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Kathrine Locke

"If you fall down, just get back up again and keep trying!"

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a character in “PCA Boarding school”, originally authored by Caille, as played by RolePlayGateway




Kathrine Elizabeth May Locke
She goes by Kate, all the time.


Volleyball, Soccer, basketball, softball, cheer-leading, running, rain, turtles, pandas, animals, swimming, video games, showing people around, and hiking.
Watching tv, sitting around, Popcorn kernals, smell of rusty metal, sushi, fish(she's allergic), meat (she's a vegetarian), animal cruelty, designer name brands, movies, and wool slippers.
Getting kicked out of boarding school, she has so much going for her, considering she has a scholarship to the school, and if anything bad happened then she'd be devastated and she'd fear being booted out. Kate is also afraid of Slaughter houses, her parents took to one while she was at the age of four, and it was the most terrifying thing she has seen since and she can't get over it. Kate's last fear is porcelain dolls, they just have a habit of freaking her out, and her mother always had them in their room. She had bad ideas about porcelain dolls.

Kate is a very upbeat and happy go lucky girl. She is always willing to help people out and she is super friendly to people. She works and strives towards things and she's always trying to do the best at the things that she does, and she's very competitive and driven, and focused on the prize, it's all she's every been focused on. Kate is always looking for the goodness in people and she's fairly selfless when it all comes down to it in the end. Kate is always trying to give and give to others and she hardly has time to even look at herself. She may be into a ton of different activities and she may be good at the them, but she doesn't like to invest her time outside of sports on herself, she loves to read to the elderly, help teachers organize things, considering she has a little bit of OCD trying to organize things here and there. She's always got school spirit running through her veins and she's always cheering on everyone, even the art freaks who she's supposed to hate, she never believed in the clique thing but considering she's on so many sports teams and she's a well rounded person always talking to people, she somehow became queen of the jocks. That doesn't matter too much to her anyways, because deep down it's about all the other things that she's done that will get her far.

Born to Lisa and Helena, her lesbian mothers, it was quite a loving home, surrounded with love. Helena carried the baby when her and Lisa had agreed on a sperm donor for a father. Kathrine has no idea who makes up her other part of her DNA but she knows who ever it was gave her some good talent. Although, growing up, her mothers had liked to put her into many different activities, she had been put into dance, skating, soccer, baseball, and swimming, she has been learning to do many athletic things since she was young. What most people don't know is that Kathrine does have some brains she isn't completely dull but she's not very nerdy either, nor was she ever. There came a point in little Kate's life where she was the fat child, and she was a bit overweight, and many kids had made fun of her and teased her day in and day out, and when she was in middle school she was picked last for everything, and she hated being the way she was, so Kate had gone into a self harm mode, and to this day she still has scars on her arms from it all, and she even got into a bit of substance abuse, she had abused the drug, cocaine, and one night she went into a very life threatening stage, of over dosing. She almost lost her life, and since that moment on, she went to get clean, and she went to get help. by the time she was in grade eight and nine she had been clean for two years. She focused on her school work and her sports.

Eventually, Kathrine got to go meet her biological father and spend some time with him, and together they had gotten her into shape, and she soon began a petite skinny thing within six months. She came out of home school and tried public school for a bit and she got onto some teams and eventually with all her progress and helping everyone else out, Kathrine got a athletics scholarship, knowing she had talent and they were willing to over look her past, and they soon had promised to give her a chance as long as she didn't get in with the wrong crowd and do anything bad, so she's always been on her best behaviour since she got there in her sophmore year. Now she's finally sunk in to her place, and she distances herself from the rebels at all cost.
Anything else:
She learned ballet and tap dancing when she was 2 years old and she still does it today. She has a stuffed dolphin named, Maisie, she's had it since she was born and it's her good luck char that she brought with her.

So begins...

Kathrine Locke's Story

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7:00 A.M. PCA Campus

Its been a week since school began. Some students have fully unpacked and decorated their dorms, others still have boxes littering their dorms. The first two weeks of school is supposed to be spent getting orientated with the school before classes start the following week. The first week was spent with students being dropped off throughout the week, students signing up for clubs and getting their sport gear, and roommates getting acquainted. Now its the second week. Students will be going to their clubs and sports. For now most students are either waking up and getting ready for the day, in the lounges, or eating breakfast in the quad, picnic tables, or the caf.


Donna had awoken early that morning, she yawned careful not not to wake up Arielle before slipping into their bathroom. She slipped into the shower going through her morning ritual of her body was, body scrub, facial cleanser, facial scrub, and facial moisturizer. She usually washed her hair every other day since it was so thick and she didn't want it to break off but she used her luxury vanilla scented conditioner every day. She came out thoroughly refreshed before beginning to brush out her luscious, thick, glossy brown hair. She then straightened it until it was pin straight and ended just above her back dimples. She came out the bathroom in her lacy under garments before spraying her signature custom made scent of honey suckle, which she made at a perfumery in Paris, into the air and stepping into letting it gently cover her whole body without it being over bearing. She then walked over to her mirror and applied a bit of light makeup that only made her seem a little dewy.

She glanced around the room. She added a bit of things. She up a collage of mirrors on one small wall of the room as well as a collage of her friends. She also hung up a big photo of her and Arielle that took up half a width of wall space and was placed in the middle of the wall. The picture was from the top of the wall to the bottom. She also had pictures of herself on her trips. hung up on the wall.

She walked over to the closet and picked out an outfit. Since she and Arielle practically wore the same size tops and shoes they out their clothes all together in the closet, wardrobe, and dresser.. Plus it was easy to tell their bottoms apart with Donna's shapely toned legs and Arielle's petite size. She picked out a classy yet sexy
outfit and put it on. She walked over to one of the dozens of mirrors in their room, this one a full length and checked herself out. The simple silk tank hugged her nicely sized chest well, the blazer fit snug and accentuated her tanned skin, and the lace shorts showed off her shapely toned legs; Everything was perfect.

She sneakily leaned over Arielle and purred "Wake up doll," Before skipping out of the room slamming the door on her way out. She walked over to the quad where the coffee stand where the coffee stand was was and Brazilian roast back coffee, that she begged her dad to stock the school up with as a surprise for Lucas when he mentioned it once, for Lucas. She headed to the cafeteria then and bought A diet coke for Arielle and a regular coke for Ashton. She also bought herself a strawberry smoothie. She also bought one of each of the twelve pastries. She quickly went back in the room and set the diet coke and a pastry on the nightstandalong with a note that said "Love you doll, going to the boy's room. Meet me there.-Bee" before heading to Ashton and Lucas's room. She had her own key and was about to open the door when she was interrupted.

A girl came out of her room, a girl clad in a pink blazer and a pink and brown plaid skirt who had bleached blonde hair and dark tanned skin. A girl Donna knew as Crystal, daughter of a widowed gold digger who married a millionaire when she was twenty one and he was seventy. "O.M.G Donna, hey!" She squealed prancing up to Donna in the summer Jimmy Choo's. She glanced at Donna's which were the early release Winter Jimmy Choo line "How.Did. You. Get. Those?!" She girl screeched. Donna resisted the urge to cover her gold hoop clad ears with her french manicured hand. "Oh I have my ways," Donna said coyly. The girl covered her hear, well more like her implant filled chest with her own crystal and plastic rose manicured hand. "I so envy you," The girl said pouting her baby pink lips. She blew Donna a kiss before retreating in her dorm making Donna roll her eyes.

Donna opened the door to Ashton and Lucas's room and set the drinks and pastries on a table. She walked over to their window and opened the curtains and blinds before commanding "Wake up!" She said sitting down in one of the chairs and crossing her legs " I brought breakfast." She said in a sing-song voice sweetly. She pulled out her phone and texted Jennifer.
To: Jenny
Morning biatch!Get your ass to Lucas and Ashton's room if you want a pastry.

She focused back on the boys and pointed her finger across the hall "What's up with barbie girl over there. This is a exclusive dorm for a reason. There's nothing classy about.." She rolled her eyes "That. She should be in Persephone." She tilted her head "No worries,I'll fix that later." She said with a coy smile. Donna's sophomore year, when Donna wasn't Queen and was dating a rebel who graduated her Junior year, Crystal decided to sleep with him. Information she found out over the summer when one of Crystals ex friends told her at a party. She was thinking of the right way to punish her and here it was. She bit into a chocolate pastry as she plotted in her head.

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#, as written by Caille

Kate had been asleep, soundly, since 8 PM the other night. She liked to go to bed early so she could get up and be refreshed, especially after all the moving into the dorms on campus. Kate had managed to have her roommate as Jasmine, who also happened to be jock like Kate, it was a nice deal. Kate had been up since 5 am though, and she had went for a morning run around campus, it was how she stayed in shape often times. Kate had already finished decorating her room, it was filled, with her different awards she had and pictures of her family here and there, and her old friends back home, although that wasn't very many, she even had a picture of her and Nate hung up in her room on her wall, and then there was one of Blake, Kate, and Nate, the three senior jock members that were around and they were all fairly close. Kate smiled at the picture like always. After her shower and getting ready for the day she went out to get something to drink for both her and Nate.

Kate almost always went all the way to the dorm hall where Nate was, she wished sometimes that he was in Brenner hall with her and Blake, since he was a senior and all, but it is what it is. Kate, walked a bit, it was around 7 AM and she knew the rest of campus would be getting up by now. Kate walked into the dorm area and she looked for the room that was Nate's. He had a roommate, and that was fine with Kate for the most part, she knocked on the door, and she heard nothing, she then slowly opened the door and shield her eyes in case people were getting changed in there, when she didn't hear anything she came in and shut the door behind her. She walked in and she set his drink down on the table.

She took a sip of hers and then she went ahead to set hers down too. She crouched over by his bed and smirked, "Oh, Nate!" She called softly over to him and she shook his shoulder lightly. "Wake up." She said and she smiled, she saw him sleeping, and she thought he looked adorable sleeping, and it was stuff like this that made her heart flutter a little bit. She smiled and continued to shake him, "Nate!" She exclaimed and sighed lightly, hoping he'd soon get up.

(nothing fancy, I'm going to bed soon xD)

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Nate Hoffmann

Nate was in a deep sleep and barely even stirred when his roommate flopped out of bed. They'd met the day before, and nothing about the kid made Nate want to talk to him much more than that. From what he could tell, the kid was kind of arrogant. He was quiet though, and didn't talk much. Nate couldn't tell if he just wasn't very friendly, he didn't like him, or he was always like that. So instead of making an effort with someone who probably didn't care at all, considering he was a "rebel", Nate somewhat ignored him. Basically he let the boy do what he wanted and stayed out of his way. He could tell when he woke up the next morning with his roommate wearing all black, one of his least favorite colors, that the guy either didn't like him or Nate had offended someone who always wears black by saying he didn't like it very much. Either way, when he did notice, he didn't acknowledge it.
He was either dreaming of something nice, or maybe it was just the sound of Kate's sweet familiar voice that made him smile.
"Oh, Nate! Wake up." she cooed, gently shaking him to wake him up. She did see him smile a bit, but she could tell he was still asleep. "Nate!" she exclaimed, which did wake him.
He opened his eyes, seeing one of his best friends. They had a bit of a history, and it was true that he still had feelings for her, but they'd decided it was for the best if they stopped dating. Sometimes he wonders if they shouldn't have broken up, or that they should start again, but he never told that to her. He muffled out a greeting, which was more of a 'mmph' sound as he stretched a bit. He relaxed again, and slowly sat up. His voice was slightly raspy since he'd just woken up.
" 'Morning, Katie." he said, with his signature goofy grin. Almost everyone called her Kate, even Nate. Occasionally he called her Katie, in a cute joking way. He looked over toward the table then, "You even got me a drink." He slunk out of bed, and threw on a tee shirt and some shorts over his boxers. He assumed she wouldn't really mind considering she'd just come in their room. He leaned against the table and took the drink, opening it and taking a sip. He'd noticed that Jason had been up, but he didn't bother introducing the two or wonder if they already knew each other. He assumed Jason didn't really care to meet her. "So how about I take you out for lunch?" he offered, "off campus?" Seniors were allowed to take their cars, and as long as they went to class it didn't matter if they went out to eat.

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9:00 Thursday, PCA Campus
The students are enjoying their morning breakfast and fellowship as a voice crackles through the intercom, travelling through the many speakers around the campus. "Welcome students to your second week at Pacific Coast Academy I hope you are enjoying yourselves. Today students will be reporting to the following clubs: Cheerleading with Coach Moralla on the football practice field, Girls Lacrosse with Coach Kain on the left lacrosse field, Boys lacrosse with Coach Henry on the right field and Soccer with Coach Mathews, " There's a brief pause before he continues " Now for our clubs: Students in the Art club please report to room 215 in the Art wing with Miss Miyuki, that's by the viewing room. Students in the Debate Team report to room 105 in the English wing with Mr. Mathews, All of our E-Magaziners report to the Fashion design and Journalism room in room 210 in the Art wing." The principal chuckles to himself "And your in for a treat because my darling wife is the teacher," He clears his throat before continuing again " Our Musically gifted students report to the Music Theater where our newest teacher and retired grande pianist Mr. Ford is waiting. For all the sophomores and Juniors not in any of these clubs or sports please report to study hall with Mr. Cokamamy. All of our Seniors not in these activities you have a free period please remember to sign out if you choose to go off campus. Now we have Miss Craig, our resident event planner" A couple of students cheer. Miss Craig is big deal at PCA since she's actually a party planner for celebrities but since she's a close friend of the principal she also does elaborate dances and events envied by school's all over the country.

"Students guess what is happening tomorrow!" She pauses "Homecoming Dance!" Her peppy voice resonates "Anyway as you know last week you all got to vote for a theme and the winner is...Drum Roll please" She pauses and you can vaguely hear her banging on the table "Oooh I like this Old Hollywood glam. That means bring your dapper suits with your ascots for the boys and your fit tight just right glam cocktail dresses. Oooh I love it! Anyway I also have your homecoming court, how exciting!" You hear her ruffle through some papers "For the Boys we have Blake Everett, Ashton Chambers, Nate Hoffman and Lucas Azevedo Yay! For the girls we have Belladonna Ricci, Kathrine Locke, Arielle Lui, and Marley Livingston. Ok guys that's it for now!" She says as the intercom goes dead. Student start to go to their clubs and sports with homecoming ideas and dates filling their heads.

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#, as written by Caille
Kate Locke

Kate smiled as Nate seemed to be waking up. He mentioned a few things to her, and then she had watched him as he got changed into some pants, his boxers were something she's seen before anyways, she had helped him with his laundry and while they had been dating there were a few times where she had been able to sleep in the same bed as him during the summers, and they'd cuddle and he'd be in his boxers. Either way, now wasn't the time to remember the good times between them. Sometimes she wished that she could just tell him about the feelings she still had for him, and how she wanted to be with him again, but they decided it would be best this way, but would it really? It almost pained her to know, any minute he could go off and date a different girl, but in the end it was his choice and she wouldn't stop him.

Kate heard him mention that they should go out for lunch, and she smiled, seniors were allowed to leave and come back at lunch. Kate smiled, she knew that it'd be fun, to go with Nate, and maybe it could be just them, or they could ask Carter and Blake too, but in the end right now, all she wanted was to actually just spend time with him one on one, which was fine also. Kate nodded, "Yea we can do lunch." She said, and soon the two of them walked out of his room, and eventually after a bit of walking around and just taking an announcement came on. Kate had to go to Cheerleading practice apparently. "Well.." She said and was cut off by a peppy voice and soon enough Kate smirked when she mentioned Nate being a candidate for home coming king. The she heard her name for queen and she shrugged, she didn't really care, well she'd be super happy to get it, but she knew it was more likely for one of the other girls to get it, and besides, if Donna didn't get it all hell would break loose probably.

"Well I have to go to cheer." Kate said smiling and she gave him a small hug before walking off an waving at him. After fifteen minutes Kate had gotten into her cheerleader outfit that was meant for practices and then she went onto the football field like instructed to and she waited for the class to start, she wondered who else would end up being here. Since she knew Jenny had to go to her fashion thing with Donna.

(Will add Alex and Sydney here soon.)

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Image Carter was finishing up the last of a muffin when she heard the announcements. She looked in the direction of the field when she heard where she would be. Due to her incredible competitive streak she loved anything that had to do with winning, so naturally she made her way onto every team she could. Sports was her way of getting out her anger and frustration out, and she had a lot.

She got up and grabbed her bag, swinging it over her shoulder. She debated on going back to her dorm to change, but decided against it, in fear of being late. So she took another bite of her muffin and made her way to where she was supposed to be. She started to wonder what was going to be planned for the homecoming, something big, she was sure. She slightly smiled to herself at all the possibilities and then tossed her now empty muffin wrapper into the trashcan and sped up her walking speed just a tad.

Once she finally arrived, she glanced around, then made her way into the locker room to change. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail, as she often did when she was in something sport centered. She set down her bag by her locker and made her way out onto the field, waving at a few girls. Grinning, She placed her hands on her hips and breathed a sigh of relief, as the feeling had disappeared. She let her eyes drift over to where the guys were meeting and flashed a smile at them as well, although she doubted they saw it.