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In the future, some human's memories are wiped and they become 'Purus,' the perfect servants. But when start to remember their past and become independent, what will happen?

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1. History & Overall Setting (Important)

2. Purus Humans (Very Important)

3. Levels Of Punishment

4. Laws (Important)

5. Technology
- 5.1 The Internet
- 5.2 The Television
- 5.3 The Cars

6. Buildings (Quite Important)
- 6.1 Shops
- 6.2 Houses
- 6.3 Government Buildings

7. Weapons

8. Beliefs

9. Plot Setting (Quite Important)

10. The Boundaries

11. Plot (Very Important)
- 11.1 Characters

12. Rules (Very Important)

13. Skeletons (Very Important}
- 13.1 Character Skeleton
- 13.2 Posting Skeleton

>> 1. History & Overall Setting <<
After the Protest of 2056, demanding equal rights for everyone, government fell completely, leaving no one to rule the country. For years, the country was war-torn, with no rules to guide anyone. People were dying all the time, of starvation, murder and suicide. People soon realized how much they missed rules, but there was nothing they could do about it.

The Rising of Baxter, as it is called, in 2098, was when Charlie Baxter II, after a few protests and a lot of great speeches, was elected as President. He renamed the country that used to be the United States of America to Paxatore, saying that their dreadful history would never be repeated. For this to happen, they needed a set list of rules, one that everyone would abide by, or suffer the consequences.

It is now 2287AD, and David Baxter, Charles grand-son, now rules Paxatore. It seemed that with the new government also took away their right to vote.

>> 2. Purus Humans <<
Purus meaning Pure.
Purus are humans who have either broken the law or offered themselves to be cleansed, meaning all memories are wiped except for the basics. Their brains are rewired to be servants to other humans, and if you can pay enough, they can be rewired specifically for your needs. Purus Humans can, if there are not enough criminals/volunteers, be random people taken off the street, but the government will not admit this.

>> 3. Levels Of Punishment <<
A Level One Law:
This includes being given a scolding and taken away rights of something, (e.g. internet) either for a set amount of time or forever. This can also be accompanied by a short amount of time in the Chains.

A Level Two Law:
Usually a short amount of time in the Chains, a scolding, removal of items that seem possibly the reason for your actions and after being released you may be on probation for a while.

A Level Three Law:
Time in the Chains and Probation, possible searching of the home.

A Level Four Law:
Time in the Chains, probation, searching of home and look out on family and close friends for suspicious activity. This may also be punished by a life time of community service to the government.

A Level Five Law:
Life time sentence in the Chains, execution or purifying.

>> 4. Laws <<
Minors to be at home by eight pm at latest. [Level One - Level Four]
Adults to be home at ten pm at latest. [Level One - Level Four]
Lights out by eleven pm at latest. [Level One - Level Three]
No inappropriate music (all music to be cleared by an official in your area). [Level One - Level Four]
No inappropriate books or movies (see above). [Level One - Level Four]
Any inappropriate websites found will be removed, their creators and their visitors punished. [Level One - Level Four]
No murdering or thievery. [Level Three - Level Five.]
The legal age for sexual intercourse is eighteen. [Level Two - Level Four.]
The legal age for drinking is twenty-one. [Level Two - Level Five.]
No ill-speaking of the government. [Level Three - Level Five]
No violence of any sort. [Level One - Level Five]

>> 5. Technology <<
~ 5. 1 The Internet ~
Found On Mobile Phones, Computers, Laptops and Desters, [A screen with a small keyboard below] music, books and videos can be streamed and downloaded here for a small fee. These can hook up to your television. There is only one social networking site, which is NetChat, where you can talk to people, if you are to friend them. This does not give much information on yourself, only saying name and age. You can update your 'status' once every half hour, to reduce spam.

~ 5.2 The Television ~
All television screens are quite large and are in extreme definition, or ED, meaning the picture is very clear. A 3D option is enabled, though if you need glasses/contact lenses etc., this can overwork your eyes if used too much. All news broadcasts are shown here as well as a letter sent to your home.

~ 5.3 Cars ~
Cars of the future can go fast, but the law stops them from doing so. The legal speed limit is 60mph worldwide, as far as the residents of Paxatore know, though this does not cause that much of a problem as everyone stays within their region. They are made for both comfort and safety, requiring you wear your vehicle gear when inside, though there is no need to sit down. Standing for a while may cause nausea and/or headaches. The vehicle gear consists of a helmet and light, plastic-feeling, almost invisible fabric called Galux. This covers any part of your body that is not covered by your clothes, and is highly resistant, though not completely. It is practically non-existent in the sense that it does not keep in our out heat and electricity seems to also ignore it in this manner.

>> 6. Buildings <<
~ 6.1 Shops: ~
-- There is one or two in each two supermarkets, depending how big the town is, and only one type owned by the same person, called AFFU. It is usually about two storeys high, with every single food you could have in there, with a small clothes section, and other items e.g. magazines. However, even though there is almost any variety of grocery you can buy here, because there is little of them in a city, there are also many small shops that may specialize in one type of food, e.g. bakery, butchers etc. Newsagents are also quite popular, but usually contain more magazines than newspapers, as all news shout outs are broadcasted on the television.

-- There are a few main clothes stores. The first one is YOUNG 5EVER, which sells expensive clothes, but is very popular, as it is a 'brand name.' The second one is FOURYU, which, though the clothes are not as good quality and it is not a 'brand name,' is much cheaper than Young 5Ever. SIMPLY is another store, but this would be regarded as the 'Hipster Store' as it would be called, because that is the type of clothes it sells. The last store is CEES&MON, this is a complete variety of clothes with all age groups in mind.

-- Mercury is like today's 'McDonalds,' and is the biggest fast food chain ever, though there are a few others.

Most stores are a lot like your average ones today, though perhaps a bit more modern and extravagant.

~ 6.2 Houses: ~
Though all houses are different, there are two main types of homes, which are apartments and houses.

-- Apartment buildings usually take up a floor for two apartment, and are about ten storeys high. Depending where in the city you are situated, it could be extremely extravagant, or barely livable. The outside exterior is the same for all, though; A large, grey building which is not very appealing.

-- Homes are usually around two storeys high, and very modern. They are usually found in suburbs, and it is rare to see a lone house by itself in the middle of nowhere, especially seeing as not many are able to venture out of the town.

~ 6.3 Government Buildings: ~
-- The Chains is Paxatore's version of a prison, though with slight changes. There is one window in the cell, which is made from a rare form of Galux, one that is extremely expensive and so only used in the Cells and other types of imprisonment, which is almost impossible to destroy. There is two beds per room, as it would cost too much to have more than one Chains in each city. The bathroom is a small room in the corner which only has a toilet and a small tap. The prisoners are allowed outside, depending on the level of law they broke, either once a day - never, though it would definitely have to be a level five law to never be allowed out of their cell, even for a walk in the yard. Level 1 and 2 prisoners are allowed to walk to a cafeteria to receive their food, whilst the others have their food brought to their cells.

-- There is one Dark Residence in each city, where the Leader of the city and any other government officials live. Though David Baxter rules over Paxatore as a whole, there is one single leader over each city.

-- The hospital is where people are sent if they are unwell or giving birth, like that of a normal hospital, except for the underground floor where people are sent to be created into Purus Humans. This part of the hospital is the Pure Ward, though informally known as the Laboratory by those who disagree with the thought of purifying.

>> 7. Weapons <<
As well as technology advancing, so did weapons. As far as Paxatore know, the majority of the rest of teh world were hit by the atomic bomb released in 2065, leaving them as one of the only remaining countries. Since then, shorter, quieter and stronger guns have been created, as well as more hand combat weapons. These weapons tend to be dipped in mornum, a nearly fatal on the touch poison that is a mixture of snake venom and melted ore.

>> 8. Beliefs <<
There are rumors of a distant land where there is freedom of speech and expression, as well as a democracy instead of kingdom. These are presumed fake, as a country as powerful and majestic as the one described would surely be able to send help to this country. Anyone who has headed out to look for this country has never returned.

>> 9. Plot Setting <<
This roleplay will be set in the third largest city in Paxatore, which is called Sectates. It is quite big as you can imagine, which though it means a lot more security is around and a lot more monitored than some others, it also means it is big enough that a few areas will not always be guarded, though people rarely test these boundaries as the guards switch where they are situated every few hours and there are few areas that escape their watch.

>> 10. Boundaries <<
Around each city is a twenty foot tall, stone wall which is covered in a thin layer of Galux. On top of these walls are watch towers, where guards can monitor people coming in and out of the city. If you wish to leave, you must speak with a government official, who will most likely refuse. It is very rare for people to exit or enter, the large entrance only really opened for trading between cities.

Outside the boundaries, between each city, is usually a small, windy path that leads through a very dark and secluded forest. In some warmer areas, there can be deserts, but outside Sectates is dense forest for miles.

>> 11. Plot <<
There won't be one main plot to this roleplay, and this will be a very sandbox type roleplay, with no set way for the plot to go. There will be a starting ground but that is it, and we will see where the plot develops from there.

Some of the Purus are starting to become faulty, meaning that they are developing thoughts outside those of their masters wishes, and slowly remembering their past. If this is found out by the government, they will either be purified yet again, or if this doesn't work executed. At the beginning of the roleplay the families will not yet know this, it is up to the players of the Purus to decide whether they will tell anyone.

~ 11.1 Characters ~

-- The Cherren Family --
Father: OPEN [Could Possibly be NPC, works as security at The Chains.]
Mother: OPEN [Could Possibly be NPC, part-time waitress at a fancy local restaurant called Bia.]
Eldest Brother: RESERVED [Aged Nineteen, Male, In a relationship with eldest Everly sister.]
Youngest Sister: OPEN [Aged Sixteen, Female, best friends with eldest Everly brother.]
-- Home -;;- House --
PURUS: The Innocent One

-- The Swefield Family --
Mother: OPEN [Could Possibly be NPC, works as a shopkeeper at CEES&MON.]
Twin One: TAKEN [Aged Fourteen, Male, sympathetic towards Purus Humans.]
Twin Two: TAKEN [Aged Fourteen, Female, Worried about Twin One's thoughts on Purus.]
-- Home -;;- Apartment --
PURUS: The Volunteer

-- The Everly Family --
Father: OPEN [Could Possibly be NPC, works as an accountant.]
Eldest Sister: RESERVED [Aged Eighteen, Female, In a relationship with eldest Cherren brother.]
Eldest Brother: OPEN [Aged Seventeen, Male, Has a crush on youngest Cherren sister.]
-- Home -;;- House. --
PURUS: The Criminal

The Everly and Swefield family are related, their parents are divorced but the twins live with the mother and older siblings live with the father. They visit often, at least once a week.

All of the Purus have the same room, which look like this.

-- Faulty Purus Humans --
The Criminal: RESERVED [Male, Aged (Above 18), was arrested after trying to start a mob to overthrow the government and stop the purifying of humans, and beating up and eventually killing a guard that attempted to stop him.]

The Innocent One: TAKEN [Female, Aged Fifteen, was taken off the street after a shortage of Purus.]

The Volunteer: TAKEN [Female, Aged Fifteen, volunteered after their mother passed away and was left at home with abusive father and thought of committing suicide but decided to become a Purus instead.]

-- Other Characters --
There are no basics for a character here, but if you wish to create a different character than the ones listed [all characters above except for those saying that they could possibly be NPC's, must be filled unless it is an exceptional character sheet before I shall except one of these] then either PM me or comment in the OOC with your idea, and I will most likely approve, depending. Some possible character ideas could include; Cherren Cousin, Eldest Everly Sister's Best Friend etc.

>> 12. The Rules <<
- Respect others, meaning no fighting, no complaining and no accusing. This also means respect me as a GM, so I do have power to do some things you can't within the roleplay. Sassiness is allowed, but settle the kettle if it gets too bad.
- Romance and Swearing are both allowed, but don't go overboard.
- The first part of the password is For.
-Post frequently, meaning once every other day if you can. If you are gone for a week without any notification, you're gone, sorry.
- Hey, you know all those normal roleplay rules like no godmodding, etc.? Yeah, try and stick to those.
- I expect semi-literate - literate roleplayers, meaning no less than one hundred words, this preferably a bit lower than your average post. You don't have to give me a whole story, but is two paragraphs or so really too much to ask?
- Good characters only, or you won't be excepted.
- Reservations are 24 hours.
- You may edit the character skeleton slightly, but if I don't like it I won't except it. Keep all information in there.
- Two characters tops, and must be different genders. You can not have two characters of your own be in a relationship with each other, either, so certain pairings will not be allowed.
- Pick A Hex Code Per Character. If you have more than one, a different one for each. Hex Codes.
- Congratulations for reading all the rules! The second part of the password is Ever Me.

>> 13. Skeletons <<
~ 13.1 Character Skeleton ~
Use your own hex color code.

Code: Select all
[center][color=#CODE][size=200]- Character's Full Name -[/size][/color][/center]

[right][img]image of character url here, anime or realistic is fine but not both.[/img][/right]
[size=150]The Basics[/size]
[i][color=#CODE]"Character Quote Here."[/color][/i]

May Delete If None.

Age here, may be specified.

E.g. Criminal, Eldest Everly Sister.

Also probably specified.




[left][img]character image url[/img][/left]
[size=150]Digging Deeper[/size]
[i][color=#CODE]"Character Quote Here."[/color][/i]

Be detailed! Slight description may be given, try to stick to this, but add more.

[b][u]Skills & Hobbies[/u][/b]
Things they are good at, enjoy doing do often.

Here, listed or not, doesn't matter. At least three.

Listed or not, doesn't matter. At least three.

[b][u]Opinion On The Government[/u][/b]
This is mostly about the Purus, though can also include the government as a whole. It is rare for people to be against them, as they believe Purus are only criminals or volunteers, which the majority are. The Purus themselves may or may not be against them, depending how independant they have become.

[right][img]character image url[/img][/right]
[size=150]Behind The Scenes[/size]
[i][color=#CODE]"Character Quote Here."[/color][/i]

Why is your character as they are now? What was their childhood like? How did they react to such events? Some parts of this may be specified.

[b][u]Romantic Interest[/u][/b]
Crush, Boy/Girlfriend, Husband/Wife, if none delete. May be specified.

May be specified.

[b][u]Theme Song[/u][/b]
Not required, delete if none.

Anything I forgot, e.g. allergies? Or maybe they have a weird obsession with sheep? Or you wish to tell us that their blood type is AB? Anything!

Read the rules.

[b][u]Hex Color Code[/u][/b]
What's your characters color code?

~ 13.2 Posting Skeleton ~
Use your own hex color code, this should also be the one used for your character skeleton.

Code: Select all
[center][size=200][color=#CODE][font=Optional, choose your own.] - Character Name - [/color][/font][/size][/center]


Type post here.

>> 14. Author's Note <<
This is my first roleplay in the science fiction genre, which I suppose this would be considered, so go easy on me.. xD I hope you enjoy the roleplay and please follow the rules, remember that I may update them at anytime. I expect good characters that will develop throughout the roleplay, and for history don't give me some of that 'can't remember' or 'doesn't tell anyone' stuff. Yes, the invalids can't remember, but write out their history as a normal character, and then at the end write the stuff they have started to remember. Reservations last twenty four hours and just because you reserve does not mean that you shall get the spot. If the character is not good enough you shall be rejected.

Gosh, I seem really strict now, don't I? xD I'm really not.. I promise I'm nice.. enough. Oh, never mind. Anyway, any questions PM me or ask in the OOC.

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Character Portrait: Basil Everly
Character Portrait: Alison Swefield
Character Portrait: Charlotte Izara Swefield
Character Portrait: Haven Calico
Character Portrait: Noah Swefield


Character Portrait: Noah Swefield
Noah Swefield

"Purus Humans are still human, right? They may be servants, but they're still people and they have feelings. There's no need to be cruel."

Character Portrait: Haven Calico
Haven Calico

"Live in the moment, and live every day like it is your last because you never know it just might be."

Character Portrait: Charlotte Izara Swefield
Charlotte Izara Swefield

"I am not a Human, nor am I some mere worker for hire. I am a Purus, an article of furniture just as permanent as the throne of a king. Order it, and it shall be done, for my body, mind, and soul are all at your disposal, my master."

Character Portrait: Alison Swefield
Alison Swefield

"Don't think it's right, just because the majority agree."

Character Portrait: Basil Everly
Basil Everly

"Your wish is my command."


Character Portrait: Alison Swefield
Alison Swefield

"Don't think it's right, just because the majority agree."

Character Portrait: Noah Swefield
Noah Swefield

"Purus Humans are still human, right? They may be servants, but they're still people and they have feelings. There's no need to be cruel."

Character Portrait: Haven Calico
Haven Calico

"Live in the moment, and live every day like it is your last because you never know it just might be."

Character Portrait: Basil Everly
Basil Everly

"Your wish is my command."

Character Portrait: Charlotte Izara Swefield
Charlotte Izara Swefield

"I am not a Human, nor am I some mere worker for hire. I am a Purus, an article of furniture just as permanent as the throne of a king. Order it, and it shall be done, for my body, mind, and soul are all at your disposal, my master."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Alison Swefield
Alison Swefield

"Don't think it's right, just because the majority agree."

Character Portrait: Noah Swefield
Noah Swefield

"Purus Humans are still human, right? They may be servants, but they're still people and they have feelings. There's no need to be cruel."

Character Portrait: Haven Calico
Haven Calico

"Live in the moment, and live every day like it is your last because you never know it just might be."

Character Portrait: Basil Everly
Basil Everly

"Your wish is my command."

Character Portrait: Charlotte Izara Swefield
Charlotte Izara Swefield

"I am not a Human, nor am I some mere worker for hire. I am a Purus, an article of furniture just as permanent as the throne of a king. Order it, and it shall be done, for my body, mind, and soul are all at your disposal, my master."

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