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"I believe this world holds more then just being a trap..."(Back-Up Character)

0 · 234 views · located in Heine Online

a character in “Patch 1.20X”, as played by Sonicx00


Reality Information

Name:Mihael Cross

Stands at 5'6. Often wears casual clothing.

Mihael is mellow, calm and rather mysterious in game although he doesn't mean to be. He can be very wise and smart yet there are times where he takes too much upon his shoulders. In-game he can often be referred as a casual player just due to his attitude yet recently since the patch he's been more and more keen about the game and wants to know more behind the game itself. He believes theres more to it then just getting the keys and escaping and even if they did escape... what happens next?

Mihael is your normal student who just uses online gaming as one of his ways of escape. His life is not depressing or anything but more so stressful. He's in school for graphic arts yet recently he's been wanting to change his major, claiming creative writing is what he enjoys the most. Heine Online grabbed his attention when he read about it online from leakers of the alpha phase. He couldn't help but continue reading up and following it til the beta which he didn't manage to get into and even if he did, He'd been to busy to participate. When the game released he joined immediately when his box set came to his door.

Heine Information


Beta TesterNo.

Current Location: Odin

Cities Visited:



Guild Position:

Gold: 1450

Bought Items/Perk
Gold Increase Lv.1 - Increases the amount of gold per post to 10 and +250 for dungeons/arcs cleared - 1000 gold

Weapon Type: Staff

Level: 10
EXP: 0/10

Strength: 19 (6+13) + .5 per level
Vitality: 16 + 1.2 per level
Agility: 16 + 1.2 per level
Mind: 29 + 2.2 per level
Intelligence: 39 (52-13) + 4 per level

HP: 178 (8x Vitality+50)
SP: 195 (5x Intelligence)
P.ATK:19 P.DEF: 8
M.ATK:78 M.DEF: 58
Speed: 16


Level 1 -
Astral Recovery
SP: 10%
Sylph can heal himself or party members over time using Astral Recovery. This spell heals the target of this spell 1x Sylph's M.DEF each post for 4 post.

Level 5 -
Intellectual Strength
Sylph's wizard is different from most. He has the ability to wield a sword and use in battle yet this is only due to his training of being a spellsword. This ability sacrifices the attributes of Intelligence for strength. Converts 25% of his intelligence to his strength.

Level 10 -
Astral's Wind
Sylph manipulates the element of the wind against his targets nearly feeling as if knives cross against them. This spell does 2xM.ATK in a radius in front of him in long range and will slow the targets movement speed by 50% for 1 post.

Level 15 -
Body and Mind
SP: The SP to cast the ability (goes by percent)
Sylph also learned as being a spellsword. He must contain a good body as well as a decent mind. He decided to sacrifice a little of his mind to achieve this. 20% of his mind converts to vitality.

Level 20 -
Astral Projection
SP: The SP to cast the ability (goes by percent)
He creates 2 clones of himself that will deal 20% of his damage and take 300% of what he takes if targeted. When this ability is casted he is also teleported in one of the clones places to confuse his targets. These clones do not act by themselves and will only do the actions of the user. They only last 2 post.

Character History
The first week...

A week of learning the game for Sylph. It didn't take him long but he sure did enjoy the progress. The free customization and on top of that compared to other Wizards his was definitely unique. As well as his chosen player model. When he finally got to fighting monsters it was exciting, the quest were nearly always different, The story quest were also interesting yet It wasn't long until he finally reached the Enchanted Forest. It was calm to him yet a maze... He couldn't help but wander deeper until the end of the week when he finally reached the Shattered Mountains.

Week 2...

As he came across the shattered mountains he learned and experienced more. It was no secret that the battles were getting tougher but still slightly easy. He decided to go deeper into the mountains doing side quest here and there along the way which was good for the gold. It was only but a day when he finally reached Odin. He was surprised by how long travel could take but he didn't mind it unlike natural MMOs where you start to utterly dislike it. He stopped in Odin for the rest of the week socializing and increasing his crafting ability in Odin until suddenly the patch hit. He was excited until suddenly he logged into find out he was trapped. He was scared inside but at the same time he wondered and came suspicious of the game itself of what clue is held by this or what more does this world have at the end of the objective...

So begins...

Sylph's Story