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Austin Donley

Tall, Big, Jokes around alot.

0 · 317 views · located in USA, Midwest.

a character in “Peace in Apocalypse”, as played by powerpack


........Height- 6'5"
........Weight-240 lbs
........Hair color/style- Brown, medium length curly
........Clothing- Jeans, Black t-shirt
........Misc.- Built very strong, and fairly fast


Personality- Protective of everyone, but usually is quiet and secluded before a confrontation. Slow to anger, but when angred can get furious. Cracks jokes even when its not appropriate. Funny, and loves to be with people


Equipment-9mm pistol, Steel bat, Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel Truck


Biography- Played football in highschool, and lifts weights often. Was headed into college when the outbreak started. Lived with his father, but had an apartment selected. When the outbreak started his father and all of his friends and family, besides his older brother and his best friend Nathan were infected He left with those two people in his fathers truck with a few weapons. After a while on their own, his brother was infected, and also his friend. He was forced to kill them and ever since has been more secluded.

So begins...

Austin Donley's Story


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After Mara jumped down the sniper let out another shot is missed hitting the floor besides me I looked at the hole it made "Anti-personnel? No its Anti-materiel Crap!" I said, then another bullet shot I rolled to the side as it hit where I was crouching 'He's a good shot...' I thought then moved to the ladder jumping down after in cover I grabbed on the ladder to not fall onto of Mara. I climbed down looking at Mara "Your okay... right? Sorry for the scare...." I said, "I'm going to see how things are on the front, Stay clear of windows and out of sight that sniper is aiming for the kill." I said to Mara the looked down seeing her gun I grabbed it and gave it to her "Keep i close." I said then began jogging to where Jason was I avoided windows and other open spots; "Report?" I said when I got there, then looked at the zombie that had the C-4 it was on the floor dead.

"I know where he is its the office building dead in front of us, judging by the angle of the bullet that grazed my shoulder plates he up about 10th-15th floor. And its an AM sniper... It completely tore through the armor." I said to Jason placing my on his shoulder. Heading out would be pointless we would only get shot down, I new that and Jason too we needed a strategy "Let's get back and plan this through that guy is a good shot..." I said. Then the C-4 exploded I slightly jumped placing my hand over my face, It was far from the truck so it did from little to no damage which was good.


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Character Portrait: Austin Donley Character Portrait: Jason Redfield Character Portrait: Mara Green Character Portrait: Jet Silver's Character Portrait: Character Portrait:
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The other tried talking things out while still protecting our "base" the snipe was firing controlled shot down on us trying to hit us but to no avail. "God damn it, you guys are really helpless!" I said to then as another sniper shot was fired "And this guy is pissing me off!!" I said and went to Jason and grabbed his gun from his hands "I'm borrowing this." I said before he could react and pointed out of the window.
I steadied my aim and calmed my breath and looked at the building finding a slight glare coming from the snipers barrel, "I see you!" I whispered before pulling the trigger, a single shot perfectly placed. Blood splattered around clearly I had shot his dead, the years of marksman training under his belt were still quite polished. I gave back the Gun to Jason saying sorry for my outburst but the fact is he shot the nuisance.

A few minutes later and the zombies where effectively shot dead, I made my way back to Mara seeing a bit of a pained face on her. "Are you okay? You seem to be in pain..." I said walking towards her while I sheathed my gun.