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Simone Peterson

"Don't let this pretty face fool you."

0 · 308 views · located in West Grove

a character in “Party Talk”, as played by TragicHeroine



    Daniel's Ex
    Full name:
    Simone Anne Peterson
    Just call me "Mo."
    Twenty - Five

    Hair colour/style:
    Loosely curled ash brown, usually parted in the center, with some light brown ombre highlights
    Eye colour:
    Ocean Blue
    122 pounds
    A heart-shaped face with defining cheekbones and a strong jawline framed by her loose, ash brown curls.
    Narrow shoulders that sits atop a slender torso and rounded hips with long, slim legs.
    Her body is well-toned from her workout routines.
    Scars/defining characteristics:
    A slender scar that runs diagonal from her 5th to 7th rib from a car accident.

    Theme Song(s):
    ODESZA - Say My Name
    ODESZA - All We Need
    Major Lazer (Ft. MO 7 DJSnake) - Lean On

    Face Claim:
    Nina Dobrev

____^ Add or remove underscores as you please. :)
Simone grew up spoiled. Got anything she wanted and asked for because that's how her parents showed their "love" for her. They didn't know any other way to do so. During dinner, her parents usually talked business. Whatever was the current affair in the family company. It was never a "how was your day?" kind of conversation. She never felt unloved or unwanted, her parents would have to care first in order for her to feel that way. They didn't have time for her, they barely had time for each other...or rather they didn't want to have time with one another. They had their own affairs and one knew about the other, yet acted oblivious to the fact. They were a picture perfect family to others. Many envied the life they lived, perfect house, perfect daughter, perfect wife, perfect husband. It was like a play. Everyone acted the way they should, but when the curtain falls, so do their disguise.
As a teen, Simone had lots of friends. In fact, everyone was her friend, but none of them really deserved that title. They only liked her for the things she had or could have. Money revolved around her world and every single one of them orbited her. But if given the chance, the moment she would turn around, they'd talk bad about her. Knowing little to nothing, they can't even speak nicely about her. Most of the things they say are rumors and lies made up of others who envy her life. Not a single person can say one thing she liked or disliked. Not one of them. Yet they had the audacity to call her a friend or a best friend.
When Simone was 19, she came home to her parents arguing. Yelling at the top of their lungs and throwing anything that was fragile at one another. Mo tried to make them stop, but her mother slapped her for involving herself in something that wasn't her business. This caused a storm inside her, she ran off with her keys and drove away. Her attention wasn't on the road and a drunk drive swerved into her lane and crashed into her. The car was totaled and Mo blacked out. She finds herself in a hospital bed with no one in sight, but a bouquet of flowers on the side of her bed, with a card that says "Get well soon -Mom and Dad." at that moment she knew that if this accident can't even bring her parents together, then nothing will.

{History with Daniel}

Sample Monologue:
"Everyone always assumes the worst in others. We judge them by the way they dress, the way they walk, talk, and even the way they think. It's quite obsessive. We like to think that people can be simply described with one word, but in reality, we're far complex than that. Life throws it's curve ball every now and then and people have their unique way of coping with it. Mine is rather cliché; drinking. I wouldn't call myself an alcoholic, but I do drown in my sorrows every now and then. It's my fix. Everyone has their fix. My coping method tends to be done alone, on my own. It's rather a secret since I drink appropriately during parties. I'm more of a social drinker rather than a binge drinker when it comes to events. I never understood others who would chug down bottle after bottle, but to each their own. I'm sure I've had some instances where I have binge drink. I guess this somewhat makes me a hypocrite, but so is everyone else. It's not like I'm the only one. We call out other on the shit they do, but if give the instance, we would do that exact same thing.
I guess you can thank my mother for my bad drinking habits. She wasn't exactly the role model with her afternoon "teas." I can't really blame her especially since my father was rarely ever home.
"Away for business", he says. But we all knew he mixed business with pleasure. She had other partners in life as well. She called them meetings with a client. I guess that's what money does to people. They lose sight of the insignificantly significant things, such as love."


» Ballet
» Is making omelet a talent?
» Occasionally paints with oil
» Played volleyball in college
» Reading
✔ Speaks French
✔ Interpersonal relationships
✔ Athleticism
✖ Darkness
✖ Great cup of coffee
✖ Heights
✖ Dealing with problems
> To win Daniel back
> Ph.D. in Psychology
> Her own family
Simone bites her bottom lip whenever she smiles and she has a tendency of cracking her knuckles whenever she's stressed out; kind of like a bubble wrap.

Character skeleton code by wednesdaysun.

So begins...

Simone Peterson's Story