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a character in “Patients”, as played by Crystal Blood


Gavin Alexer



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Wears dress shirts, vests, slacks, top hats, bowlers, mis matching socks. Gavin has brown curly hair that can tend to be on the long side. He has green eyes and olive skin, A bit disproportional and lanky.

Gavin's home life is actually the most normal part of his life, since his family is so close they are used to his odd quirks. He lives with his mother and father a younger sister in a high middle class suburban area.

Gavin never intended to be a loner, he never tagged him self as emo or counter culture, he was actually a well-rounded kid. He did good in school, was good at sports, knew lots of cool things, and always understood what you where talking about. He was funny, out going, confident... all in a way that slowly but surely would start to creep anybody out. He had habits like, finishing all your sentences, maybe even entire paragraphs. He was never surprised to hear anything you ever had to say, even the latest gossip. He was almost too good at being social, everyone around him felt inadequate. Awkward. He would dominate every conversation. Then of course, there were the sports. Gavin wasn't on any team, he never really worker out, and yet, in almost every game he played his reactions were the fastest, the most precise. You could never steal the ball, never spike, never fake him out. In gym class Gavin would put team captains to shame at their own game. This didn't makes Gavin many friends either.

By sophomore year, Gavin was a social outcast, a loner. He tried to just shut up, not talk, but that made it worse. Because when he would talk, he would always blurt out the most random, yet prophetic, things. His only connection with his classmates was his magic tricks, in a freak-show like way, people loved him for the tricks. But even then, they bordered on the edge of creepy, anyone in the audience would feel paranoid after one of his shows. Beyond that, Gavin found solace in competitive chess, taking out pent up anger on random challengers, getting some of the positive attention he craved from winning. But his real escape was improv. People told him he was hysterical, playing acting games, like those seen on whose Line is it Anyway., though Gavin never saw it that way. Improv seemed to be the closest thing he could get to normal human interaction.

Hobbies: Magic, Chess,Card Games, Reading, Playing sports on his own, Imrpov Acting.
Likes: World politics, weather science, gambling, impressing people, getting praise.
Dislikes: Movies, showing his work in math, being ignored, winning all the time.

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