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"I am the Sin; the unlawful mixing of blood. War my Father, Peace my Mother."

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a character in “Peace vs. War”, as played by NewKidOnTheBlock


Name: Sin

Role: The Impossible; The Angered One [a/n: Here to screw with the plan, like that one misled bad guy. Not really a bad person, just misled.]

Age: 25 (Has aged to this physical stature in 18 years)

Likes: peaceful moments, fighting, beauty, wisdom, nature

Dislikes: anger, violence, his own self

Personality: Sin has a very dual-nature personality. In normality, he is quiet, kind, passionate. He is smooth in speech and movement, cool in emotion. However, like the dry, brittle leaves, a spark of emotion can send him into a spiral, turning this serene creature into a monster of violence and vengeance.

Skills: Sin has the pre-programmed natural talent to nature, as all the inhabitants of V2 are given. However, unlike the others of his planet, he has a natural proficiency for all of his Peoples' skills and abilities. Further, due to his mix of human blood, he has the ability to think beyond nature, and has begun to pick up a talent for human courses of study and technology.

Weaknesses: While Sin is fairly proficient in each area of each tribes' specialty of nature, he is not all-powerful. In fact, his skills and abilities are actually cut by a third in each area, leaving a good amount of native peoples that best him. The same applies to the technology and studies of humans. Also, unlike the natives, he grows at a slower pace,

Fears: The destruction of order, destroyed by his fathers' people; additionally, the destruction of his own people by either themselves or the humans.

Physical Description: Body tall and agile, like an Amberling; with the face of the sexually appealing Rhodolites, the soft flowing hair of an Amethyan, and the broad, kind smile of a Beryling. Besides his apparent orgy of features, it is also apparent in the coloring of him: no amount of sun has tanned him yet, and his eyes match the snow-colored hair upon his head. While he can be attractive, and rightly so, he is also a freak of nature, and normally avoided as thus.

Opinion on Your Match: "I am the Sin; the unlawful mixing of blood. War my Father, Peace my Mother. Lest the Great Spirits continue my Legacy, no Match is destined for me."


The Legend of Sin (also called 'The Rape of Peace')

War was a mighty Rhodolite warrior, blessed by the Great Spirits to accomplish great things. And great things he did; he became the mightiest warrior that the People had ever seen. He did many feats prior considered impossible. Unfortunately, though, the power of the Spirits was intoxicating to War, who accomplished his name well. He went amongst the differing tribes, hailing for any man to best him in combat, with War having the disadvantage. Not one person could, and War showed no mercy; he claimed the stones of his vanquished victims, further fueling his lust for power.

Peace was a teacher of the Tenth Colony of Earth. She was aptly named so; not once did she raise her voice, and all problems seemed to settle fairly when she was around. Never was there fighting in the Tenth Colony; all problems could and were solved by she.

In one point in time, Peace went missing, giving a note that she would be back later that very day. She planned to pick some of the native berries to bake into sweets for her students. She did not return.

Rather, War had set his eye upon the beauteous creature, and claimed her as his own, stealing her away to a place rarely traveled by the People and Humans alike. War, crazed with power, heeded not to Peace as she cried out, only concerned for his own pleasure. But the Spirits, displeased with War, led the hand of Peace as she tore the stones away from him, entering the contract of a blood union. The powers of the stones cast madness into his mind, but also cast that same mad power into Peace...through her impregnation.

Shortly thereafter, War killed himself with his own powers--no one is sure how, but it is reported that one moment, he stood on the mountian's ridge, screaming and clawing at himself; the next, a flash of black static and a 'pop', and War was no longer. As to Peace, she lived in harmony with the nature around her, lasting until the complications of childbirth brought her to her Maker, leaving the child to the care of Nature and its Spirits.

And thus was the birth of Sin.

So begins...

Sin's Story