was sure the meaning was clear. She didn't like him. People like him repulsed her and she would do her job. Damn, if Norman hadn't called... if it had been someone else, Alara would have just walked out of there. "Obviously, you think of yourself very highly, however, in the court room, the judge is king and you will address him with the preferred title of, 'your honor'. Failure to do so, will be a strike against you. Another thing, do not speak unless I tell you to. With that mouth of yours, you might even lengthen your sentence or punishment."

Alara ran a hand through her thick black hair, out of her pale angular face. "It's your choice, really. Cooperate, or don't"


He gazed down at the servant girl and couldn't help but crack a blank, empty smile. It kind of amused him to feel her shake under his grip. Even as she spoke casual words, her voice held the fear she felt for him. Who wouldn't fear him at his state? Hell... even he didn't really know what to think anymore.

"Come along then." He walked fast, knowing Lena would stumble at his pace. His face and mind felt frozen, his jaw was clenched tight and his hands were clenched. He could feel his nails dig into the girl's flesh and felt the beating of her rapid pulse. Or was he imagining it.... On the way back down the stairs, Yeremy put on the mask of pleasantry as the two met up with the captain of the guards.

"Captain Skylar. Good evening." Yeremy dipped his slightly, swiftly. He did not need to do more as he was higher in ranking. Yeremy continued to walk down the stairs and took a turn to a hall that would lead to the outdoors. The urge to lose all self control was rapidly eating at him and he burst through the doors with his shoulder.

The cold air hit his handsome face and he started running. Yeremy didn't know where or why but he started running anyway. Before he did though, he tossed Lena onto his shoulder. She wouldn't be able to keep up and she weighed almost nothing.
Yeremy must have ran for about an hour when he came to a sudden stop at a large oak tree. He stood still for a moment before setting the servant down. Yeremy sank to the ground against the rough bark of the tree, head in his hands.


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#, as written by Mela

Lena didn't speak, she didn't react really either as Yeremy dragged her, yes, actually dragged her along. She merely tried to keep up, chanting the words I'll be fine, over an over in her head. She ignored the pain of Yeremy's grip, having felt much worse, and she realized she was too slow to keep up with the demon, so she started running and almost bumped into Yeremy when he stopped to greet the captain, though she managed to stop herself mere inches from him and took a deep breath. She didn't have time to curtsy for the Captain as was the norm, because Yeremy was on the move again the second she'd truly caught her breath.

Where is he taking me?! Lena almost asked him, that was how desperate she was. He'd never taken her with him like this. She'd been wrong earlier... this was not the real Yeremy, this was much worse. She didn't understand what was wrong with him, but she registered enough to know that he was anxious to get out for some reason. She kept running after him, even when the frontdoors almost slammed into her. She gasped, retracting just a little to not have the door hit her in the face, but Yeremy kept pulling at her, so they did hit her, though only on the shoulder. She could feel her heart beat faster and faster and she knew Yeremy would be able to tell as well. She could only imagine what kind of perverted pleasure he'd take in the fact.

Before she realized he'd even lifted her, Yeremy had her pinned on his shoulder, moving at a pace humans could hardly see. She gasped, but shut herself up in the next instant. She'd said enough already and really wouldn't want to make things worse for herself. So instead, little Lena bit her lip and watched trees and people pass by with widened, scared eyes. She should have closed them, she knew, but she didn't like to not know what was going on, or how to find her way back to the mansion in case Yeremy decided to leave her some strange place.

It felt like forever, this ride of hers, and she'd hated it at first, fear flowing through her with every beat of her heart, but Lena had calmed after about 20 minutes... well, not entirely, but enough for her to enjoy the beauty of the wind. It was cold, and even more so because of Yeremy's speed, but she didn't complain, even as she could feel goosebumps spreading all over her skin. Then he suddenly put her down, causing Lena to sigh with relief. He hadn't thrown her, but had gently put her down. It seemed odd that he'd do so if he had set out to punish her. Her mind was reeling, her body quite unbalanced from adrenaline and shock, and she didn't even want to talk about the nausea creeping up on her. Lena rubbed her forehead a little, before realizing that Yeremy wasn't looming over her, or touching her, or even talking to her. She frowned to see him, head in hands against the oak tree he'd apparently stopped at.

She didn't know what to do. Why did he bring me? she wondered, perplexed at this new side to the adviser. She had known him for centuries, but in all that time, he had not shown her this side. This was sincere. It wasn't mean, hurtful or even fake. Fake was a good word to describe the demon when he was around most people, and he was good at his little act too, though this was different. Yeremy was troubled... of all people to be feeling such a thing. It stunned her, and she thought maybe he... needed... someone. Need? she asked herself. Yeremy doesn't need anything.

As she stood there, watching him in silence, wondering what to do, Lena's physical uneasiness ceased. Even the fear had almost disappeared. She no longer thought he sought to punish her, but rather wanted company... yet he didn't want to be at the mansion, where there was lots of it. Perhaps he's tired of hiding who he is, her mind peeped unexpectedly, and as the idea occurred to her, she realized that must be it. She sighed softly and moved to sit down in front of him, not really caring what happened to her the dress so light in color. She had experience when it came to getting the weirdest things out of clothes. She didn't say anything, but rather watched Yeremy, not quite sure if she should speak, or let him speak to her when he felt like it. So she did the safe thing and kept her mouth shut, peering up at the majestic figure with big, brown eyes, through heavy, dark lashes.