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Alison Swefield

"Don't think it's right, just because the majority agree."

0 · 163 views · located in Paxatore

a character in “Paxatore”, as played by UniqueYetUnoriginal


- Alison Rebecca Swefield -

The Basics
"Sorry that I can't be perfect all the time."

Though she doesn't really care what you call her, Alison is usually known as Allie.
"Alison, Allie, Bekki, whatever works. Though preferably something not insulting? Thanks."

Fourteen, just like her twin brother.
"I love my twin, but I worry about him sometimes."

Twin Two.
"What do you mean? Role like a play, roll like the food or roll like a tumble?"

"Aww, thanks, that boosts my self-esteem."

"I am not short! I'm.. average. Sort of. Oh, shut up."

"Isn't it supposed to be a bit rude to ask? You're lucky that I'm such a nice person."

Allie is small. That is the first thing you notice about her. Both in height and width, she is petite, her fast metabolism definitely the reason for this, as she eats more than most. She is only 5'2, making her slightly below average for a fourteen year old. Her hair is a color that would probably be described as bronze, though in the past she has experimented with hair colors in the past, including a dark brown color and a blonde color. It is naturally frizzy, though rarely seen like this unless you live with her, as she will always either straighten, curl or crimp it. Her eyes are a dark blue, which are framed by long, dark eyelashes. She wouldn't consider herself pale, but not dark either. She is tan enough that she could be considered golden, however.

"I told you, I am not small!"

Is Allie vain? Slightly. She wouldn't call it that, just proud of appearance, and likes to look after herself. Is that so bad? Yes, she wears make up, but the majority of female's her age are guilty of this, as well as some of the males. She is not going to say she is ugly if she thinks she isn't, and she isn't going to go begging for sympathy, either. She's happy in her own skin, and if someone else can't handle that, then that sucks ass for them, doesn't it?

"I'm not saying I'm gorgeous, just not ugly."

Her style is anything she finds cute, which consists of denim shorts, usually, especially high waisted, cropped tops or tie at the front tops, and a jacket or hoodie over it. She has four piercings, one on each earlobe, one at the top of her left ear, and a belly button piercing. She has also always wanted to get a tattoo, though not sure where, though she is not yet allowed much to her dismay. She has a heart shaped face, with rosy cheeks and a smile that usually is twisted in a smirk, or if laughing form dimples.

"I would like to consider myself fashionable."

Digging Deeper
"I didn't wake up this morning to please you."

Allie is difficult. That's pretty much how you could sum her up. Demanding, stubborn, loud, and annoying, anything that goes under the title 'difficult' really is her. She is very demanding; she will find a way to get what she wants, no matter what the consequences are, only considering herself and those she particularly loves. Demanding could also by applied for hanging out with her, in the sense that it takes a lot of effort. Yes, she is nice and can hold a conversation, but if you are sensitive then you will probably find her sarcasm and mean humor a bit too much to handle. She will look out for others, but will put herself first in most situations. She also must always get her point across - if she has an opinion on something, she will let people know. The same applies to people, if she doesn't like you, then trust me, you will know.

"Mean? No, it's blunt, honey. They are too completely different things."

Though Allie is a bit conceited, she will listen to you if you need help. She will try to give the best advice she can, and will tell you flat out what she thinks of your situation, without holding anything back. You can also rely on her to keep a secret, once she hears something, she is very unlikely to tell anyone else, unless she feels obliged to do so. This excludes her twin brother, as the two are quite close, though again, she won't tell him anything. If it's someone else's secret and has nothing to do with him, then why bother letting him know?

"I have a heart, yes. Surprised?"

Her vocabulary consists of four things; Sarcasm, swearing, lies, and a tiny bit that may actually contain some useful information. Yes, Allie has a bad habit of lying; well, she wouldn't call it a bad habit herself, just a habit. This can often lead her into trouble, though a few more words from her sharp mouth and she can usually find her way out of it.

"Lying? No, I don't lie, I'm just acting off camera."

Skills & Hobbies
As mentioned before, Allie is a skilled liar. Little people would call this a skill, though according to the dictionary a skill is; the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc., to do something well. And through Allie's knowledge and practice, she has perfected lying, to the point where she can make up a believable lie on the spot.

"That whole section could have been a lie, and you will never know. Creepy, huh?"

She is very speedy, which is surprising, seeing as she has very short legs and is not overly muscular. As well as this, she is the master of climbing - ever since she was little she would scale the walls and beds, looking for something to do. She used to even be nicknamed 'little monkey,' though that nickname has long since gone.

"I'm an athletic person."

As for what she enjoys doing, Allie enjoys listening to music and reading. Though, a lot of the stuff that is actually legal to listen to or read is boring, I mean, who wants to listen to a completely instrumental song, or a book about 'The Girl Who Could'? Not Allie, anyway. Admittedly, she has had her fair share of illegal downloads, but it's not like it's a level five law or anything. Besides, it was only a few songs and she's under eighteen, so if she does get caught, it will probably only be a level one.

"What? At least I'm not doing drugs or something like that."

» Music
» Books
» People Believing Her
» Purus
» Being Trusted
» Her Siblings
» Getting Away With Things
» Clothes
» Looking 'Presentable.'
» Experimenting
» Chocolate
» Sunsets
» Movies
» Her Parents
» Animals
» Challenges
"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.."

» Instrumental Music
» Country Music
» Spoiled Brats
» Black Licorice
» Bugs
» Being Treated Unfairly
» Being Bossed Around
» People Being Cruel To Her Family
» Raisins
» The Chains
» Curfew
"When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad.."

Opinion On The Government
The Government are what they are, true, there are some things that she may not agree on, like explicit or rebellious books, movies and music being prohibited, but she has heard of the dark days after The Protest of 2056, and she knows that what the Government are doing is right. As for the Purus - well, why shouldn't she agree? All of these Purus Human either volunteered to be purified, or committed a level five law. There are rumors spreading that they are kidnapping people due to a shortage of volunteers and criminals, but Allie knows better than to believe these silly rumors. Besides, she can't say that she is completely selfless and not at all lazy, and the Purus are really helpful.
"I wouldn't consider myself lazy, but letting a perfectly good Purus Human go to waste must be a sin, right?"

Behind The Scenes
"There are a ton of worse things I could have done, so why yell over this?"

Allie was four when her parents separated. Which she was fine with, really. She was only four, so she didn't know any better - who cared if her parents didn't love each other? She still loved them - it didn't make a difference to her life. Right?


That's when the changes started. They moved, her brother and her mother, to an apartment which was certainly not as nice as their old home, though still fine. They soon fixed it up, and it looked fine, homely, cosy. But it wasn't home, not to her, because home is where family is, and where was her father, her older siblings? Back in another home, on another street. And why? Through no fault of hers, but because their parents had a falling out. It seemed ridiculous to her.

"I was only four, don't judge me."

Romantic Interest
Well, none at the moment, but this could change.
"Because I'm so going to tell you."

"I may not be popular, but I'm not a complete loner."

Theme Song
We Are Young - Fun.
"Tonight, we are young. So let's set the world on fire! We can burn brighter.. than the sun!"

Not finished History.

I am For Ever Me, you got a problem with that, huh? Huh? Huh?
"Hey, I wasn't given no secret passcode!"

Hex Color Code
"I have no idea what that means, so I'm just going to smile and nod."

So begins...

Alison Swefield's Story