Jim Preston

Generous lover, mechanic, space explorer extrodinare

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a character in “Passengers”, as played by SadLittleKing


Jim Pasrons



Reason for joining Avalon crew
Technology on earth improves exponentially. Engineering had advanced to such a point where machines could be designed to operate at peak efficiency for centuries, with no need for manual repairs. The initial construction, and what little repairs were needed, was fully automated and done by robots. It was great technology but it left little room for guys like Jim: a mechanic who liked to use his hands. The days that a guy like himself could find work fixing cars or maintaining heavy machinery was long gone. There was nothing more Jim wanted than to press the reset button and return to a world where not everything was perfect and where things broke on occasion and where a man could make his way with just his hands and his mind. That time was gone on Earth but it would come again on Homestead II. There they wouldn't have the auto-factories and perfectly 3d printed components. There they would need to find their materials and a way to make them work. On Homestead II men like Jim would be needed, and so that was where Jim decided to go.

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Jim Preston's Story