Alex Hansen

"Don't like me? Too bad I'm here to stay, bitches!"

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Alexandra Clementine Hansen
Rebels (Queen of)


Jack daniels
Bugging people
Getting what she wants
Smack talking
Graffiti art.
Goody two shoes
Girly things
Dull people
Cocky people(that's her thing)
Know it alls
Rich bitches
Her parents.
Being sent off to military school by her parents. They've threatened her multiple times if she doesn't get her shit together, she wont be staying at PCA and she'll be sent off. She fears her parents also, they have so much money and control over her, they could do anything, and it scares her a whole lot. Alex's last fear is losing any sense of freedom she has left, which isn't very much at this point, she feels like she's tied on a leash.
Alex, has a fiery kind of personality and she's rather hot headed sometimes. She can lose her temper easily on people, but other times she finds it easy to maintain it and just calm down. Alex has a natural defensive stance sometimes and she is always ready to defend herself or she will come back with witty or sarcastic remarks, she really doesn't care, she just always likes to have the last word, she loves word play more than anything it really does amuse her. Alex, is the girl who doesn't care what kind of looks you give her, you can give her as many as you want and you can judge her, but at the end of the day she believes she is awesome, and you're just another judgmental asshole out there. Alex, doesn't think anyone is lower than her in status, she just doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself most times.

Being like that, Alex does have her moments where she's known to be a bit cocky and outspoken, she mostly does it for play, to show people she believes in herself, which normally she does, but it's fun to watch people's reactions, as her best thing to do is people watch and watch people react to things, it's a great way to pass time. Alex, is always very intelligent actually, she just rather not be caught dead with the nerds, not that their social status bothers her, but as a rebel, it damages your bad girl rep to people if you're getting good scores. She actually has a photographic memory, so she knows a lot of random and interesting facts, that she happens to spill out sometimes being a bit quirky, but it's things like those that make her unique and who she is. She is pretty easy to talk to though on a whole.

Born to her parents Elizabeth and Charles, she was an only child, as for they had been trying for years to have a child, and when Elizabeth was pregnant with Alexandra it wasn't even supposed to happen that way, but Elizabeth was so overwhelmed, and her parents being the kind of parents they were, they had tons of money so they wanted to spoil her as much as they could. In their mansion they gave her on of the biggest rooms for the nursery, and it had absolutely everything that was needed, a soft sitting rocking chair, a very nice crib, anything you name it. Her parents being from France, and owning a big company there, thy had a lot of money, and plus, Elizabeth was always into fashion and she had made Alex dress up in them. When Alexandra was five years old, her mother put her in all the pagents that she could, and eventually after getting the hang of them, Alex began to win a lot of them, making her parents very proud.

Meanwhile a lot of kids got to go in and do all the things that Alex wished she could, she had to stay inside her home and do her studies with her teacher. She only had one teacher teaching her everything, and she learned quite a lot in that time period and she was even entered into spelling bees and other things her parents put her in. She ended up winning those eventually too, the more her mother made her learn the more she wanted to show off. Then there came Alex's passion, dancing. Her mother put her ballet, which is fine she took it and did alright with it, but her favourite dancing was hip hop or jazz. It was just more her style, and learning different dances from around the world was fun too.

Then there came the point, when Alex didn't want to be cooped up inside anymore, and she wanted to do more than what her parents let her. She started sneaking out of the house, to go do things, she'd find parties, and she'd go to those and she'd play all the games they had there, she even tried some drugs while she was there, but she never really got into them. Eventually though, her parents did put her in boarding school hoping that all of that would stop, it did stop for a bit, but then she started to act out again, and she ended up calling a girl in school a twat, before too. At this point Alex didn't care what anyone said about her, she was going to do things her way, and if people didn't or don't like it they could shove it up their ass. Eventually her parents gave up and sent her to PCA during her Sophmore year in a last hope this would turn out, because if things go wrong here then she's being shipped to military school.

Anything else:
Alex, likes target shooting, she always has, and she also has a liking for motorcycles, she likes to ride them and she likes to work with them mechanically. She also does a bit of graffiti art once in awhile. Last thing to note is that she still has her british accent.

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9:00 Thursday, PCA Campus
The students are enjoying their morning breakfast and fellowship as a voice crackles through the intercom, travelling through the many speakers around the campus. "Welcome students to your second week at Pacific Coast Academy I hope you are enjoying yourselves. Today students will be reporting to the following clubs: Cheerleading with Coach Moralla on the football practice field, Girls Lacrosse with Coach Kain on the left lacrosse field, Boys lacrosse with Coach Henry on the right field and Soccer with Coach Mathews, " There's a brief pause before he continues " Now for our clubs: Students in the Art club please report to room 215 in the Art wing with Miss Miyuki, that's by the viewing room. Students in the Debate Team report to room 105 in the English wing with Mr. Mathews, All of our E-Magaziners report to the Fashion design and Journalism room in room 210 in the Art wing." The principal chuckles to himself "And your in for a treat because my darling wife is the teacher," He clears his throat before continuing again " Our Musically gifted students report to the Music Theater where our newest teacher and retired grande pianist Mr. Ford is waiting. For all the sophomores and Juniors not in any of these clubs or sports please report to study hall with Mr. Cokamamy. All of our Seniors not in these activities you have a free period please remember to sign out if you choose to go off campus. Now we have Miss Craig, our resident event planner" A couple of students cheer. Miss Craig is big deal at PCA since she's actually a party planner for celebrities but since she's a close friend of the principal she also does elaborate dances and events envied by school's all over the country.

"Students guess what is happening tomorrow!" She pauses "Homecoming Dance!" Her peppy voice resonates "Anyway as you know last week you all got to vote for a theme and the winner is...Drum Roll please" She pauses and you can vaguely hear her banging on the table "Oooh I like this Old Hollywood glam. That means bring your dapper suits with your ascots for the boys and your fit tight just right glam cocktail dresses. Oooh I love it! Anyway I also have your homecoming court, how exciting!" You hear her ruffle through some papers "For the Boys we have Blake Everett, Ashton Chambers, Nate Hoffman and Lucas Azevedo Yay! For the girls we have Belladonna Ricci, Kathrine Locke, Arielle Lui, and Marley Livingston. Ok guys that's it for now!" She says as the intercom goes dead. Student start to go to their clubs and sports with homecoming ideas and dates filling their heads.